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  1. well I have put a patch on it to be able to limp around with. I used the secondary mappings and slaved them to a hat switch on my throttle for for use when I need to swing the gun quick or for quick snap shots but set the mouse to be my primary mapping for fine tune aiming. It will kind of work however the hat switch forces you to use a single speed for movement so it is full speed swing or nothing the way it is set up. Where as if I could assign it to my joystick I could alter the rate of swing based on how far I pushed it from the center of the axis. But with this being an ATG the gun must be deployed to fire so I shouldnt need my right hand on the joystick when the gun is deployed so I can keep my right hand on the mouse for fine tune aiming and keep my left hand on the throttle for quick work. Still it would be interesting if a RAT hand any comments on this as to why it will work on other vehicle types but not on ATG's?
  2. Well thats the thing with the in game keymapper controls it allows you to only map one control as your primary the secondary for turret traverse and elevation will not recognize a joystick or mouse it requires a actual button value. The odd thing is for all other types of weapons other than ATg's on the keymapper in game it show the mouse is assigned for control traverse and elevation but in practice both my mouse and my joystick work. However on the ATG the mouse will only work if I have mouse assigned for it and the joystick willl only work if I have the joystick assigned to it. Do you know how I might go about assigning the say teh joystick as the primary and the mouse as a secondary control for traverse and elevation for ATG controls?
  3. I have been out of game for awhile since buying Vista 64 OS computer trying now to get everything set back up and again and get in game. (I also operate TS and TrakIR3 and I now have them running properly in game as well.. oh I also use X-45 joystick and Saitek cyborg mouse) While reconfiguring my key mapper setting to the way I like them I ran into a problem with with the ATG settings it will either recognize and use only my joystick for traverse and elevation changes or my mouse but not both at the same time with out going in and manualy changing the settings. Strangely I can get traverse and elevation controls to work on both the joystick and the mouse on all other vehicle types at the same time (this includes trucks, tanks, ships and aircraft) it is only ATG's that refuse to work properly. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Here is an example of my cfml file from the ATG file x x y y and here is a copy from my truck file which as I said works fine when using the wacky laffy both joystick and mouse can operate the gun x x y y I would appreciate any help you can offer I normaly use the joystick for normal driving and or operating of the vehicle/weapon system but switch to mouse control when I need fine tune control on the weapons so having both funcional is pretty important
  4. Never mind I found the info I need using a search. I will put the quote up here just incase anyone else needs it. This is for Vista OS by the way
  5. All right I got her runnig I think it was my firewall. Another quick question where is the CFML files located now? I went into teh CRS folder and then down into the data file but I do not see it there. Anyone know where I can install my all ready set up CFML file at?
  6. no ideas on how to back playing again?
  7. I just bought a HP PC with Vista 64 OS I have done a full install on the game. Everytime I go to launch it it fails and brings up the web page with the error saying "Unable to connect to the Authentication Server" It wanted me to reset my password which I have done successfully but it still will not connect
  8. Hey Reddog you da man! Deleting the the apps allowed in my firewall and then relaoding them back in fixed it. thanks alot
  9. Naw I launch the game from the short cut on my desk top. But thanks for the advice reddog. I will try deleting those .exe rules and then put them back in anew and see how that does and if that dont work I will check out your link as well
  10. I have been trying for about 2 or 3 weeks now (ever scince the last patch) to get in game and have not been able to. I have noticed over the last year or so every time we get a major patch upgrade that my firewall (McAffe Personal Firewall Plus) wants me to grant permission again for WWIIOL to access the internet. But lately it has been getting stuck on every single patch. In the recent past it will lock up the computer a couple of times (because for some reason the game no longer allows the security pops ups to show even though I have disabled Pop up blocker)then suddenly after a couple of hard reboots of the computer it starts to work again and the game will load. However now it refuses to load even after 2 weeks of trying. Thus far I have tried following this posts advice from Kfs1 I have tried the connection test and as long as I grant access for it to use the internet it works fine I have tried putting in the IP number ranges into the trusted IP's section of my Personal Firewall but that did not work. I have not been able to figure out how to try to open the ports that the post says to do? I do know that if I disable McAffe firewall that the game launches just fine but I am not to sure if I would be very comfortable with that option is there any thing you can recommend to fix this situation? Oh and I have Windows XP McAffe security suite and I use Slimbrowser for my surfing software
  11. Excellent news, I can't wait till we can get ours changed to the actual short name we generaly use in game and out
  12. The new patch fixed my problem the game will load for me know thanks S!
  13. Still can't get logged on to the game so I will give this thread a bump and put in a ticket I guess
  14. hmm Reino from my squad mentioned he wsa having the same problems with his Saitek stick as well. I will send him the link to here maybe you guys can help him out on it
  15. I am also having the same problem of the game not loading past the first section where it says it is connecting to host (or logging onto host?) So you say you think it is server side and will be fixed in a patch soon? or do I need to do some checking on my end?