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  1. Reporting for duty
  2. Mine just kicked in as well
  3. Listen man, none of us over here enjoy SCs, at all. They are ridiculously boring, and do nothing to boost the PB morale. I can promise I've never seen anyone log off or ask ppl to log off just to gain an advantage, because as I said, none of us enjoy SCs. Dual accounts aren't a hassle btw, they are actually designed to be less of a hassle for tows etc etc. Your claims are unfounded at best, and if it's an issue for you still I challenge you to come allied and watch if the day comes someone calls for logging. Bring popcorn, antidepressants and deodorant, because it'll be a long time before you get what you're looking for.
  4. Eh, I don't think as long as some may think. Tank crews do practice that kind of stuff regularly as a part of their "crew drills." In all actuality, no one would be removed from the tank, they'd simply get pushed out of their chair/position so someone else could occupy it. In Stryker units (Yes, I know...not a tank) we practice switching out the VC (Gunner) and air guards regularly, and a well trained crew can do it and send rounds down range in 5 seconds or less. For game purposes, 1 minute I would say is fine. Anything shorter may cause issues for players, anything longer and you might as well not have it.
  5. I'm sure he probably knows this. He's suggesting it be streamlined...its already hard enough to type that in, move, and shoot at the same time without having to add the extra $ commands.
  6. I think that intermission is a great time to hold such events, possibly not every intermission, but dependant on campaign length. As for the shock value, I personally wouldn't be too concerned about it. Most f2p'rs have a rough idea of the supply constraints, and those that don't or join later can get schooled up easily. Maybe if we paired the all access intermission with planned (jointly with both HCs and the rats) we could really maximize the enjoyment for all.
  7. Although this thread is namely about F2P, I feel there is a lot of oversight on the starter account. It's only $4.99 a month and you are able to accomplish many of the things that are listed here as issues. Truth be told, $4.99 is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, a six pack, model paint, stationary or whatever else your vices/hobbies may be. I think that a lot of the complaints in here stem from many pay to win variants out there such as H&G, WoT etc etc which really are based on a different model than WWIIOL
  8. Wow S! Buckeyes. I will miss you sir.
  9. Lmao. I'm like you, I've gone back and forth a couple times. Settled on blue and black for now
  10. My wife has asked me this like 2838382929 times today. However this one is more defined than the other she showed me.
  11. Welcome back!
  12. that's all you asked for.
  13. You mean a week of sliding around on the grass as if it were ice?? Yep, I remember that. Haha .