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  1. This simulation isn't a "hop & pop"....and it isn't playable on PS or Xbox....limited demographic....have to work with that...tough sell...
  2. XOOM - Happy Birthday~!
  3. key mapped sprint to mouse 3 Dell Smart Card Reader keyboard Lenovo Computer (runs game fine with avg 65 fps) Windows 10 no macros set up - just key mapper change - probably the cause?
  4. ..or a written transcript/AAR
  5. Same issue here. Additionally, my infantryman gets stuck on sprint mode when i select it. I have to select "M" for map then hit "M" again then i can stop the sprint.
  6. Would appreciate a 1.31 keymapper instruction guide (especially flap controls) as some of us r'tards arent as smart as lassie figuring this out. thanks in advance
  7. I have been getting that on occasion since 1.29. But as somebody said - if you reboot the game it seems to clear itself up. Wonder if its a cache issue? Sometimes the game starts up fine but there is no character to choose from and sometimes the greeting screen misses alot of letters. Again, rebooting corrects that problem I've heard Windoows XP is not supposed to be on all the time - sould reboot it occasionally - and I rarely reboot the computer - maybe that could have some effect too.