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  1. Hi all, I've been tried logging in a few times tonight and keep getting the message "Unable to connect to the authentication server." Earlier I was getting browser errors just trying to get to the wwiionline website. Are there server issues? Or maybe issues on my ISP side? I'm COX cable in SoCal, just wondering if anyone is seeing the same. Best regards, Sluggo
  2. Yeah waky I was just reading another pot over in the Windows Support forum saying the same. So I guess CRS are having issues. Don't feel so alone now
  3. You do realize this game needs every able body it can get right now, don't you? To be honest, I just recently came back to the game myself after a four year hiatus, and the first thing that smacked me in the face was death by lag. I have my son signed up on a free to play, and have been wanting to play with him and maybe even get him to sub, or pay for it myself. But not in the current state. I see the same as penetrate. Hear machine gun fire, die, only thing that reveals the killer is death cam, and he\she is behind me. Sorry but I'm better than that, and that aint braggin'. That isn't going fly if they hope to do a STEAM release. People, like my son. will play it for a week and uninstall it. So be as smug as you will. But the simple fact of the matter is, this games client code needs serious work. Sadly, it was the one saving grace it had, but not anymore. Sluggo
  4. S! buckeyes. I've only really returned to the game recently so only played with you a handful of times, but when I did I thought "man this guy is intense!". I now know why. Having lost several family members in the past, and several life long friends to cancer recently, I know the struggle you've faced all too well. Its not an easy life and you're feeling cheated, as are all those who know and love you. Reading the responses here you've touched a lot of people. I'm sure the same is true in your life outside this game. Know that those people will always remember you, and in that you will live on forever. Peace be with you brother. You fought the good fight. Regards, Sluggo
  5. These are new to me, they weren't here when I left (before returning on WBS). So, what do they entitle you to play? I looked at the subscription page but couldn't find details about what is offered. I ask because I'm thinking of having my two sons sign up for one, both legal adults now. Would be a good family gaming night weekly if we did a "mini-squad" with the three of us. My oldest son still remembers playing under my old second account, and fondly. He attributes that experience to creating his "addiction" to online PvP playing. So I know he'd dig it. And if they have fun playing it as a group, I might even pop for their premium accounts, at least on a monthly for a while. It'd be cheap entertainment and create some good bonding time for us, which I'm finding is lacking now that they are older and hanging out with Dad isn't so cool any more Thanks in advance. Regards, Sluggo
  6. I resemble that remark ETA: And great post Badger. It might not have the best graphics, some things may not work as expected (or wanted), but there truly is no other game out there wit the depth this one has, not for PvP anyway. Yeah I'ma stick around to support it too. Regards, Sluggo
  7. So far, my WBS experience has been: - Americans: They were a tech research option for the French, glad to see they got added as a force of their own. Liked - Entrenchment: Nice infantry feature, and since I'm a mostly infantry player. Liked. - Infantry AT weapons: Bazooka, PIAT and Panzerschrek, again a nice addition for the Infantry player. REALLY Liked - Population: Seemed low, but not that much lower than when I unsubbed. Not sure how i feel about that, coming from a generation where we stressed server limits to frustration level, its refreshing to know you have a chance on either side. Undecided - Teamwork: One of the first missions I played with was two players that didn't say a word, but the whole time we leap-frogged the streets of Mast, clearing buildings and recapping CPs. This games current design still inherently supports teamwork, as did it's previous iterations. Liked - Development efforts: Since I unsubbed, not a lot has changed. I read one other post to this point, and honestly I'm not sure how to feel. On one hand I was hoping for more in almost four years, on the other it was comfortingly familiar as a returning player. Undecided - Got to see a lot of familar faces, including BADGER, CiC extraordinaire. Road a truck to battle with him, ah the good old days. Liked! - Italians on the road map: If this is a joke, oh well. But honestly, they deserve a spot on this map just as much as the Americans. If anything, they would have entered first. And frankly, while I know they historically were not the strongest force they have some really interesting hardware to offer (Semovente, Carro Armato M15/42, Breda Ba.201, etc.). If it is true, STRONLY like, if NOT, STRONGLY...well...guess I'll still play After receiving a very aggressive offer for resubbing, I've decided to give WWII Online (it will never be Battlefield Europe to me, just as the Los Angeles Raiders never existed ) another try. Something was missing from my gaming experience and I couldn't put my finger on it until this WBS offer. It turns out playing with total strangers, in a teamwork environment, on a HUGE arse map was the missing key. Congrats RATs, you've regained at least one old soldier Hoping to see some other old faces I've run into stick around as well. Maybe we can bring back the glory days, at very least we can see the game to it's finish. S! Sluggo
  8. Well, I have at least one I can bring back with me. My oldest son, who I discussed I'd likely be starting WWII Online up again. He told me "You should, that's the game that got me into online gaming, I had so much fun with you guys and it was a great game." This was him recalling using my second towing\transport account, while I was with JOC. Funny thing is, he's getting his IT/game designer degree this year And he's an avid gamer of all genres, that still has fond memories of this game. So yeah, I'm going to try to bring him back into the fold with me. Even if I wind up paying the account, which I probably will since he's planning on study abroad next year It'll be a good way for us to keep in touch. And he'll be one more target as you put it, heh. Who knows, maybe he'll be a RAT one day. If not, then he'll bring lessons learned to what other gaming company he winds up working at. Was good seeing and playing with you the other night. S! Sluggo
  9. S! all Sluggo here, checking it out after a four year absence. What year did you start playing? Early 2002 IIRC When was the last time you played? Mid 2011 sounds about right What squad were you in? JOC for the first couple of years, then freelancer What side did you primarily play on? Started German, switched to Allied since JOC played mainly allied (and they were short staffed at the time). Finished playing primarily German because they were the side always seeming to need numbers then, but I played both just about equally at the end. Thanks for the invite RATs. I'm looking forward to trying the game out again for a couple weeks. Had much fun, many late nights (and some minor marital problems over it, hehe) during those first 9 years. I often think about rejoining, but free time has not been plentiful the last few years, which is why I went inactive. And I recall this game can be a real time sink (in a good way that is ). Perhaps if I get back into it, I'll stick around as a casual player. Looking forward to showing up on some kill lists. Regards, Sluggo
  10. Hey Bloo, any reason to use Memtest86 over Memtest86+? Just wondering, as I usually use the latter which can be found here: I would agree though, I had random system errors like Angriff described and it turned out to be memory related. *edit* BTW, had a chance to check out my rank issue Bloo? Ranks not a big problem for me, I play grunt mostly. But there is something wrong since I'm %123 to next rank in ArFr */edit*
  11. Interesting, I've always read the opposite, that being your AGP aperture should be set to twice your vid cards memory if your mobo supports it and you have enough RAM instakked. If not as high as you can go (RAM or mobo limit, not to exceed half your available RAM), which is what I've always done and had good results. Have to admit though, I've never tried half the actual vid RAM (primarily because I've never seen it suggested). Will have to try that and see what the results are. But I think your right on it depending on what hardware combinations your running. What works with one setup does not always work with another. And thats true of any hardware configuration in my experience.
