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  1. Bmup
  2. Damn, this is not the kind of news I wanted to hear from you. I can only remotely imagine how you felt when you got the diagnosis. It is easy for me to say but: Hang in there and kick some more [censored]!!! How much did you have to pay for the first round?
  3. There seem to be problems with unicode handling, maybe the issue is related to that. Try to set the language to german and select Rifleman K98/Gewehrschütze 98. The output of the description stops at the first Umlaut.
  4. Congrats and all the best for the family.
  5. That has been posted multiple times already in this thread and I could not agree more.
  6. Hah, every time I see an us american uniform, US vs. THEM comes to my mind. Unfortunately I haven't found an uniform with a THEM sign yet.
  7. Seconded, it would be very useful to see order before spawning in. We would need an opportunity to cancel spawn and/or disable the FMS checkbox within the proposed splash screen.
  8. First of all, welcome to the world of flying in WWIIOL. You will die countless times and you will like it. Also, I don't think you will be able to fly in a coordinated manner let alone win a dogfight without a joystick. With that out of the way, always lock your tail wheel before taking off. The tail wheel should be unlocked only for doing tight turns while taxiing. For normal turns, you can use left or right brake to steer your plane with the tail wheel locked. EDIT If you should decide to buy the Logitech 3D pro as recommended by aismov, there are a couple of config settings to help coping with the involuntary movement in the Z-Axis (twisting of the joystick, normally mapped to rudders). Contact me here on the boards if you need help with that.
  9. On Windows: * press the Windows key and type "programs" * select "Add or remove programs", scroll through the list of installed programs, left click on "Battleground Europe" * select "uninstall" * follow instructions on screen
  10. Please hop over to the 64bit and you Soldier thread. Many questions concerning 64bit were answered or at least discussed there. TL;DR * better performance and 64bit: it depends, the core game engine design will most probably be still the same (single game loop) * multithreading: it depends, we hope so * awesome job of the programmers/volunteers so far: definitely
  11. @ian77 From the closed thread, I saw this to late to reply in proper form: Instead of a lengthy essay I think you will understand best that I am not what you insinuate if I reply with a heart felt "F' you".
  12. Sweet jesus, I am at a loss for words. This thing was held in 2005 and as I posted before, noone complained. Not even the highly alert Central Council of Jews in Germany. So put that overly pc bs where it belongs.
  13. Somehow the organizers of the pictured event thought differently and we didn't have a single public outcry, not even from the Central Council of Jews in germany. There is such a thing as overthinking.
  14. Yet the main argument for "fix the MG34" was the weight of the weapon and not primarily its classification as an LMG. Now all weapons with a similar weight will get the same treatment with the exclusion of the BAR, which weight wise is leaning more to the heavier side and therefore could easily be in the "fix this as well" weapon group. It is not and won't be, fine with me. If we want to argue semantics, here is what I have taken from the posts of some players in this thread: In real life the BAR (being twice as heavy as the FG42) is an automatic rifle, therefore it is not an LMG. The FG 42, which stands for FallschirmjägerGewehr (Gewehr => Rifle), is not exclusively full auto but should be classified as an LMG because of its rate of fire. It is an favor to the Axis playerbase that it was not classified as such in game. Did I interpret anything wrong?
  15. Now now ... now you are insinuating. If i wanted to be smug I would say that I am simply interested in historical correctness but I won't descend to that. ;o) Since the whole argument seemed to be centered around the weight of the weapons I was simply curious why the, weight wise admittely somewhat inbetween, BAR is not classified as an LMG even if the official US army doctrine called it an automatic squad support weapon. Also, as csm said, the BAR is available in much greater numbers than the FG42 (which is historically correct) but I fear we will have heated discussions in a few weeks about bunker rushing BARs while the MG34 can't do that anymore and there are not enough FG42s to counter that.
