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  1. I had the same happen to me when I got to 45% when I use the auto-patch screen. I deleted the 1.31 patch and started over with the download. I was able to reconnect to the patch server and the download seems to be running just fine for the time being. If it fails again, I'll try downloading it straight from the website and forget about the auto-patcher for now. I'll repost here if I need to do that.
  2. Ah ha! As usual, old friend, you've provided a great answer. I remapped the mouse axises (axii? axis'? *shrug*) for mouse look to my Z-Axis on my gamepad. Works better than expected. In case anyone else is in the same boat but needs a visual, I included a screenie of it below:
  3. I now have a Saitek P990 Dual Analog gamepad I'm using for BE. By default, the view controls (IE look left/right/up/etc) are mapped to my directional HAT pad. My right joystick, the Z-Axis, isn't currently assigned to anything. I'm trying to map my view controls to that Z-Axis as it would work a little better for me (since I'm driving the vehicle with the left stick I can't really use the HATs as they're also on the left side of the gamepad). Seems pretty easy to map, right? I thought so too. However, the keymapper won't recognize my Z-Axis for the views. I would try to manually edit the cmfl file but I really have no idea what the ID is for my Z-Axis. Anyone know what this might be? Or any other ideas, for that matter? And no, buying more RAM isn't the answer
  4. Thanks, I'll play around with it and see what happens.
  5. I was wondering if it'd be possible to create multiple configurations in the keymapper for different joysticks. I use a joystick for gunnery and flying but I'd prefer a gamepad for tanking or whatnot. I'd also rather not map over my secondary keymaps as I do use the keyboard with my joystick sometimes. In other words, I would like to add a new configuration to the keymapper so that instead of the 'Joystick/No Joystick' options they'd be 'Joystick 1/Joystick 2/No Joystick" settings. Anyone know how to do this?
  6. You Tube isn't really large-file friendly for uploads. Try a file hosting site. I personally like It's free and gets the job done. The two downsides is that there's a 300mb-per-file upload limit and that files will 'expire' after people stop downloading it. A fix for the first one is to break up the movie into 300mb parts while the fix for the second is to keep advertising the movie to keep people downloading it
  7. Ah man, Bluekill took command? Now I'll have to be there to help kick some butt . I'll be Allied.
  8. Rifles Galore Players as a whole need more practice with rifles and need to learn how to make due with what they have rather than respawn a different unit. So my idea is to have a crapload of riflemen available to spawn but having other infantry units extremely limited. Tanks/planes could be knocked back too or could stay the same as long as ATG/AAA are available. Though we wouldn't need later tier equipment, just the early stuff will be just fine. The idea is to get people more exposed to riflemen so they won't be afraid to use them in the real game when often times rifles are the last unit left in supply. Battle of the Bulge I'm surprised this hasn't been done before, if my memory serves true. We could have a Bulge scenario where Allied troops have pocketed themselves in the German line in and around Bastogne (we could extend it the pocket further out of Bastogne for playability reasons). I would say Allied paratroopers but that could prove a little problematic game-wise so regular troops will have to do. The Allied task: Hold several key chokepoints for the intermission. The German task: Overrun the Allied pocket before intermission ends. No tanks, no air, just infantry on infantry, maybe some German bofors and 88s to simulate the artillery barages. If the intermission ends and the pocket remains, well then Patton's 3rd Army Came and reinforced the 'paratroopers' in game. If it ends and the pocket fails, then Patton wasn't quick enough When Allies Crumble I'm not sure if this idea is even doable but I'll still say it. What if France had joined Germany as its ally? We could have the British fight the Germans AND the French assuming it was possible codewise. Kind of an inverse of roles for Britian and Germany. Could you imagine who would win--the French Char or the British Matilda? I just think that kind of scenario would be fun.
  9. So I presume this is an open event? I didn't see anything about any sort of sign ups.
  10. Well raftrey, you're going to have to get a divorce then By the Gates of Gohpur I want more Stuka pilots signing up--I have over a hundred Bofors shells to shoot ya with afterall
  11. 54th/LTD Beat you to it, Hathcock. Maybe next week I'll hook up with you guys Feel free to start a queue--I'll run with the squads as they contact me unless I find a squad that matches my secret criteria.
  12. You've all heard of the old 'Adopt A Rat' program, well, here's the Gunnie version of that . I've been a lonewolf in game for a while now after serving the 43rd Inf Regiment, the 101st Airborne and most recently The Omega Fury, all over my eight year 'career' in WWIIOL. I do enjoy being a gun for hire but I'm open to the possibility of getting back with a squad. The thing is, the essence of a squad can't be determined in recruitment posts in forums. It's determined by seeing them in action in game. So here's the deal. I'll pimp myself out to any squads that will have me to 'test out the waters.' If I like what I see in game playing with the squad, they might just have a brand new full member on their roster. If things aren't really clicking with me, then I dismiss myself from the squad and look for someone else. To be fair, I'll serve a minimum of one week with a squad that wants to adopt me--that way I should get a pretty good feel for what the squad is all about. About teh Gunnie Year 1 vet Plenty of tactical command experience (mission lead, small operational lead, platoon-level command) Some Strategic command experience (Squad CO) Strong infantry player (Specifically with long-range engagements with riflemen or snipers but I'm pretty good with any inf) Above average AA player Average tanker Decent Tailgunner/Navel gunner Below average ATG player Sucky pilot Sucky boat captain n00b bomber Plays in US Primetime but can usually handle Euro Primetime too Night or day cycle in game, I don't care, I'll keep fighting whatever cycle its at What I'm looking for I won't say exactly what I'm looking for in a squad, that wouldn't be fun . Instead, I'll just list some basic requirements: US or Euro based squad Allied or German squad, it doesn't matter Ground squad would be ideal English speaking squad (sorry, Teh Gunnie isn't smart enough to know more than that and basic French ) Understands that I may leave the squad after a week should things not work out That's it! If your squad is interested in letting me take them out for a test drive, feel free to leave a reply here or PM me--just be sure you note who I should contact to be recruited and whatnot as well as how I can get a hold of them Ready...Set...Adopt-A-Gunnie!
  13. C'mon valiant and brave pilots of the Luftwaffe, I want more of you to sign up! I just want more targets to shoot down !
  14. I get that sometimes myself. I can usually fix it by zooming out and in on the map. I wish I could say what the cause was or offer more of a permanent fix, but the map zooming is the best I can do atm.
  15. I've been brushing up on my Bofors skills just for this kind of scenario to return . Sign me up for the Allied Bofors--I heart shooting down Stukas