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  1. If I get myself into that situation I tap the shift key a few times -- this causes Windows to pop up the 'Sticky Keys' dialog and lets me open up something else. I'm able to alt-tab freely after that.
  2. - Happy Monkey Heads - c. 2008 (?) - none - the one with the Hurricanes
  3. excerpt from 'The Tank Busters' Squadron Leader Allan J Simpson DFC, CD Royal Canadian Air Force ... They were doing well, and went back to the killing ground again and again. McPhee was out to beat Hillier’s record. Our rule was originally: ‘one attack per sortie, then go home before they get wise to our tactics’. The element of surprise. After all, the odds were high enough against us with one attack; we were few in number, and couldn’t waste our resources. But pickings were good that day, and I have reason to suspect that the rule was broken. McPhee was coming in on a tank with about ten feet of altitude, and all of a sudden he saw one of the sprogs directly over his head, engrossed in the same target and losing altitude as he pressed home his attack. Mac had to make a choice. He had insufficient room to turn, although some might have tried it in desperation. If he pulled up, he would collide with him. The sprog was going to get that tank anyway. It was simple. Either he and the sprog would be killed, or else he alone. Two pilots and two aircraft, or one pilot and one aircraft. So he nosed into the ground voluntarily, leaving a widow and two sons in Kenya. He ought to have received the VC posthumously. But the story was not told at the regular debriefing. It was later on that the Army Liaison Officer saw the sprog sitting on the tail-plane of his aircraft weeping. From the thousands of details his eyes had seen that day, and the relatively few his mind could reconstruct, the memory of the fleeting form of Mac’s wing below him told him the horrible truth. And from his unofficial story we were able to reconstruct the process by which Mac must have reached a mighty important decision in a split-second. The only decision a man that brave could make. *NOTE: 'Mac'/McPhee is Flight Lieutenant Stanley Robert Fairbairn-Mcphee, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  4. Control Panel Mouse Properties Pointer Options Uncheck 'Enhance Pointer Precision' [Apply] This will cause your pointer to be sluggish in windows and other menus, but in game you will hopefully have your mojo back.
  5. The Canadian Forces' standard service pistol has been the 9 mm Browning HP since 1944. The Canadian Rangers' (Reserve force of Inuit troops in the Arctic) service rifle is the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1. The Canadian Navy still uses plenty of .50 inch Browning M2s.