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  1. Rgr Chimm, garuda01 is in the loop of things ..
  2. No brigades wouldnt fall back into a pocket but where trapped inside them. So dont think of brigades falling back, but rather that the army cut off the retreat.. and thus pocketed them. Falaise pocket so to say if you want to compare it to real life
  3. Well tbh.. its (for me at least) fun as HC as to find out what targets we should hit to make flags fallback into pockets.. so we can route them. Same goes other way around, looking out after our flags that it doesnt happen to us as well. But im not against the removal of flags etc. since i agree that its a problem when no hc is on.
  4. Nice story!
  5. Haha nice im sure im one or 2 of those .. or maybe the swimmer even LOL ..
  6. Ok..ok... you lucky i was on for the rest of the journey... we shipped over 1 brigade.. the rest of the division was on timers.. and we were hungry so we went for sandwich, and also AO'd Margate. Sandwich was quickly axis. Margate was tough fight, but we managed. Then with only Navy in Margate we launched AO on Whitstable. In meantime we shipped over the rest of the division. So we could place an inf flag into Margate to assist on Whitstable. After Whitstable wich we got after a bit of a fight (it had 2navy flags in it), but once we capped the spawn it was pretty much quickly over, we went for Deal. That was done so we could be sure we had a link back to the mainland or to cutoff reinforcements, since Allieds sill were pressing on dunkerque to get inf flags back to their mainland. Deal proved be an interesting fight.. lots of dead bodies everywhere .. near the ab.. near the docks.. near the spawns.. was good fight. In meantime paras took canterbury. Wich was quickly under a counterattack by para's. We moved an inf flag to Wingham to support the defence. After Deal sealed the Deal for the allieds of net getting any inf flags back to the mainland. We went for the final town.. Ashford.. FMSses were driven in by KM units from Whitstable... we had no inf flags to move.. all was on timers.. still... We got it but.. Allieds were constantly flying in paras to slow us down. Hats off to those brave men! It gave us a handfull and a nerve wrecking last cp capture since we knew they were recapping a cp ... the chat was full of the Go Go Go cap it!.. Keep fingers crossed.. lets hope they dont cap it be4 we cap this... But we won that little race ... and then the System came with the message that the campaign was over and it would go into intermission ... So know you know acton
  7. Ok here is how it went down.. i got on as hc @ 10.00 o clock my local time... we had an ao on avelgem, but i saw an opportunity to move trough torhout and go for oostende. However the avelgem attack was going pretty ok.. and the MOIC was like dont pull we cap this quick... (however.. it lasted for another 2 hrs or so). In this time i made sure we got all the fbs to torhout so allieds couldnt move flags in. Once avelgem was capped. I immediatly dropped the ao on it and pushed on .axis for quick fms and cap of torhout.. We did it in record time. While we were capping in torhout i asked for a precamp fb of torhout oostende. We successfully had one. We took torhout, i straight away put ao on Oostende. Fb was axis.. our flag came to torhout and we went for oostende (we didnt had the greatest supply.. no lmgs, no smgs). By this time ahc should have reacted allready, and i know they were on (not gonna call names) but they didnt shift flags to oostende or try to move back.. instead they aod torhout (or the town next to it.. cant remember). We held that place good. Then oostende fell. After that i think we went for aalter with only 1 link.. and managed to boot flags as well .. and cap the town. Then i had to go to a meeting in real life .. after i came back (14.30hrs) i saw we were attacking diksmuide... wich also fell.. veurne was next.. that was axis also. Then i had to go home.. came home.. had dinner.. came back (18.00hrs).. and we just took zeebrugge... flags got routed. What i found odd was why allieds after oostende didnt move flags in the south to go to dunkerque... since they were shifting flags.. but not to there.. I noticed only 1 hq air flag in Ramsgate.. no paras.. no other flags... this was the moment! So we had an opportunity to go to england.. but i thought ok this is gonna go nowhere.. but at least we can try. So i spawned a JU.. got some dedicated people on board... took off.. asked for aircover (got 1 plane ..woohoo).. went as high as i could get.. passed knokke.. (wich still was allied with allied flags in it) ... and then the cat and mouse began... yellow square following us.. yellow square in our sector... place ao.. wait for ao .. damn we are too early.. we will get shot down.. ao placed.. ok almost there.. still 7 minss.. for cps to be hot... damn.. ok engines off.. gliding in circles to go lower and lower... 3 mins.. ok im @ 4k alt now.. i dont want to get shot down now.. im going in and drop the paras. With 2 mins to go dropped them all..(well nearly all.. 2 paras were too slow when i called jump..so they died with me in the plane as it went down by ai) a bit to the west but not in front of ai luckely.. and we rushed B (euh i mean spawn cp)... and then capped it. I then called out on .axis drop everything you are doing now and get your [censored] to england to cap it! I died in meantime.. so went from spawn.. set an fms to the af.. and capped the af bunker... wich also had an enemy fs in the vincinity .. flags gone.. and then ramsgate was ours by i believe 19.30 (thats GMT+1 .. i live in Netherlands)
  8. Well .. heres why it was added in the first place... January 28, 2008 Air Warning System (Radar): Added a new Air Warning System to the map AWS is designed to simulate the various forms of intelligence one might receive over the radio while in flight AWS primary goal is to increase the air players ability to find and engage the enemy There is a toggle on the map pane to turn on or off the AWS On the map you will see a grid The grid is labeled AA-DW horizontally and 0-60 vertically The grid size is 16km square The grid updates in cycles over 60 to 120 seconds The grid covers the whole theater Red grids indicate heavy enemy air presence reported Yellow grids indicate light enemy air presence reported These colors may be adjusted in settings EWS will still show bombers that have been reported as sighted near towns EWS does not show fighters AWS may not be interdicted, it is the culmination of several types of signals and intelligence AWS mat not be avoided though the system is not 100% accurate AWS does not differentiate between types of aircraft AWS only shows enemies AWS Reporting: Aircraft will only appear on AWS 90 seconds or so after exceeding taxi speeds Aircraft will be removed from AWS after about 5 seconds at a complete stop on the ground so.....
  9. Lol base21 ... lay of the pott man Seriously.. it has to do with numbers and with people willing to cap or not.... if you have a really huge overpop then no way the enemy can properly defend against those numbers... but if its a slight overpop then its doable.. heck you can even cap a town if you are underpop... as long as you have people willing to rush in and cap those cps / abs... and not just sit and snipe at a depot ... and meanwhile your depot is under recap by ei... and then when its recapped ask on side how did we lose it.... like duh! And numbers correlate also to morale... you have high morale on your side then your side will stay on onger then they normally would, low morale.. people tend to logg off quicker..
  10. This.. and be4 that a few die hard Axis officers keeps logging on on Axis side so that when all hope seem lost just log on to get it dragged on and on and hope for a counter attack... sort of like a battle of the bulge thing...