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  1. We have been asking for topo maps from day 1. The battle map planner is a cool Ideal, but keep in mind most the player base won't even open the map to mark the enemy. =)
  2. 3 more time for the download and still get same "Timed out Performing network selection"
  3. I tried to, 3 times I Click on ZOOM'S link "full pc download of 1.34.11 (click here)" all I get is a patch for 561mb. Then I run the patch, game launches, I get to the download screen (pic with map and red load bar) and in 5 to 10 seconds I get "Timed out Performing network selection" It's done this on both game and test server. So then I uninstalled everything, clicked on XOOM'S link again and still get the same thing. I also tried to download the game from the start here ao. I'm on a pc, I've turn off all fire walls and anti-viral I have.
  4. All I get is "timed out performing network selection"
  5. Steam Sucks. Steam is invasive. That's all this resource hungry game needs is another program running in the background.
  6. Yup got the same thing here. Had a few hours to play and I end up doing a full reinstall. BTW the 4th one I've had to do in the last 2 1/2 months. As a day 1 player this is getting old rats, your getting close to the last straw.
  7. worked for me too, thanks.
  8. Thank you kind sir, that did the trick =)
  9. I can hear anything I do, but nothing else. Started with this map.
  10. I don't know if they still do it but older russain autoloaders had to elevate the main gun around 25 degrees to work. How would you like to have to reacquire your target after every round.
  11. Hes Napoleon's great, great grandson
  12. me to Debug Error ! Program c:\playnet\crs\ww2ol\ww2.exe Damage after normal block (#12499437 at 0x314c6054 i get 2 options i click one = repair = CTD i click other = ignore= game locksup in 30 to 60 minutes this started with the little patch the other day. after it does it once i dont have any problem with it till i restart my pc.