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  1. What we Really Need is the ability to kill Green Tags that stay within one inch of you no matter where you go or run. You are hiding waiting on that ei you spotted or tank that's coming and this Greentag is constantly shooting you giving your position away until he finally kills himself with a nade that he dropped at your feet.
  2. CSR

    Hmmmm, seems ok now. Ahhhh I know what it was...I needed to eat some pizza!
  3. CSR

    My CSR is blank. I went there to see who I killed...nada. During game I don't bother to see or check out my victims and wait until I log off then go to CSR to check it out. I went there tonight/early morning and it is wiped clean. Wassup?
  4. To get the greenies to look down at chat would require some new coding. Once the coding is in it would happen like this (remember now greenies are coded in) you simply press a button (greenie button coded in) which btw you can change to whatever you want in the keymapper, then do a usual pm message then hit enter. What will happen is his screen fills up with PIZZA with arrows pointing down to chat bar. OMG I haven't been in the forums in years and years and probably won't be back for years and years. The reason I'm here is my headphones are busted and the new one doesn't arrive until Thursday.
  5. For many years I've just been my computer desktop with my mouse. Over the years, the desktop have worn down to being completely smooth making the mouse almost unusable. Can anyone recommend a good gaming mousepad I can purchase online?
  6. I downloaded ts 2. On the left side....I clicked on Connect...On the right side I plugged in, user name and password....HELP....I can't get it up!!!!!
  7. My harddrive practically a new computer with just about all major components new....for nuthin....I wub me warranty. I need to get teamspeak up and running. Where does one go who plays allied get teamspeak and info and how to set it up?
  8. I have a saitek x52 and ch pro pedals. I couldn't be happier now flying as I've got everything working right in the flight department. Now, since I have the tank won't function right. I need the sequence in what is suppose to be what in the keymapper for my want my joystick to do everything. I really don't want to use the pedals for the tanks. I know that now my pedals is joystick number one and the joystick is number two. Other than that I don't have a clue what to put into the keymapper to get the tank to turn left...right move foward...reverse etc... Like, I said, I want to just use my joystick for tanks...well, the thottle too, but not the pedals. I've tried different combinations but nothing seems to work right.
  9. brand new puter for runs real fine....tried offline flying....lasted 2 minutes in the air then blue screen of death. Hope you get an answer.
  10. I now have ram up the ying yang new computer and all....24 inch flat panel display. Nice size HD. I tried flying offline and everything went quite well for about a minute or two then blue screen of death wtf? I tried playing ground after this and it went quite well....everything maxed out with very good fps. WTF is up with flying??????
  11. Lately I boot my computer and it goes to that black screen with some info on it....on bottom it says hit del for setup or F8 for boot menu I believe. It just hangs there. It also said checking IDE drives... Normally it boots through this screen where I can't even read it then boots up windows but lately it has been hanging at this screen. Tonight it hung up for about 10 minutes before booting windows. What's going on and how do I fix this?
  12. Thanks for the info. I've already done it as per the above posts.
  13. I just did a d/l and installed over the old one. This is what I got: DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) Found this in my text file: system.dll: 1.01.4322.2032 English Final Retail 4/28/2005 14:15:08 1224704 bytes system.dll: 1.00.3705.6018 English Final Retail 4/28/2005 14:15:48 1179648 bytes And clicking the tab for DirectX I got this: No problems found. WOOT! I guess I answered my questions myself.
  14. I found this also when doing a Google. Approximately 65 megabytes (MB) of available space for installation. Once installed, you can delete the installation files. The remaining DirectX files use approximately 18 MB of hard drive space. If you had an earlier version of DirectX installed on your computer, you will see little difference in used space on your hard drive. DirectX 9.0 will overwrite the earlier versions. From this, I need not delete what I have now, just simply d/l and install over it?
  15. Hmmmm, wonder what happened to it? ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab: The file system.dll is missing! You should reinstall DirectX to get the latest version. Can I just go to add/remove and remove my DirectX then reinstall from a linky and could you give me a linky to do this? What's the proper way of doing a reinstall of DirectX?