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  1. Nice Move!
  2. My HDD is rated at 300Mb/s but I am only averaging about 66Mb/s. What could be the cause of this? My device drivers are up to date. I suspect it is reducing my performance greatly.
  3. FYI Gunny, 99% of squads are independent of the HC. I certainly hope that you intend to treat your members with more respect than you did to the recruits in my squad when the CO decided to give you a chance despite your history. People do not pay to be treated that way. You are enthusiastic and full of ideas. I suggest that you invest time in your interpersonal skills before trying to form a squad. You will have more success in game as well as life in general.
  4. Don't worry, Aussie05 is no Paul Hogan
  5. I've been seeing alot of connection issues too also CTD twice tonight,
  6. I didn't plan for it to be alone:P
  7. All bombers can release from a 40 degree or less angle which is hardly straight and level. Besides, who said you could move? I'm thinking a "Sinking of the Tirpitz" event. Just have to figure out the max altitude to register bomb damage on a ship, then go from there to decide the rules. It was historically 30 Lancasters dropping tallboys that did her in, so Blens dropping both 500s would be a good approximation. The Helle spawn point might work as a fjord.
  8. You might not like those 500lb MC bombs.
  9. The radio chatter ws a nice touch
  10. I said or Blens, don't be such a baby
  11. Hey, why not do a similair mission with Havocs or Blens to re-enact British attacks on the northern shipping lanes
  12. Thanks but just as easy to download the .rar file unless they are too lazy to unpack it. Maybe you missed my previous post though.
  13. Go here and dl the .rar file, managed to stuff 1.3G .avi into less than 600Mb
  14. I'll see if I can figure a way to cut it down some and I'll post here and send a pm as well when I figure it out