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  1. Definitely AFs should be in play as a target beyond vulch camping. As for landing strips, simple mechanism- trucks refuel and rearm planes. The planes have to land on rough field successfully or road, get truck to reup them, and then take off again, all while giving away their EWS and risking destruction on the ground. Squad/formation missions is a serious bit of business and exactly the sort of thing when I talk about gameplay/org tools. Ah well.
  2. Might tighten up those pop differential cap timers.
  3. I'd say make one engineering truck/halftrack per brigade/garrison, maybe 2 for big towns, that can lay on a pontoon bridge, new bridge build per garrison/brigade can't be done until the old one is removed/destroyed. LOOOONG build time. Gives time for roving LMGs/CAS aircraft/overlook armor/guns to identify one in progress and destroy it. Loosens up the crossings while still requiring trucks to lay down FMS and gives air a critical target to roam around and kill. Limit the heavier tanks to not cross. Along the same lines, a specialized riverine guy that can spawn an assault raft at river's edge and cross over a lot faster then swimming.
  4. Hmm, this reminds me, the insides of our buildings ARE sparse and predictable. Maybe furniture PPOs? Maybe ALL furniture are destroyable PPOs?
  5. Having you both on my side and fighting you, I can assure you guys like you can break attacks by themselves. The fetish both sides have for SMGs means CQB specialists can stymie key takes or take and hold on the attack. And again, bombers spend hours at their craft, so you have to compare something like your 7 enemies per minute x 90 minutes minimum.
  6. According to one of the exclusive 'convention-goer' briefings this scenario DID happen. A major purchaser wanted to raid the codebase, they wanted to buy CRS, they were asked to buy the code/company AND finance 'finishing the game', apparently that was too high a price point so it didn't happen. At another point the company apparently had rights to a Traveller game, which flight models and joule-based damage would have fit in very nicely. It would be a very different game as RPG, more like Star Citizens' Persistent Universe, but this codebase would be very useful for most adventures, or a Striker small military action version (think grav tanks, ortillery and battle dress/FGMP down to outback fights with simpler tech).
  7. My general response here is that certainly there are vicious postings, but here's the thing- there really ARE people who seek to game the system by getting advantage while minimizing the other side's advantages. I've been fighting that fight for nearly two decades now, pretty clear it happens, and they do need to be called out some way if they don't approach things from a total game health/fair chance perspective. Secondly, I'm a problem solver. Several may pillory or even rightly criticize what I come up with, but my intent is to solve problems with suggestions, approaching it from what would and could CRS do to maximize the game into not what everyone wants, but what the game needs to maximize play value and retention. As such, that means I have to bring up ugly truths (at least as I see them) about specific things, even if the game is still as a whole an amazing 'not available elsewhere' experience. The recent WBS/Covid play just shows this baby can still purr and run circles around anything else with enough pop. If we have to go to shiny happy players singing the company song for positivity and just posting wish lists, I got no interest in that, means we aren't going to face ugly things CRS may not want to face or hopes to ignore away. Third, I am NEVER signing onto Facebook, EVER. It's a horrible tool for my line of work (IT) that helps hackers social engineer for identity theft and possibly work-related break-ins, not to mention I am against it philosophically for personal data collection profits and we got a taste of where that goes with the 2012 and 2016 elections. Finally, OT. May not be value for most game players, but it is for a lot of vet players, and I suspect was part of the game design in the first place, to build community retention and a place to go that's with the game but not of the game. It's a refuge from an internet gone stark raving mad politically correct or tribal, and a place to run into people that think different from you instead of the same and engage them in bumper car arguments with a little refereeing. Bottom line, no forum, then I suspect my interest is going to go away if I am forced to post enforced happy shiny positivity or HAVE to sign onto Facebook to register. I imagine you have staff who would be glad to see me go since I critique their work. You know, Star Citizen went happy shiny jackboot mod style, and I stopped paying into or forum posting that system years ago in large measure because of how they handled hard questions like are you on an engineering path to finish the game? I know I had Chris Roberts' attention at one point, but whatever benefit they may have had from my money or suggestions went away when mods dumped on me constantly and roving thugs of Agenda Police drove topics off. Eh, I have a backup entertainment/forum plan, another game I played in my youth (paper RPG) has a mix of hard modding in open forums and rough posting in the paid section, so I'll just send my sub money there if it comes to that. A whole new set of people to bedevil or amuse. And I'm just one sub, so maybe your future is the corporate moderated experience. Certainly many companies go that route. Is there a problem here with the metagamers playing forum riot games to get their way? Sure. Always has been. They need training in what is acceptable, just like gameplay. But consider this- if you make the community be happy shiny, you won't know about problems until it's too late. Consider Scotsman's informational post in the Motor Pool on armor vs. ammo- since that was posted, the screaming noises about the tanks have damped down a LOT. You have the power to proactively do things like that to avoid a lot of forum messes and unsubs. Also consider that people sub often not for gameplay as is that bothers them, but the dream of what could be. Cut off that avenue of hope/action in posting and IMO you'll lose some dreamer subs. And remember the Free 2 Play elimination and how that turned out. CRS was warned, didn't pay attention, damage done. Force us to be shiny happy and the only way people can communicate is with their feet. So do whatever you're going to do, I expect you'll do it and too damn bad about us dinosaurs. CRS certainly has always done what it perceives need doing despite clear warnings. Just don't act surprised about the consequences from a playerbase that has been crazy supportive beyond reason because of the dream.
