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  1. 1. CTHL followed by CTD when i click on ok in CTHL dialog box 2. A - game freezes for 45secs n above then CTHL dialog box appears 3. Yes 4. ADSL 5. 288kbps DL/ 512kbps UL 6. Intel Duo processor T2300 1.66GHz 7. No 8. Not sure i just CTHL 5 times in 1 hour (3 times was spawning in MS - game freezes with a consistent sound like a mg or footsteps going on then CTHL dialog box comes up) 1 time was when i was about to enter a bunker then freeze all silent then just b4 CTHL dialog box appears i hear myself getting shot n screaming then CTHL. respawn in ms once was ok then respawn in same ms n was running towards town then freeze then after a while hear smoke nades going off like 2-3 of them then CTHL 9. No idea - never been there 10. Yes after that horrible patch came out 2 patches before i think or whenever the crap hit the fan 11. No cause i prolly be asleep since i live in singapore timezone 12. Relevant yea best FPS game i played n enjoyed for a freakish long time 1/2 month into the game that crap patch comes out n CTHL that i got fed up n unsubscribed when trial ended n resubscribed after all seems well from forums (another 1/2 month) then this new patch come out n i'm living in hell again.....maybe its me with my bad mojo oh well guess i'll have to unsubscribe again after my monthly subscription expires
  2. I resubscribed last night thinking most major CTHL problems were resolve .. 3mins into game not a shot fired .. CTHL ...woot. put settings all to low n then for 2hrs not a single CTHL....