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  1. This chart is funny but nog representing anything to this game. This game uses openGL en no direct3d. Physix is also on.
  2. Ok thnx i will try that.
  3. Yes the map screen uses the same % GPU/CPU load same as in game... very weird. This need to be sorted out.
  4. I dont have problems running 2 accounts on high setting. But i need to disable the sound of the tow account everytime. How do you work out that issue?
  5. I got a GTX570 and it`s a great card. No problems to run this game 2560x1440. But when do you notice that you got fast GPU in this game.. Well when you use binocs it will use 100% of your GPU, so the faster the better. Normally it uses about 35% of the card.
  6. I had an old 2x 1tb raid setup. Bought a vertex 3 max iops SSD with it and using the raid as storage. The SSD is only for programs. Running @ 515mb/s eats all your guys HD`s with 5x times faster. So don`t come and tell it is expensive because why do you buy a new CPU? Yes because your pc is getting slower. Well try to buy a SSD and you will findout and you are amazed.
  7. Creative Card?
  8. I never get below 45 fps .. 4.7ghz 2600K ..
  9. Go to your videocard options menu in windows. Enable AF 16x and AA 4x.. you can make a profile for this game with these setting on. Normally the settings are possible to change in a game but with this game not.
  10. First install creative alchemy. Then startup alchemy Add this game to the game list with your install path .. That`s it.
  11. Add the game in creative alchemy .. it helped for me. Just enter the pad like this C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe
  12. I have got a 27 inch dell with 2560x1440.. they are much cheaper than the 30 inch ones.
  13. Core i7 2600K rocks with this game .. Clock it to 4.7 Ghz.. Equal to a Amd 5.7 Ghz per core You can get the i7 2500K for about $200 My fps never drops below 50 now...
  14. I am using a dell 2407WPF. But the settings of the game like AA can be profiled but you cant profile the colours etc.