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  1. Awesome! GJ
  2. I was PzrLhr from 01-03; I'm now 505th S!
  3. https://youtu.be/_ZiN_NqT-Us Keep it going>>>
  4. Cool, ty guy's : )
  5. Same situation here; hope they find it soon.
  6. Done that, no response; still locked up.
  7. Same here
  8. CRS: When are you going to apply sound to the heavy weapons? ie: AT/AAA guns. I can hear inf. moving in crouch and even crawling near....but the crew heavy weapons are totally silent; makes no sense!
  9. The scariest thing would be being a young boy in berlin with a panzerfaust,wondering what the hell is happening and wanting to go home to see mom but can't because you don't even know where you are...."sir,what's berlin?"..........
  10. lol,the POW was me.... : ) couldn't retreat in time.