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  1. I was on .. we were OP.. had the spwnble... no one spwned... Why should i flip my life upside down to wake up at 4am to run a map for a group of players that have no clue how to attack.. or defend .. or spwn on a mission... Ill be back once the game is fixed
  2. TEAMWORK and coms got this done!!! GRATS ALL INVOLVED!
  3. Every AO placed in the "CUT" i was the officer that placed it.... Every move by 3pz and 2nd pz to do this "cut" i moved it (tman helped a little).... So yes... I will take 100% responsibility for this event.... I was MOIC 12+hrs 1st day and 18Hrs The 2nd day.. Now with that said... i would have NEVER.. AND I MEAN NEVER .. EVER PULLED IT OFF... unless i had Full help and support from My commanding officers all the way down to the guy that guards the fb.. or the spwnble or sits in a ab bunker for 1 to guard it....to the guys that rolled MS to a town that i would AO "after" we cap XXX town... they knew we were going to cap it!! . I had troops busting fb's ahead and behind towns we attack... PURE AND SIMPLE.. TEAMWORK AND COMS were key factors in this event. I want to thank all players for helping and supporting .... even Delems... who screamed at me each time i would move 3pz farther west... even though he not like what i did and knew the Risk... I would see him helping me make sure these "cuts" were completed..
  4. How about when Allied pull there units out of a city .. and a Axis unit is next to it.... if the axis commander wants the town he clicks on it and the box that says capture is highlighted... and click.. its axis... see problem solved...
  5. WOW what a brilliant well thought out reply...
  6. Do you guys Really want to know why this Happen on this map.?? Because of ME... ME... ME.. ME.... !!! No other officer would have stayed on 2 days in a row with 12hrs Moic 1st day and 18hrs the next day.... When i took 3rd pz and started shoving it west.. EVERYONE started freaking out! OFFICERS were getting mad that they would get cut off.. Players scream at how stupid i am (thx delems) My superior officers were concerned, and i then had to explain exactly how the ops would happen. Fiambre then "ok" 3.3 and 3.2 to go for maldegem..Fiambre realized that we were only risking 2 units in training. when we got towards gent and NO.. NOT 1 ALLIED UNIT HAD FALL BACK.... and the Risk of cut off was removed.. the rest of 3rd was given to me and started to slide forward.... 2pz then came in and held the back... we get maldegem.. and gent.... So I go to bed... wake up NO UNITS MOVED BACK.... 2nd mega big mistake by allied.... 2ndPz was in brussels... South i went... and with the success the day before my Tman gave me the full go at 2nd down to Laon.. and he help with brigade move as i was busy with AO oic ... So if you look up Who put the AO on each of the towns in the cut.. IT WAS ME... all units moved in the cut ..IT WAS ME... FOR 33 DAYS BEFORE THIS HAPPEN EVERYTHING IN GAME WAS JUST FINE....... THE ONLY FACTOR THAT CHANGES WAS I HAD VISION AND A GOAL... I NEED TO SAY THIS OVER AND OVER.... I COULD NEVER.. AND I MEAN NEVER... COULD HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT THE PLAYERS.... SO MANY PLAYERS WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY . ALL THE GUYS THAT DROVE AROUND TOWNS TO BUST THE FB'S TO STAY AHEAD OF THE ATTACK.. TO THE PILOTS WHO FLEW AND LANDED AND FLEW US TO THE NEXT TARGETS... I NEED A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE "250" SQUAD... OVER AND OVER THEY PROVE HOW VALUED THEY ARE!!! SO to wrap this up .. STOP BLAMING EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS GAME... Allied got out played by the ENTIRE AXIS players!!! I just was Leading it!!
  7. I ate some french flags for breakfast
  8. What about side lock? The first time you log on a new map u pick a side... u then are locked to that for the entire map... if one side starts filling up more than the other.. fig out a reward system for those who chose the underpop??
  9. Blitzkrieg, Look it up ... I will discuss this on axis discord, but i wont type the 3 page's required for me to teach you the concept of military warfare. Because as i read these post i understand how most of you do not understand this concept! see u on the battle field <S Hierbart
  10. You have the freedom to choose... pick a side and stay with it... There your choice has been selected Any low life that switches back and forth has no concept of Loyalty, Honor or Integrity! I also believe that if a Person in the High Command flips sides.. they can not be in the High command of the opposing side for at least one map.. And they can not Rejoin the High command for 1 more map after they come back... Reason? faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc. Prove your Loyal again by playing one map... <S Hierbart
  11. I only want yes or no .... No comments .. No paragraph .. Just positive or negative..... I vote negative!
  12. When you cap a building.. just below the new flag have a little banner with the Number of the squad that cap it.. This will create a rivalry between squads and between allied/axis... Thoughts?
  13. I can not find a post on exactly when this will happen... Need to be able to pass this info on to the rest of the squad!
  14. Ah Cool.. Thx.... its.... I dont have the Allied TS info.... I dug a little... didnt find .. any chance some one could post a link to it?
  15. When is he going to do this for the axis side?