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  1. dont use the power supply that comes with the chassis man.
  2. Not possible.
  3. try a driver roll back? or reinstall a previous version?
  4. well bud420's system (this is indo on buds account, indo acc caught a ban...lol) has a i7-920 @ 3.0ghz and a GTX260 i've got a X4 955 @ 3.7Ghz and a ATi 5770 the fps difference is usually 3~5fps different (mine being slower) but most of the time its running exactly the same. Soooooo if your on a budget i might suggest a AMD based system. they've got the X4 970's now. but its the same as the 965 and 955 series, the only difference is the default multiplier is set higher, but with black edition AMD's you can change the multiplier to what ever you want and basiaclly get a 970 series for the price of a 965 or 955. thats how mines running at 3.7Ghz (3.5+ can take some other changes as well, but 3.5Ghz is easy for any AMD x4 to do without changing other settings) just ask me or munchkin how to change it if you do get a AMD based system. if you assign two cores to one ww2.exe, and the other two to a secondary .exe it'll run fine, might check the "low memory" option though if your sticking with 4~6GB 8800GT w/112SPU ought to run the game fine, it ran fine on my 8800GTS SSC that also had 112 cores, just a higher clock speed and mem speed. not as well as my 5770 though. but i'm sure the 8800GT would do well for two accounts at once. As far as SSD's go like the other guys said, the difference in loading is decent enough, but as far as FPS gains.. its nil to nothing. a good SATA 6 mainboard will do you fine along with a SATA 6 drive. 4 or 6 cores, the processor speed is the same, and theres just addtional cache. thats about the only difference, and since ww2 can only see 25.03% of a quad, then a six core (my math sucks) would be 1/6th of that. so with two .exe's open in theory it'd be 50.06% usage. IF cooling is a concern, they make all-in-one liquid coolers now like the Corsair H50 or the CoolIT Eco that are realitivly cheap and would allow you to attain a insane overclock down the road if you feel like you need to squeeze some extra FPS out of your system they also run quiet and cool. i7's do run triple channel, but AMD's run dual channel ganged or un ganed. but the overall capacity doesn't matter between the two. I7's can just access three sticks at once while amd's can do two.. but performance wise the differences aren't all to much. so you would want to do 2 sticks on a AMD or 4 sticks. and 3 sticks or 6 sticks on a intel. (which can get expensive)
  5. you could usually get those processors upto ABOUT 3.0Ghz depending on what specific type it is. move your ram sticks to bank 0 and bank 1 (it will say on the mainboard) and that ought to enable dual channel. you might also have to enable it manually but that will be in your bios.
  6. you talking about the disc that came with your laptop? thats usually a restore disc and not a full installation disc
  7. yup i'd try a RMA and i'll be damned if you don't have the absolute worst luck with computer parts i've ever seen lol! -indo420
  8. yup you can indeed put a x1 card in a x16 slot. I've done it before and it worked as advertised. i got a IRQ error but it did work. they've got those slots pointed backwards in that picture. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fc/PCIExpress.jpg/800px-PCIExpress.jpg -indo
  9. can you post ur dxdiag?
  10. should actually run the game decently well, with 96SPU and 25Gbps it should in theory run on par with what a 8800GTS would put out. let us know!
  11. depending on your mainboard (as others have said) You could either Overclock the processor you have now and save some cash if money is tight. although im not really familar with the C2D E series, but if i remember right they overclock fairly well. i'm sure you could at least get it to 3.0Ghz if not higher, i know the 8000 series overclocks extremely well. You might also be able to get 1066mhz DDR2 and overclock your FSB to match it, that would certainly add some performance increases, but you'd need to replace all of your ram sticks. it'd also depend on the features of your board the 8800GTS is on the bottom of the "really" recommend list, with 96SPU its not all to terrible but a graphics card upgrade would boost your FPS, but i can't honestly say by how much if your processor is bottlenecking what your GPU could do. When i had my X2 6000+ i upgraded to a AMD phenom II X4 955 and kept my 8800GTS SSC edition (112SPU) and saw a hilarious increase in FPS across the board. ww2ol went from 40's and 50's to 100~130+ (pre 1.31) The ram won't necessarily increase your FPS, but it'll make the game run smoother, with less studders. I'd guess i'd probably look into overclocking the processor you have first, (you'll probably need a new CPU cooler, but you can re-use it with a new processor if you decide to get one down the road) see what sort of speeds you get with the overclock, then if thats pretty good, might upgrade to a new graphics card and all that Do you play other games besides ww2ol?
  12. theres a new AMD processor on the block Phenom II 970 series 3.5GHz 8MB cache http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103894 180.99$
  13. You'll need a hell of alot better power supply then what comes with the case.