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  1. I was under the impression all the work DOC had done to extend/redesign many of the towns was due to be in 1.35. Maybe I missed it, but the few towns I've had a chance to fight in look the same.
  2. So the work is lost? What about the other 1.35 features that didn't make it in?
  3. Thanks Badger. Shame. I hope time can be found for it soon.
  4. I'm not a fan of forcing FTP onto a particular side. The reasons should be obvious. There are plenty of variables in this game already which, if done well, could be used to negate the advantage of the over-pop side, without forcing them to stare at timers(as much). A combination of: Quicker capture. Closer and/or tougher MSPs. Tougher FBs. More AOs. More depot supply. Less delay for bunker capture. Quicker flag moves. etc Would give the under-pop side a much better chance of succeeding on attacks than they currently do. This game is at it's best when both sides are attacking with belief. I'm pleased this is finally working it's way to the top of the priorities list.
  5. I'm genuinely chocked Buck. This is horrible news. It's been a pleasure playing alongside you. You really will be missed brother. S!
  6. Did you get it fixed? Could you post your system specs? First thing to try though is to make sure your drivers, particularly for your graphics card, are up to date.
  7. I do think there is room for MTs in this game. Buying equipment would probably be difficult to implement due to the supply rules of the game, and that you can well imagine someone getting very annoyed when the tank they just bought was instantly killed when they spawned in at the wrong place. But offering shorter periods of full access, for example, could be a good revenue raiser while giving someone who is unsure or unable to commit to a full subscription a small taste of what they are missing. MT's work because once you have input your payment details once, there is a much higher chance you will pay for something again as it's quick and easy, the more you get involved in the game, the more you are likely to pay in the future. If they could also track new player stats properly, then that could open up a reward system so that players could earn credits when certain objectives are achieved eg a free 3 day all access pass when a player achieves their first A2A kill/3 caps in a sortie/5 kills as infantry etc etc but i digress lol. For what it's worth..... i know this game has some very dated features, but personally have never had an issue with the graphics level because the trade-off is to be able to have alot more players in a single battle(with a far larger map) than just about any other game i have played. Also the last version was released in late 2011, had they called the game ww2ol 2011(or something similarly modern ) instead of 1.35 i wonder if perceptions would be different. After all, MANY games devs simply re-package their old games each year with just 1 or 2 new features.
  8. I've never had this happen. Do you log in every time you access this site, or stay logged in?
  9. The rats are hoping to add US stats properly, but have said they are unable to currently due(i think) to staff changes. To access your US stats, next time you die as a US persona note who killed you. Search for their stats and you should see your name on their killed list. Click your name and that will take you to your US stats which you should bookmark for future use.
  10. I assume you mean this one.... drivers available down the page.
  11. Do you have much packet loss? Is your ping stable and the same as usual? Most of the issues you mentioned sound connection related. I Don't know much about diagnosing these kind of faults, but i have had similar issues which turned out to be phone line related. Might be worth getting it checked. Other than that, could you try another router or network card?
  12. Specifically, will a SSD drive improve spawn in times when switching to a different area of the map? I have a good system(2500k/8gb ram/ win7) with a decent HDD, but like most(all?) others it can take up to about 30 seconds to change to a new area since 1.31. I can handle the wait, but when i am MOIC this is VERY annoying as you don't know what important text you have missed while trying to spawn in. I have always been the type of MOIC who likes to spawn in wherever there is action to see for myself what is happening, this is being made more difficult with the current delay. So, anyone using SSDs has this improved for you? If so, how much difference has it made?
  13. Ok thanks petie, i'll save my money for now then Oh, and i meant 1.34
  14. The 520 doesn't look like a great card tbh, i think it would probably work with this game, but only just. I'm no expert though, so check out this link....,3107-7.html As you can see from the list above, the 520 is a full 10 tiers below the old 450 you used to have. Even though the 2gb model is probably better than the stock example they have used, i would suggest upgrading if you can. I'm not up to date on the prices, but i use a 560 which is from the same series of cards, but is a significant step up and runs this game very smoothly with most graphic options turned up high.
  15. Have you tried a fresh install? It improved a fair bit for since i did. Max spawn in time has been less than 10 seconds for me the last few days, even switching between busy areas of the map.
  16. Buy her a decent smart phone for FB. My mrs hasn't touched her £1000 laptop since she got her new phone I built an excellent pc for around £600, you could do alot better than that laptop for £500 or less. If you are set on a laptop..,review-32352-7.html Now includes mobile GPUs. The 525m is a long way down the list.
  17. Had it once last night but it recovered straight away.
  18. I've been having the same problem. Last night i was running 2 accounts to see if i could CTD, but no luck i'm afraid. However, i did see alot of enemy units disappear after i hit them with my 17lbr. fwiw.... win7 64 8gb ddr3 2500k @4ghz 8800gt 512mb 500gb HDD
  19. Worth a go.... When game is open, got to desktop and click on the audio icon )bottom right on the taskbar), then click mixer. It could be that ww11ol is muted or turned down really low on there.
  20. Perhaps they should have called 1.34 'WW11OL 2011', thats all alot of other games do when they add content. So yes the game has been alive a long time, with versions out every year but to say it's a 10 year old game is a little misleading. CRS has been at pains to put out messages in games and on the main page that they are currently testing the new release. Perhaps they could have kept it in beta for a little longer to iron out the bugs, but testing it on the live server with greater numbers was deemed to be quicker i think, so bear with them, they are working as fast as they can to get us back onto full campaign mode.
  21. Lots of moaning, basically
  22. Well done 91st, your win was thoroughly deserved. S!
  23. Do you lag all the time or just in busy areas or big cities? Make sure all your drivers are up to date, then try turning the ingame settings down, especially player vis limit. Post your system specs as well for more detailed responses.
  24. I run 2 accounts with very little performance decrease most of the time. When in a heavy battle though, it can slow down a bit so i often leave the second account at the map screen. The issue is though that despawning my 2nd account doesn't really help FPS much at all. When it logs off i do get a big boost. So, does the game really use that many resources at the map screen? Or is it possible a bandwidth issue and my connection is the bottleneck on these occasions? 2500k @4ghz 8gb ddr3 corsair @1600mhz 8800gt 512mb < the other weak link i suspect broadband @1.2mb average d/l speed