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  1. I signed up for welcome back and I can't play. Playgate will not update on login. please advise.
  2. i came out to check out the welcome back soldier... no servers are visible to download patch when i try to login to the game. Is there a new process for updating the game?
  3. not sure why you didnt think i wanted to do that - i used driver sweeper and even manually deleted from registry all nvidia traces. no go. maybe an issue with 6970 and DG45ID mobo for opengl... all my directx games are blazing fast. I am beat with this - save for full reformat and I am not going to do that for this game- I have 11 years of work and personal files on this PC; reformatting is a rediculously major affair unfortunately.
  4. i give up = i am 1 day away from cancelling my account. I have never cancelled since the game launched. this sucks.
  5. i am on an e8500 3.2Ghz cpu = 8 gb ram vista 64bit... ame system which ran wwiiol perfect before except that i swapped out the 9800 gtx nvidia for a 2 gb HD6970
  6. went from 9800 gtx to ati hd6970. wwiiol unplayable now. fps shows 30+ in heavy inf battle but screen is a slide show. any suggestions for a new ati convert?
  7. Hi i have a 10" Mimo usb touchscreen monitor that i run as a desktop extension. It works fine for hosting other windows when i play il2 or dcs/lomac. I cannot; however, get my mouse to go over to it when playing BE Europe, thus renering it useless. Touch doesnt work either. Any suggestions as to what might be disabling the usb screen in wwiiol? I'd like to run either the BGE game monitor on it or at least access TS3 or sapper PDFs/the forums. Help?
  8. what do your packets show?
  9. Can you please add the "[rimg][/rimg]" code to the list - it will allow for picture thumbnails in our forum posts that are expandable upon clicking.... these huge images are rediculous. Just floating the balloon.
  10. Cogent are dicks. Every year i suffer packet issues at one of their hubs. Nothing helps until they re-route ... then it comes back again when they start farking around. Crap company she be.
  11. ... because i want our thread above jg51. *blows a kiss*