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  1. This. Can't be bothered to coordinate with a tank or ATG team to keep the FMS clear? THEN DIE STUPID.
  2. I disagree about your characterization of interaction. I'm not talking about jumping in and out of vehicles, plenty of arena games do that already. I'm talking about the frame of reference problem where ships that can shoot at inf that can shoot at ground vehicles that can shoot at ships and they are all on the same area. SC planet and station fights will require this. Jumping in and out of vehicles is not fighting. Most of the time the play will be out in 'space', computationally a far simpler thing as all you have to do is manage displaying and calculating other ships' image and position accurately, That's one frame of reference, operating at ship speed/distance. Ships in SC are functionally equivalent to our planes, both in relative speeds and maneuver. But mixed interaction is going to be very difficult and WWIIOL's engine already does it. Yes, the art assets are reused in WWIIOL. Price of no stutter/load. I think Chris Roberts' isn't going to get it done, but that's another discussion level. The relevant point here is that doing what WWIIOL does and SC is trying to do is not trivial and amenable to 'just switching to another engine' approaches, and does require a lot of resources to get the combined arms fidelity we have come to expect.
  3. Presumably WWIIOL would not sell subscriptions to an Alpha UE product, so I'm not sure where you are going with this. Which of course begs the question, what WOULD the business model be, given that the modern gamer seems to freak out at the subscription concept. Paying to get a Tiger might be the only way CRS can go given the current mores towards earned effort of the gaming market. But, again, SC doesn't have it all working great in terms of vehicle/ship/inf interacting. It's mostly one or two types, not all three. And I guarantee you those planets won't have a tenth of the modeled interaction space WWIIOL does. Which, again, points out the unique aspects of this game engine.
  4. I would recommend dropping them back at the nearest factory with all tickets set to return on the same timeframe as current replacement tickets.
  5. What, Hybrid supply won't be a thing?
  6. I disagree. You don't have player agency, you throw away CRS' defining market differentiation. Going hardcore to the point of losing customers over what I call the 'lizard' approach rather then the 'mammal' approach (drop eggs then walk away letting new players fend for themselves vs. nurturing new players for higher retention rates) is definitely an area I have been on about for a long time. That's a business approach that borders on suicidal that needs changing. But lack of freedom on where to spawn and travel, more restrictive capture/spawn mechanisms- that throws away the 'your war' and all that wonderful contiguous terrain that is a unique feature set of this game. I would seek to expand on the strengths, not make it another arena clone of other companies that won that WWII shooter market share a long time ago and not giving it up to a no-PR buck operation on the margins.
  7. Just another no SD/no cap timer ploy. Not interested, particularly as this specifies only arty for defense. Underpop needs to be able to attack to spread overpop around, and could be just the thing for suppressing overpop AB defenders while underpop caps the bunker without needing cutting inf/armor. Then we might be talking about something useful.
  8. That seems reasonable, long as they have the rank too to spawn the thing.
  9. Is it like you haven't read a damn thing I've written over the past 10 years? Zeb I understand, but I would expect you know better then that. I was agreeing with his principles, but stating additional principles that whatever the fix is cannot use 'action defined on rails' and destroy player agency even more then it already has been. Part of why my fixes concentrate on a proper mix of AOs and timers that may annoy but not destroy cohesion or ability to spawn and maneuver, and why I step back and look at fundamentals of the game as evolved such as Nodal Spawn Castle and attrition and player preferences that are diametrically opposed and try to figure a fair meeting ground to continue to create the combat biome we all want.
  10. So what's the plan here, no SD no effective cap timer for pop? 10s is laughable for balance.
  11. My thought is this is ridiculous pandering, just another way to say no SD while trying to shut up the SD crowd. While delaying say a Tiger or S76 spawning will help underpop town/FB attackers a little, the main effect overpop has is all those infantry streaming in and shutting down any movement and overwhelming any point they get organized enough to do. The proportional cap timers has done wonders for making underpop competitive, but they need that extra few seconds to slow down overpop density. Overpop should not be coded against to the point of not being able to attack or defend, but it needs to be a fair playing field 24/7 and no SD/longer cap times ain't it. Slightly faster cap timer base for all, SD cutting in only with serious overpop/underpop ratios and only to a maximum of 30s, and we should be good to go.
  12. Given typical FMS driving behavior, that would have the effect of killing attacks dead that aren't primetime or being run by a vet squad, and make FB defense near impossible.
  13. I question whether any existing engine can accommodate WWIIOL's peculiar workload. Star Citizen is trying to do something similar with mixing very fast ships, slower ground vehicles and spacer/shooter movement, and they have had to dump a LOT of money to try and achieve the same thing- arguably without success.
  14. Put SD in, but the real killer is the Nodal Spawn Capture Castle.
  15. 1. Integrated voice comms so we can talk these people through, and more attention paid to that all important first 30 minutes of the game. 2. Coded Commanders- Map Commander that all AO/DO commanders report to and has access to overall supply screens whether town or brigade- AO/DO COs sees all missions on a special screen they have including FMS locations and marks for their battle and can direct/shape the fight. 3. Revamp of the whole system to get away from Nodal Supply Spawn Fort to units in the field seizing road/rail nets for logistics but operating and spawning in a range of the field, so we are fighting unit on unit and not capture the castle.