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  1. The fora provide group cohesion for a bigger part of the playerbase than you may realise. I know at least two rotes that paid subscriptions last year almost exclusively for the forums. None of them has a FB account and definitely won't create one. A lot of good points to improve the forums have already been posted. Reducing the number of subforums and opening up the premium sections to all registered users would be good first steps. Also, we need a train subforum in OT. As for negativity, if you close down the place where people go to bi atch about the game, they will come and ruin your shiny happy Facebook page in no time. Lastly, could you explain what MINIMAL-NO PROACTIVE DIALOGUE means? To me this looks like a four square streak in bull$hit bingo.
  2. Bmup
  3. Damn, this is not the kind of news I wanted to hear from you. I can only remotely imagine how you felt when you got the diagnosis. It is easy for me to say but: Hang in there and kick some more [censored]!!! How much did you have to pay for the first round?
  4. There seem to be problems with unicode handling, maybe the issue is related to that. Try to set the language to german and select Rifleman K98/Gewehrschütze 98. The output of the description stops at the first Umlaut.
  5. Congrats and all the best for the family.
  6. That has been posted multiple times already in this thread and I could not agree more.
  7. Hah, every time I see an us american uniform, US vs. THEM comes to my mind. Unfortunately I haven't found an uniform with a THEM sign yet.
  8. Seconded, it would be very useful to see order before spawning in. We would need an opportunity to cancel spawn and/or disable the FMS checkbox within the proposed splash screen.
  9. First of all, welcome to the world of flying in WWIIOL. You will die countless times and you will like it. Also, I don't think you will be able to fly in a coordinated manner let alone win a dogfight without a joystick. With that out of the way, always lock your tail wheel before taking off. The tail wheel should be unlocked only for doing tight turns while taxiing. For normal turns, you can use left or right brake to steer your plane with the tail wheel locked. EDIT If you should decide to buy the Logitech 3D pro as recommended by aismov, there are a couple of config settings to help coping with the involuntary movement in the Z-Axis (twisting of the joystick, normally mapped to rudders). Contact me here on the boards if you need help with that.
  10. On Windows: * press the Windows key and type "programs" * select "Add or remove programs", scroll through the list of installed programs, left click on "Battleground Europe" * select "uninstall" * follow instructions on screen
  11. Please hop over to the 64bit and you Soldier thread. Many questions concerning 64bit were answered or at least discussed there. TL;DR * better performance and 64bit: it depends, the core game engine design will most probably be still the same (single game loop) * multithreading: it depends, we hope so * awesome job of the programmers/volunteers so far: definitely
  12. @ian77 From the closed thread, I saw this to late to reply in proper form: Instead of a lengthy essay I think you will understand best that I am not what you insinuate if I reply with a heart felt "F' you".
  13. Sweet jesus, I am at a loss for words. This thing was held in 2005 and as I posted before, noone complained. Not even the highly alert Central Council of Jews in Germany. So put that overly pc bs where it belongs.
  14. Somehow the organizers of the pictured event thought differently and we didn't have a single public outcry, not even from the Central Council of Jews in germany. There is such a thing as overthinking.