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  1. After I updated (outside of steam) there is no way to launch the game. The old icon was deleted and there is no exe file in the Battle Ground Europe folder . So how do you launch the game outside of steam?
  2. I have it checked to recieve and my e-mail address is correct and I cant remember the last time I recieved one either kind of hard to be involved in there polls if you dont recieve it.
  3. Interesting just had a look in the keymapper and it seems from the switch from .30 to .31 all my primary and secondary buttons have switched what I mapped to primary is showing secondary and what I mapped secondary is showing primary. In .30 the rotary wheels and slider only would set in secondary No time to look at it now will try some things later but it showed i and k in secondary and the rotary wheel in primary but i and k do not show up in the cfml.
  4. no need to edit the cfml file just set it in the keymapper just make sure you click on secondary not primary when you set it here is what mine looks like from doing it in the keymapper for my x52 ry rx slider1
  5. In the keymapper set your scroll wheel to secondary not primary thats the way I do it with my x52 and there are no problems with it.
  6. Nice headset my only problem with them is logitech did not provide enough settings in there software to make adjusments like creative and other brands provide. They are pretty limited on fine tuning them.
  7. It loads very slow for some myself included it even stops responding a couple times wait it out it will load.
  8. The FTP site is faster then using playgate http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/index.php/getting-started/download-the-game
  9. You can try this for your air cfml and change what you dont like pedals set to control yaw and brakes,trim with rotary wheels and slider, flaps at 20% inc and so on this is for my x-52 and saitek rudder pedals. <?xml version='1.0'?> 9 10 7 2 7 4 5 3 6 right arrow left arrow down arrow up arrow 16 18 17 19 rz 14 13 x y ry rx slider1 11 12
  10. I have the saitek pedals and they work fine only thing is you have to set them in primary not secondary.
  11. 1.31.031 Res 1600-1200 without bino with bino GPU set to Quality BE set to Performance 88-94 50-53 GPU set to Balanced BE set to Performance 99-113 59-61 GPU set to Performance BE set to Performance 105-120 60-63
  12. Just using the keymapper in game.
  13. My pedals map fine under primary but wont map under secondary. Not sure which side your trying. Cant get the scroll wheels the slider or the button on the lower scroll wheel to map. Which sucks they are great for the trims and worked in earlier versions of the game cant remember when they stoped.
  14. I am sure the quad cores are much faster in general put I am only interested in what will perform well running "This" game. I am pretty much done buying the latest shoe box shooters I have a bunch of dust collectors on the shelf MOH/COD/BF. This is about the only game that I play now and is even loaded on my computer I been playing sence 2001. So this being a game that only uses a single core I cant see the reason in going to quad core and am just interested in getting ready for 1.31 and other then upgrading my duel core E6600 2.40 ghz to a E8500 0r E8600 I was considering one of the two setups listed above. And keeping it at below $800.00 upgrade.