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  1. Thanks guys. Ive sorted it now. made a gift voucher type thing myself using a screenshot and some graphics. then wired him the money. I will however email bloo if i need to do it again.
  2. Is it possible to print a gift code or something to give somebody some play time? or ability to load their account without knowing their password?
  3. Cant remember which motherboard it is now, been a while since i put it together. I was looking at the 8800gts/x. Am i right in thinking its quite a large card. not sure if it will fit in the case :s Edit: actually, should be ok if i move the HD
  4. prcessor is am2 and gfz is pci-ex, so no probs upgrading. Just wandered if which part would have to process other players more i suppose. processor or ram or gfx
  5. Have just been in the s-l-b capture, and im getting at least 30 fps through out with people around and air up etc. specular seems to make a difference. Its just in the really busy areas, you know in high pop when you have hundreds of people in one ab. Could possibly be something to do with enemy locations? Can be around loads of friendlies, but when there are loads of enemies around too somewhere it goes down.
  6. Im running low player vis atm (not sure how many this allows?)
  7. TBH, when it is busy it is still playable. I play highest resolution with low range clutter etc. Been playing in busy towns with lots of people, smoke etc and getting around 15-17 fps. Its only when like evryone in the gameworld in high pop is in the same ab, then it drops to below 10. I can play in town fights no probs untill then. Its just finding exactly which hardware is strained more, the more people are about. Processor seems to run about 80% on both cores Spec: OS: XP RAM: 2GB DDR2 Processor: AMD 64 x2 4800+ duel core Graphics: Nvidia 8500GT OC'd as much as can be stable. Soundcard: SB XF-i Xtream audio HD's: SATA with about 500gb to play with I know this system is getting on a bit now, but plays the game smoothly without crashes, CTD's, bugs etc I dont want to spend loads on upgrading/changing it, but would look into giving it that little bit extra to help with busy areas.
  8. RAM or Processor? I can run the game fine no probs. In town i can walk around look at all the buildings, trees, graphics etc and get 50-60 fps in town. On a boat i get about 100 fps and in the air between 80-100 thats fine. However when it gets busy im down to <10 fps. I would guess the graphics is ok as it shows the graphics no problems. However with more people being around would this be RAM or Processor that is used most and causing a bottleneck? I havnt put my specs up to avoind people just saying get more ram. I want a technologically sound answer to where the bottleneck would be for having loads of people around.
  9. I was looking forward to it, and sorry i missed it, but i was busy in hospital being told theres nothing they can do for my dad.
  10. cant be bothered to check all the other posts, but is it 8pm GMT or BST (which we are in now- uk is gmt+1)
  11. good work, first of many i hope. I always enjoy a bit of fraps
  12. Put me in Jamm, which ever possition you want me in.
  13. ps, did you get any good screenies/fraps?
  14. was good, think we needed more dd's to cover the tt's from different areas, but theres nothing we can do about no showers. Didnt get any kills, but had a good duel with an edd, which resulted in me being torpedo'd... S! whoever you were