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  1. I have also 3 monitor setup.. but dont see the fisheye effect nor the oversized compass .... so... but the best thing is... you see actually more then guys running 1 monitor... (its slightly more .. but more.. :))
  2. Lol.. was about to ask how many sorties have you done to him...
  3. That is your opinion, but i say its essential for gameplay at this moment with the number of people online. Also people in the HC usually know what to do because they know how to check supply, fallbacks, know how certain flags move (not all flags have same behaviour) etc. Id say 99% of the new players dont have a clue, and to give them the opportunity to set an ao and to "f u c k up" the line so the other side gets a good hole to punch trough and win the campaign... its bad. Even worse maybe 1 player can even deliberately do stupid things to let the other side win.... no thnx ill pass on that one. The HC in place are there to support the players to have fun and get to the fights. Again your opinion, but others dont see it that way. Also "you can still play like you want.." not really, i want to drive a tiger.. or fly a spitfire.. how is that possible if im not on that side that has that equipment... As a player you should figure it out that the current system in place is to direct players to meet each other and fight. Not to go anywhere you like and wonder in a town alone and dont see any action at all (booooorring). See the current HC as people who try to organise this. If there isnt enough equipment or an enemy... then you cannot fight aka have fun. If there is, then the HC sets a goal (an AO) so you can try to achieve that goal (aka capture a town, or -wich is not the goal of the game but many people think it is- kill as many as you can and brag about it...) in any way you like. If you want to have smaller fights... then maybe you need to reset your goal. Maybe then your goal should be.. try to capture a depot within your 30 mins... on the AO. Or get on Defense and defend a town for 30 mins... Or set as much FMS you can on the missons that dont have one. Or resupply the tanks, get bombers to bomb the city.. etc.. etc..etc.. It just feels you are more frustrated that you are not in HC and cant set the AO, or dont like the persons wich are in the HC, but i could be wrong ofcourse...
  4. There is nothing to neglect... you are i think neglecting the fact that there are not enough players at the moment for this to happen. The population dictates the number of ao's we can have at this point, wich you may think is bad, but for the game at this point its good otherwise campaigns would be over in maybe even hours if one side has 30 guys on and the other side only 5, aka map is getting rolled Ah yes dropping into underpopped side.. there goes your "freedom" now you are being forced to play a side that you maybe not want, so then you go play something else.. also not good. This game is not intended for shorter and smaller fights... we had rapid assault for that... (and i honestly dont know if that is still around) ... so if you want to have that.. you need to find yourself another game mate
  5. Ehrm no i dont want 4vs4 fight... i want bigger fights... go figure you get a 4 vs 4 fight in antwerp.... great.... Much to learn you still have my young padawan... The original game design was set for huge numbers to battle each other on a huge map, however that didnt quite work out as those numbers didnt reach the hugeness the map required. Also " Maybe let defenders, defend wherever they want without limit. You cannot be at the same place twice, so you can only defend one town anyway - only the attackers could be limited. " They can but you are missing the point... when players can set an ao of their liking... or when you say have a limit on them (then you still get people i dont like that target i want a diff one, why is there a limit, i want to set my own ... or insert any other arguement ) if that limit is for example 5.. and the allieds have 30 guys on .. axis 10... then its a 6 vs 2 fight... or if all the 10 axis guys dont want to defend and place ao's then it would be fighting either in ghost towns or maybe 15 vs 1... As it is now.. its a bit more balanced ... so its a better experience for all.. yes it still sucks when you are underpop, but at least you can be a bit more organised and you know you will see action
  6. Ok ..lets assume this... how would that look : i jump in .. i see ao's placed and im like meh.. dont like it... ill set on another town and go there... if everybody does it like this the whole map will be lit.. and you get 1 guy on an attack.. so its back to back in the day u can attack all over the map and with the numbers of the playerbase you have now. It would be like (i only play axis) at times that we have 8 guys online trying to defend 20 towns... undoable...And to put it on a time limit... thats not doable.. some times things go slow at first (getting a ZOC and work your way from there to the town to get in town and start capturing) ... You need to let go of the being ordered part.. you need to see it as that the MOIC (Map officer in Charge) see's a possible good target (because we own the fb, we have enough supply etc) .. and sets the AO (If you like to do this then apply for HC, but bare in mind you will get a lot of pms and lots more of things to deal with, like monitoring on how the attack is going, do we have enough people on our defense objective as well, answering peoples questions or suggestions, even though you have done it a 100 times allready but still its a diff person who asks the same question..... as 6 campaing CinC i know how this works :P) So now its up to you on how to attack the target and take it. Yes the enemy knows your coming... but at least you know you will fight something instead of taking ghost towns... thats not fun either .. i have been there many times...
  7. ^this ... well said kase250
  8. Like others said.. back in the day.. there was no ews even and no ao's .. you had to check if someone was in town. Then this was changed with ews.. and then with the ao's so you would know where te fighting was and to give people the change to defend. Yet you want no restriction (so attack anywhere you want like back in the day) and to limit moles and town hopping (like it is now with ao's) ... those are the opposites.... i am curious on your solution....
  9. Still handy dandy as ....
  10. If this is the case ( i hope its not) then it should be altered imho... cozz those people are not "on the ground fighting".... any RAT care to come in here and explain it if they have some time plz : @XOOM, @KMS, @OHM ... anyone ?
  11. Ok last couple of days when i got back from my holidays and started playing during the day (when im usually not on because you know.. work).. i noticed something with the Spawn delay. When i entered the game it said axis overpop. So ok nothing weird there.. Then looked at the map. We had 1 AO (nobody on attack.. ok weird while on overpop but.. can happen), and 1 DO with full inf ews and light tank ews. So i jumped to the total of missions and found 4. All of them from te ab. Ok so i jumped in one and had to wait 30 secs... when i finally entered.. i counted only 10 guys in and around town. So how is this possible... that we get a 30 SEC SD as in we are massive overpop but when i counted the actual numbers we only had 10 people in the game on the ground .. and the other side must have at least 7 .. how is this massive overpop ?? The SD did last for 10 mins like this when it went down to 7 to 10 secs but still our numbers didnt grew on the ground... So how is the SD actually calculated RATS ? Is there a delay in the calculation (that it only calculates it every 30 mins for example)? Can there maybe an error in it? cozz this thing is happening the last couple of days... and be4 i never noticed it so offset like this.
  12. Wait wutt?? you have day job ?? How dare you have one.... i expect you to be 24/7 working on this game.. damnit! Just kidding
  13. I feel a challenge coming up for this campaign ghehe.. i like the english country side
  14. I think you need external software for it : https://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/ In windows10 you can popup a 2nd desktop and start bge on that one as well .. but that you cannot assign it to a different monitor (maybe someday it will come.. who knows..) .. so you need still use tabbing to get to that other desktop.. and what is said above... the noice is going haywire... you hear all the sounds mixed ..