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  1. Gotta move a few things around but that would be a blast
  2. here anything ?
  3. I cant I have tried to on the old csr but its all bugged
  4. We can get my RAF stats to show in the top 100? I had my stats locked in the old system and I would really like to show my top 100 stats to compare myself against others. I would really love the help thank you
  5. You don't even have to restart the game just manually back out to the persona screen and select a different persona then go right back and its fixed same thing happens in the planes your bullets fire all funny or go rubber it fixes it
  6. Me and the wife were already gonna be down there I am super glad I saw this post we will just stay around for Sunday should be fun
  7. Me and the wife might head up we are going to be in Portland on that Friday might as well hang around till sunday
  8. Is gettin really old it really is it boots everyone in the middle of an attack or defense GRRRRR
  9. Now it let me you are lucky i didnt have to drive down there and poop on your door step
  10. DOC said Cats in 1.32!!!!! and we will be able to open doors!!!!
  11. Umm dude seriously what u been smokin on?? Lemme see here Ooh I only fly let me wait 15 mins to get a plane or ohhh let me wait 5 mins to spawn inf. That is to be honest the Dumbest idea i have ever heard. people hate delay now at 1 min you think 15 mins will make the pb happy man u crazy.
  12. I was just getting ready to post the same thing lol There is 4 full squares of floating trees maybe more in that SE forest