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  1. I'm here...the email said I'd get premium but I think it stuck me with the free account it says in membership. Or do I have premium and not know it? Anyway it all reminds me of old times playing again. Place always gave me shell shock, still does!
  2. I decided to reactivate my account and found that the download page is a bit broken. The torrent links dont work, they don't exist, not even in the ftp page. The " Battleground Europe™ Full Install (PC)" [ ] apparently goes to the update not the full install. So when trying to install the game with the update it of course doesnt work. BUT I found the full install of the game at the ftp page I installed that and also the patch that was supposed to be the full install and everything worked fine. So please fix the downloads page. I'm sure it's causing great headaches for others too.