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  1. instead of doing this new fortification why not just do what the real Wehrmacht did and replace the flak 36 with the pak43. it can be used with existing atg bunkers if it uses the standard split tail like the pak40. the cruciform carriage which was more popular which emulated the british 2lber might offer some problems fitting into a atg bunker and would negate the 360 rotation advantage of said design.
  2. the flak 36 was an AAA gun not designed for the purpose it is delegated in this game. it is large heavy unshielded and sticks out like a sore thumb. what I suggest is the modeling of the much more adaptable and efficient pak43 to replace it in later tiers. after all this DID happen IRL.
  3. why is this abomination still in game? is this blatant infantry bias at work or something technical? a destroyer can see another one at 6000m but cant see an infantry 701 meters away. This is patently ridiculous. For other units you cant even see an incoming infantry until it is already in rifle range of you. This is Intolerable and I consider it one of the WORST decisions EVER made.
  4. how long how long is this going to go on. You have an atg commander with unobstructed view spots incoming target notifies gunner and when gunner looks all he sees are the root systems of the local flora. the model shows the two noggins at the same level. why is one several feet lower visually? Also: when in a tank your 'zoom' view has the same frame as the non zoom view. some vehicles have this some don't. the non zoom view should have a wider angle of vision than the zoom.
  5. we have PPOs now that stop tanks but nothing that stops infantry at all. why now develop a kind of barbed wire ppo that stops infantry trying to walk/run through it and slows/damages those crawling under it. Make it destroyable via grenades but make it so it cannot be bypassed by edging around it. what I mean is take sandbags. you cannot block a hole with a sandbag making egress or ingress impossible. Cannot you make barbed wire that encroaches upon another object making it not possible to slide around it at its juncture beside another object like a building or a tree? or is that a collider? problem. and would cause clipping? issues?
  6. hey RATS. the FLAK 41 maybe a fine gun BUT it is a AAA gun that was pressed into service as an emergency antitank gun due to pi$$ poor pak36. Don't you think its WAY past time to retire the old girl and introduce the more realistic and proper PAK43? C'mon how bout it? How bout some axis love for a change?
  7. the game world is BIG but it is also B O R I N G. nothing but mile after mile of bushes and trees. this is after all SUPPOSED to be 20th century Europe not Europe in the Pleistocene. here is my suggestion. where the FBs pop up make that point a Village Green surrounded by a Generic Farming Village Hamlet or Farm(s). put in vineyards orchards wheat corn bean potatoes TULIPS ANYTHING to relieve the tedium of staring at mile after mile of green nothing. After all what are the Belgians eating? Acorns, Bark, and Grass?
  8. why not develop landing craft and treat the Freighter at anchor as a FMS! can spawn inf and Higgins boats as long as it isn't sunk. While theyre at it let it spawn LSTs for spawning tanks etc in limited numbers
  9. just curious but WHY is the new allied spaa going to be mounted on an armoured TANK chassis while the axis spaa is gonna get stuck ona TRUCK? WHY didn't they put it ona LAFFY or a Morris?? makes me question the veracity of the claim of 'no bias here'.
  10. My fam has a long history. The first lewis here named John, was the first white man to settle in what is now West Virginia. His 4 sons were all generals under Washington in the Continental Army. One of their sons, Charles Lewis commanded the Virginia Militia at the battle of Point Pleasant against (i think) the Shawnee. My maternal Great grandfather served in Toombs Brigade which held the Stone Bridge against Burnside at Antietam and who was later WIA at gettysburg. My grandfather served in the spanish american war and was stationed in the Phillipines during the Insurrection. My dad served in the USN during ww2 in Adm Kinkaids 7th fleet. He was a naval liason officer to the Marine General Commanding during the invasion of Palau. One story he told was one time he was sent in with dispatches for the General from the Adms flagship and when he returned the higgins boast had left leaving him stranded. he saw some navy types in a rubber raft geting ready to shove off and he asked them for a lift. they said 'No problem Sir. Hop in. We can drop you but we have to make a short stop first.' They went out and pulled up next to some freighter and began to spend a lot of time looking over the side. After a while my dad grew somewhat impatient and asked what the delay was. The chief replied ' wont be long now Sir we almost have the fuse out' My dad looked over the side and saw they were defusing an enormous Japanese Mine. Afterwards he always used caution when hitching rides.