  16. Is the weight difference BAR vs. FG42 taken into account when calculating stamina loss and inertia?
  17. Xoom, I am not insinuating anything, I don't use such complicated words unless I have to. So the BAR is almost twice as heavy as the FG42 and still considered as maneuverable? I guess this is the sentence you are referring to: "It combined the characteristics and firepower of a light machine gun in a lightweight form no larger than the standard-issue Kar 98k bolt-action rifle." To put a 10lbs weapon in the same class as the much heavier MG34 would be silly, wouldn't it? My original question arose from the designation of the BAR as a "sole automatic fire support weapon" vs. "selective fire automatic rifle" in Kar98 format for the FG42.
  18. As I said, I am not an infantry weapon specialist hence I have to resort to wikipedia and from what I have read they were designed with different goals in mind: BAR The BAR was issued as the sole automatic fire support for a twelve-man squad,[46] and all men were trained at the basic level how to operate and fire the weapon in case the designated operators were killed or wounded. At the start of the war, infantry companies designated three-man BAR teams, a gunner, an assistant gunner, and an ammunition bearers who carried additional magazines for the gun. By 1944, some units were using one-man BAR teams, with the other riflemen in the squad detailed to carry additional magazines or bandoliers of .30 ammunition. FG42 The FG 42 (German: Fallschirmjägergewehr 42, "paratrooper rifle 42") is a selective-fire automatic rifle[1][2] produced in [censored] Germany during World War II. The weapon was developed specifically for the use of the Fallschirmjägerairborne infantry in 1942 and was used in very limited numbers until the end of the war. It combined the characteristics and firepower of a light machine gun in a lightweight form no larger than the standard-issue Kar 98k bolt-action rifle.
  19. Just a quick question: Why is the BAR not included in the list of weapons that can't be fired on the move? Disclaimer: My main occupation in game is flying but as far as I understand the BAR is a support weapon as well.
  20. I see what you did there. (: Sure, std::vector would be good choice for that. It was just an example of how to use the individual bits of a number to store data.
  21. Sry for the gobbledegook, but there is no easy way to explain the details without teaching some programming. There are some tricks/often used techniques in programming that use the internal representation of numbers as bits to store information. Example: Lets say we use a 32bit number to store the number of seats occupied in a transport plane. Bit 1 set to 1 means Seat 1 is occupied, Bit 2 set to 1 means Seat 2 is occupied, Bit 3 is set to 0 so seat 3 is not occupied etcpp. Each possible combination of seats occupied and not occupied represents another number between 0 (all bits set to 0) and 2.147.483.647 (all bits set to 1). So to let another client know which seats are occupied and therefore on which seat to display a player avatar, all we have to do is to sent that number to the client instead of the occupancy status of each seat. Converting to 64bit changes that internal representation and, if not very carefully implemented, many of the aforementioned tricks/operations can lead to slightly different or totally different results with the new number format. Kile said it better than I could but I already typed my post, so there you go.
  22. It can get tricky when a lot of left/right shift, bitmasking or pointer/type casting is involved. These kind of errors are a [censored] to find,
  23. Nothing of what you just said... errrr nothing of the above has anything to do with the game being 64bit or not. Most of the problems can be attributed to the ancient (in computer time) design of the game engine and to network problems. True, with the change to 64bit the game can use more memory but more importantly the overhaul will perhaps be the end of the single threaded game engine. Currently all of the engine logic/work is run in one big loop. That's why some calculations (damage model HE comes to mind) had to be simplified. Otherwise there simply wouldn't have been enough time for important stuff like graphics output. Considering the lack of documentation, the vastly differing coding styles and the age of the source code it will be nothing short of a masterpiece if the engine can be upgraded to 64bit. Multithread (multiple independent game loops) would be the cherry on top. So give the guys a break.
  24. Doc, I am sure you will win this fight. It won' be easy but as bersi said, life is not over. How can I contribute to the GoFundme thing without a credit card? Either I am to stupid or there is no alternative payment method. If everything else fails, I will paypal you my share directly.