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  1. I'm sure he will be missed, by those who knew him directly. Great addition to the community from my perspective, and always on... Let's take a moment of silence here...S! 0>
  2. Even a high-res splash screen and finished interactive user interface will mean a big impact (especially if you want to compete a permanent position vs. other games on lets say Steam). With finished I mean green curves that run over smoothly in a nice high-res menu. The current one is too old school. Same goes for the WWIIOL shortcut icon. Needs to go high-def. Remove the white lines from the character images, put some gradients on buttons. Just pull down some shades on lettering. The login screen seems like HTML content. CSS is out there, I suggest you guys use it for a nice and well designed visual look & impact.
  3. Yeah. New USN stealth class ?
  4. Hm .. this whole bug / lag / cap time thing is having it's affect on the game population and gameplay for sure. And yeah, I already unsubbed because of it.
  5. I took Bloo's advise on this one .. set vis to low and all that .. see the sticky .. no more CTD's or losts for me ..
  6. Recruitment rolling
  7. Cool, thank you for sharing.
  9. Join now !
  10. I have this same issue in Windows 7, and frankly, WWIIOL is the only client that does it ..
  11. Looks the server is rebooting atm yay
  12. The training server is locked atm.