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  1. This looks incredible. I would very much like to see this. http://www.detektorweb.cz/index.4me?s=show〈=1&i=13725&mm=2&xb=2&vd=1
  2. Allies get better equipment and Germany gets better players. Until we see the Tiger...
  3. BLOO said Vista needed a full install. I did my full install and I'm going again.
  4. Full install? Is this a new patch? I didn't play for a few days. I'm not doing scripts. If I can't click the desktop icon to play the game I'm not happy. Something on the download page that show the date of a latest patch would be super.
  5. Not MikeD420. Fearless. I like the commentary "he must be biting his nails right now."
  6. MIKED420 HERO OF THE AXIS! LED THE FINAL PUSH TO VICTORY! And there were more weed-related tags than Axis aircraft.
  7. 71% Thanks Bossman. I'll be watching it on the clock as well.
  8. I am. Bandwidth be damned.
  9. Grats to any LW who were up in the air that night. Last day of Tier 0 after almost 1.5 weeks. I did a run on Roermond and got some bombs on the AB. But my morale was in the tubes and logged early. Now if I knew a movie was being filmed...
  10. That greentag is the one that stops in the open field and the mortarman shoots him. Great stuff.
  11. PTO representing the LW!
  12. Who was he?
  13. They need to make it so the para's can look out the windows. It would have been a great sight to see.
  14. My E6420 Dual Core and an 8600gt runs this game great.