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  1. O, cool, ty sir!
  2. CRS - Any way to modify icons so we can distinguish between brigade/garrison flags without hovering over them all the time? Just a request
  3. Double check your billing information, that's what I had to do when I got that error.
  4. Where is the download?
  5. ...then this is not Overstock, it's simply resupply.
  6. WOW! Great job Propa
  7. I think you made a great point dfire, even though a lot of us don't play on both sides, I do agree with what you say.
  8. This may be server wide, but we cannot move brigades or set orders as of time stamp
  9. Awesome! GJ
  10. I was PzrLhr from 01-03; I'm now 505th S!
  11. https://youtu.be/_ZiN_NqT-Us Keep it going>>>
  12. Cool, ty guy's : )