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  1. Seems that airfields are the primary culprits when it comes to CTD's with this map, under what conditions did it happen exactly? Most have the same issue trying to land at Antwerp airfield, for some it's when wheels touch the ground, others just flying near it.' Perhaps it's something buried down in the code with planes and airfields? I'll lift a plane from gilze right now and see if it CTD's me, as I have that issue at antwerp.
  2. Anyone have issues with windows 7 and fraps? It keeps deleting my movies once I hit stop record....same with screenshots
  3. same issue, along with countless others.
  4. NM

    Please delete
  5. Yup The only issue now is a dead pixel on the new monitor, but it doesn't bother me at all, it's red so subtle once anything but black is on the screen. What's the tail number on your plane ingame?
  6. Petie, please stop making me feel stupid, you were right I brought it in to a place for wire management, because they do it for a great price and I've gone with the company for years, opened it up after realizing how stupid my response to you was, and lord and behold, it was in the chassis fan. That's two heinkels I owe you now, not just one Also, for the curiousness, the issue with the power on/off was the Asus Q connector. It was faulty, plugging the power right in to the board made it work just fine. I really do appreciate the help petie see ya in the skies man
  7. it is spinning, and plugged in to the right socket
  8. New system, new everything...CPU fan error...is it because of RPM's on the fan? How do I change this? It lets me press F1 to resume, hence why I'm here...seems to be running fine, and I thought if CPU's get too hot they shut down immediately to prevent damage...
  9. it was the Qsus Q connector. Stopped using it, it posted just fine. Btw kilo my # is in a PM for ya, back in the springs now
  10. in a storage unit...off to breakfast/accountability formation...be back in a bit :/ PSU in a storage unit, same with RAM...waiting on storage unit to be cut (lock cut )
  11. RAM is super talent DDR 16000 2GB X 2GB
  12. so now I have an interesting result, I put the paperclip in the green, and in the black, turned on the PSU and blammo, fan of PSU turns on.
  13. k, off to breakfast and to find a paperclip...gosh I hope its the PSU
  14. Right, how will I know if the PSU turns on once I plug the ends in? Fan or something?
  15. also, I found a paperclip. So I'm putting one end in to the green connector on the 24 pin connector on the PSU cable and another in any of the black ones?