  8. I refuse to blame the vets for the learning curve/retention issue. That's on CRS for squad engagement and training tools, not considering VERY carefully a mediated 'first hour' experience to get people in the habit of how to learn what they need to learn.
  9. You do the WHOLE thing or not at all. That's why I said no one is going to like the whole spec, everyone's dog bowl gets moved.
  10. Completely the opposite. The target town can be reasonably attrited right after the RDP effort and come back an hour later to advantage, not doing RDP at oddball times to reap full effect 20 hours later. Each TZ gets it's own advantage due to it's efforts. I wouldn't have the factories repair in an hour, but it would be faster so not a 10-20 hour effect.
  11. I have a solution set for this, but I suspect few people are gonna like all of it. The idea would be to go to speedlists- much much smaller lists, say on the order of 100 rifles/10 SMGs/10 LMGs and all attendant specialized inf/armor/air scaled to match. Possibly smaller with larger town garrisons on the current 1x/1.5x/2x/2.5x paradigm. Then go to 1 hour resupply tickets and easier factory damage, faster factory rebuild. The effect would be that you hit a town, say do equal damage to each other's supply, then if one side has RDP damage of 75% their tickets don't come back for 1hr 45m, the undamaged RDP side gets tickets back in one hour and reattacks/counters with likely better results. RDP would then affect the TZ the bombing occurs in, and have negligible effects outside it. The TZ that bombs/defends successfully earns advantage, battles are fast affairs coupled with lulls and FB state that much more critical, and there really is a choice between CAS and RDP. It's really important in this kind of setup to be VERY precise in spawnlist makeup. The margins for error drop, don't want too many tanks or MGs for an overpop to crush everything in its path with multiples of firepower advantage spawned, but enough MGs for an underpop to have a chance at defense. Very tricky.
  12. When I pushed for the city flip feature set as part of the garrison patch, it was to avoid situations we had come up again and again, where we wanted to capture towns next to each other with one nationality and there was always some mystery goober that would show up at AB capping time and cap it opposite country to what every HC and player was clearly expressing needed. Said mystery goober would vanish, never to be seen again. It was meant for that, not mass changes to favor better spawnlists during X tier. Now we did that sort of thing back in the day, pre-para so no plane ride strictly infantry driven dozens of kms to say start a French salient in the north for better tanks and more Framerican players willing to shift there, or in the early days Brits in the south, which would yield fast A13s in what was otherwise a slow inf paced tank park. And with the return of town supply via garrisons, it could be done again. The brigades-only system allowed us to spread the equipment around so we could get a mix of players that could get a taste of what they wanted to play anywhere on the map during a typical 2-4 hour session. So this is a long-standing issue with similar actions taken back then, and now today with city flips and the old school fly in whoever to cap could still be done. I don't think you want to monkey with this too much in terms of player happiness, but it does present balance issues if any given country set on the Allied side is stronger or weaker during a particular tier. Spawnlists on the whole need to be equal in combat power potential and matchups, then it matters less which country has what swath of cities.
  13. I was on when the change occurred- the reason given was to provide more variety in air rides for air defense. I protested anyway. I don't think this was why Allied city changing was granted. That's what air brigades are for, and there are still plenty to move around to provide that differentiation for Allies. If there IS a difference in overall power between countries' air garrison/brigades, well that's on CRS.
  14. Hotfink would approve.