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  1. Wait wutt?? you have day job ?? How dare you have one.... i expect you to be 24/7 working on this game.. damnit! Just kidding
  2. I feel a challenge coming up for this campaign ghehe.. i like the english country side
  3. I think you need external software for it : https://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/ In windows10 you can popup a 2nd desktop and start bge on that one as well .. but that you cannot assign it to a different monitor (maybe someday it will come.. who knows..) .. so you need still use tabbing to get to that other desktop.. and what is said above... the noice is going haywire... you hear all the sounds mixed ..
  4. Lol true that.. however most people dont even know how to get on the truck as well
  5. Are you sure tanks have no limitation ? If i think back (since nowadays you barely even see inf riding tanks anymore) it was just 6 or 8 guys on a tank .. no more...
  6. I dont see how 1 soldier that can be transported suddenly goes ..unlimited .. so if you would be so kind to clarify...
  7. Go look in england... some AF dont have AA ai ..
  8. Same with "you" guys with the thompsons... Not true.. trucks you can enter.. so you could enter as the 3rd person on the bike... the nr1 and 2 spot can be occupied by the "motercycle spawner".. 3rd is for passenger...
  9. Made me go And indeed wtg 250!
  10. Very very nice syd! You should join the propaganda korps as well
  11. Yes and WWIIOL is also an fps, not an RTS...and i think it will never go there at all, because you cannot order people. This is not the real army. Instead you can ask and funnel players into targets but still if someone has set his mind on something else you cannot make them... great example : the depot sniping instead of defending the spawn cp.. The global sight for us now is the map along with some brain, and our warroom is the hc (chat) / teamspeak, wich functions quite well. Some would like to have a warning on when fbs are being hit, but thats imho something we shouldnt have ... a bit of fog of war is still nice to have... since AO's and EWS allready is giving away on where you are going to attack....
  12. Unless he doesnt have enough rank... If he is only lvl 1 he cannot acces lvl3 equipment.. even if he is an active subscriber... he needs to start capping cps and kill inf to get points
  13. Euh how about no... This is WW2 not... call of duty advanced warfare.... You want aerial view... ask the air boys to provide it (Like how it was done in WW2) We as HC allready have "abilities" to give instructions (.axis / chat channels -ch10,20,30 for example- / teamspeak) Cps are not linked to supplies.. brigades are... and if im not misstaken in the new wwiiol supply will be linked to the town/ab .. also i dont see the + value of why you want to know the number or list of players spawned from it.. No thnx.. things kill me just fine allready and also sometimes that im like wtf killed me... so plz no more of that.. besides it would make spawn killing even easier.. just target AB erea and tadaaa... the best thing wich comes close now.. get a squad of mortarmen and tell them to start mortaring the ab.. works just as fine.. Ehrm you do know its all player driven...its not command and conquer .. and again.. i dont see the value or even how it could work (merge missions... cant be done i think.. since you cannot have 2 fmsses on the same mission atm) So no.. defenitely not a true WWIIOL .. still appreciate the thoughts though..
  14. Hmm plz do tell me on how CRS does this, as in keep blowing off f2p players... Grind ?? Really?? I never saw this as "grinding".. why.. because the goal is to capture towns in order to get your side to victory... and either be it as defending cp's or capturing them... those main things (if u manage to stay alive and rtb) will get you lots of points... so sometimes you may even rank up 2 lvls at once in the beginning. Killing other inf just isnt giving a lot of points, because its not the main thing in this game.. its a support... kill the enemy to not get them defending or capturing cps.... and guess what .. those 2 main things can be done as a "simple" rifle man... And what schweize says.. (alltough i think its hard as well as luftwaffe .. but im a really crappy pilot) KM is a bit harder to rank up. But still its very doable... and you'd be amazed what a good squad can do for you to rank up. Leanderj Out!