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  1. Yeah it gets even trickier considering the Ju 88 with x 250kg is a lot closer performance-wise to the Wellington/He 111 than the DB7 (especially since the DB7 is already a bit too fast in my opinion). Though I can't remember if the whole 'external ordnance drag' issue is a thing in this engine. Might be a moot point.
  2. Very nice. If bmbm needs further geometry for the two FN5 positions in our upcoming Wimpy hopefully you've got a resource or two!
  3. I walked from the firing point to the MPI (eyeballed) using the [T] key (2 metres per second) and a stopwatch.
  4. Was doing some testing on the mortars the last couple days and it quickly became apparent that there is something quite börked with the 2-inch mortar. It appears that many--if not most--of the range settings do not produce a shot that relates to what is desired. In two cases is completely broken. Very brief testing of the 2-inch mortar with the Para soldier indicates everything is working OK except for the 50m and 60m HE bomb distances -- which are again completely broken. I very briefly tried the other countries' mortars and while they didn't seem way off -- there was enough of a difference here and there that I think it might be worth looking into with proper CRS testing/tools. Below is not a completely exhaustive trial but enough to point out something is wrong. Range Setting == MPI Distance from Firing Point 50m setting == 870m MPI 60m setting == 870m MPI 70m setting == 95m MPI 80m setting == 82m MPI 90m setting == 72m MPI 100m setting == 125m MPI 120m setting == 107m MPI 140m setting == 150m MPI --|-- smoke 85m MPI 150m setting == 140m MPI 160m setting == 120m MPI --|-- smoke 150m MPI 170m setting == 184m MPI 190m setting == 165m MPI --|-- smoke 92m MPI 210m setting == 206m MPI --|-- smoke 117m MPI 220m setting == 198m MPI --|-- smoke 116m MPI 240m setting == 238m MPI 250m setting == 230m MPI 290m setting == 312m MPI --|-- 292m MPI 310m setting == 288m MPI 440m setting == 450m MPI --|-- smoke 260m MPI 500m setting == 500m MPI
  5. If I get myself into that situation I tap the shift key a few times -- this causes Windows to pop up the 'Sticky Keys' dialog and lets me open up something else. I'm able to alt-tab freely after that.
  6. - Happy Monkey Heads - c. 2008 (?) - none - the one with the Hurricanes
  7. The problem is that the game 'remembers' your lowered/raised weapon state ([L] key) even after you've deployed. So when your weapon doesn't fire that first shot, in the code it's still 'raising' it (as if you're undeployed), then fires on the second press. Hopefully a fix can be done up, but in the meantime, if you lower your weapon, raise it again before you deploy, and it should fire first click every time. Light machine guns, anti-tank rifles and mortars all suffer from this.