  12. On the RAM, go for the good stuff. I used to buy the value RAM all the time but the last machine I built (and am still using) I went with Corsair TWINX CL2 matched pair rated at 2-3-3-6 and I'm really happy I did now. Beleive it or not the difference between CAS 2 and CAS 3 can make a big difference in gaming. Go for 2 Gig RAm if you can, I bought 1 Gig back then and found out my mobo (as many) only supports 2 double sided modules, which caused a problem when I tried to add a third stick of 1 Gig to bring my total to 2. Ah well, now running 1.5 gig and it has seemed to smooth things out a little. But you can never have too much RAM IMHO. On the graphics card I'd recommend NVidia, they just seem to have less problems with games and get better support both by the developers and the manufacturer in the way of drivers. I'll have to say I have an ATI in one of my other boxes and lately ATI's been better about driver support, but NVidia still seems quicker to respond. CPU I'd have to say AMD. I used to be a big Intel snob way back, but building systems for people over the years I've been swayed into the AMD camp. I dunno, the AMDs just seem to be better rigs for gaming, but get yourself a good HSF or other CPU colling setup because they do tend to run hot! Although my current system, an A64 3200+ has always run at respectable temperatures for an AMD, so they're getting better about the heat issues.
  13. After you run that CPU test, you should run Memtest86+ to check out your memory. Here is the link: Memtest86+ The one that'll probably be easiest to use is the one titled "Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)". Un-zip it to a directory someplace, have a blank floppy disk ready, run the install.bat file, restart your computer and step away for a while. When you come back to check if you have any errors (they'll have a red background) you should note the number of the test that failed and consult the documentation on the page for what to do about it. Also, if the test does result in any erros, I'd be willing to wager thats whats causing your CTDs.
  14. Questions about your memory, as I see that your board has 3 memory banks and can run PC3200: Did you recently upgrade the memory, if so did it require filling that third slot, if thats true are they all PC3200 modules? Reason I ask is I recently tried to upgrade from 1 gig (2x 512 PC3200 modules) to 2 gig by adding another 1 gig PC3200 module. I found after adding the 1 gig module I was getting random CTDs in this game and others. It turns out I can't run all three chips at once at a 400 mhz bus speed because they're all double sided and my board (K8T Neo-FSR) only supports two double sided chips at 400, regardless if memory size. If I want three chips (or all three slots filled) they've got to be single sided, which are hard to find thse days and not worth me buying IMO. Or I have to lower my memory speed to 333, which I'm not sure is worth it in the long run. Just a thought, as I've spent most of the weekend trouble-shooting a similar problem myself and thats what it turned out to be.
  15. Think thats a decent upgrade for video? Got a decent price on it, was looking at the 6800GTs becasue they were a bit lower in price overall online and rated up there with the 7800 series (if you weren't upgrading form a 6800 to a 7800). But certain things, like core clock speed and pipeline architecture just seemed to make the 7800GS a better bang for the buck since I was upgrading from a card thrid generation down from it. Best I can tell it got decent reviews, and should blow doors on the 5950 (at least thats what the early reviews using 6800 series reference cards suggest against the 5950s. And most reviews comparing the 7800 and 6800 suggest 7800 series will beat a 6800, just not a worthwhile upgrade between those two series cards). And all be it the 6800gt and 7800gs seem to be closely matched in those same reviews, I could have gotten either for the same price ($340.00) because they were opened box. So...went with the 7800GS. Deal or no deal? P.S. Bought an extra Gig of Corsair RAM to match my current 1 gig setup (at least in speed, got 1 gig Twin-X 3200 2x512, bought a 1 gig stick for my third slot thats also 3200 Corsair. Mobo doesn't support dual channel so...don;t see it matters much they are matched). Between the two, hopeflully I can get the eye-candy up as well as the FPS Wife knows nothing about any of this yet, man am I deep shat when she gets the credit card bill. LOL
  16. From the main page ( click the "Site Login" link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Log in with your account name you'll be unsubscribing, then click the "Subscription" link on the upper part of the page (just about in the middle). Down the page a bit you'll see a "What would you like to do?" section, click the "I would like to unsubscribe from WWII Online." link. Past that I'm not sure, as I've not yet come to the descision to unsub myself. I figure I'll wait until brigade/KG spawning is finished and see what BE brings to the table then make my descision. But the future (mine in this game anyway) isn't looking too bright for me either. Good luck and have fun in those 'other' games. S!