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  1. Very happy you are reading this and recovering. The only thing killing you should be the people on this forum.
  2. I've played Allies for years, and only tried German a few times in intermission. If you force me to play Axis I will just stop playing As XOOM says, its a bad idea
  3. I'm not sure anyone really knows. There are sight limits that matter, but if people are having a lot of problems due to sight limits game history shows they tend to go to other towns (I have been playing 16 years). So if a lot of people join we are likely to have more AOs on more towns.
  4. I'm stuck doing something useful when I could be wasting my life in WWII Online, or what ever this shutzfest is called now. Save me
  5. Count me as another one coming back after a year or so away, get those servers working!
  6. I've played off and on since the beginning, and occasionally had two accounts. Back in the early days you could get a tow, but now you really need your own truck. The game was designed with ATGs, but without a way to get them into action. Second accounts solve that problem. They are a really important part of making the game fun for many of the players. Most tows come from second accounts, take those accounts out and game play for everyone who needs a ride will suffer, and we all need a ride. I understand the problem with people playing on both sides, and respect the opinion of those who point out that some people cannot have two accounts, but I think the over all effect is good, makes the game more fun, and increases the range of weapons people can play. When will the server be back up? I've been away for about a year, but the urge to play has returned once again.
  7. I started a month or two after the game went live. I've played off and on for 15 years or more, been a hero builder when I was flush, and sometimes stopped playing when things were otherwise. I've been Allied all along, sometimes HC, sometimes just a grunt. It's great to see the progress in the last year, I'm looking forward to trying the game.
  8. Updated AMD gaming and the crash problem went away, still working on fixing sound.
  9. Windows 7, updated drivers, updated game, any suggestions? log below Date and time: 2/23/2015 5:36:39 Program compile time: Dec 24 2014 19:47:24 File version: 1.34.10 GL Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series Access violation: Illegal read by 69381051 at 00000018 OS-Version: 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1) 0x300-0x1 [69381051] (atioglxx): : DrvPresentBuffers [6938416F] (atioglxx): : DrvPresentBuffers [6937FCC5] (atioglxx): : DrvPresentBuffers [69369E98] (atioglxx): : DrvPresentBuffers [689F4ECE] (atioglxx): : DrvPresentBuffers [005F01C8] (ww2): : [005F14FC] (ww2): : [005F1505] (ww2): :
  10. same error, 2:58pm US east coast time
  11. Adding that we have dedicated transport for ATGs and are pushing hard to make all our missions combined arms. If you want to work with a squad that gets the right equipment to the right place join the 12th. Or if you just like watching 232s explode when they are out FRU hunting, join for that too.