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  1. My frames seem to stick at 30 in a contested town, or either 60 FPS if I look into the sky. Is that just how the game handles VSYNC? I haven't experienced the same in other games, usually it'll give me whatever FPS it's capable of displaying instead of just switching between 30 and 60 FPS. Running an i7 2700k @ 4.8 and GTX 580's SLI.
  2. The 182.50's seemed to work fine based on the few minutes I had them in game - just no AA/AF. The 177.83's seem to be working well - I'm tempted to keep tinkering with drivers and see what the latest ones are that AA/AF works in XP. I doubt there'd be any performance difference though in WWIIOL. I've got a dual boot setup now and using XP 32 just for WWIIOL - the performance is quite a bit better than Vista 64. I seem to stabalize at 25-27 FPS in Vista in the heaviest of fights on the ground, but in XP it seems to be lower to around 50ish. Also, the AA and AF work fine with the 182.50 and 185.81's in Vista, just not XP.
  3. Well, tried the 177.83's and they seem to work very well. The 180+ series may not support AA/AF in WWIIOL - strange. Had AF/AA forced on when I was using the 182.50 and 185.81 but no luck.
  4. Am trying to figure out why my FSAA/AF isn't working on my new XP 32 bit install. It works fine on my Vista 64 with the same drivers. Tried the 182.50 drivers and the 185.81 drivers and no luck with either. Any ideas?
  5. Problem solved, rebooted and tried it again, installed smoothly. I'm a noob.
  6. Get an error while running the installer - says C:\Battle~1\\playarc.23m is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded. ?