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  1. I disagree.
  2. This isn't really complex- you have a standard building in most towns that have a bar, and/or one associated on a base that corresponds to an officer's club or unit 'morale room'. Maybe one of each so something like Antwerp would have 4 town bars, 4 army bars, 1 AF bar and 2 Navy bars. Squads buy up a squad patch, and part of the package is that one of the bar buildings is their building. Squad patch gets put on their walls along with generic bar themed walls specific to bar type. It's 'their' bar, and I imagine most squads with any pride at all will come fight when it's in jeopardy. Not too much coding other then the unique squad patch which has to load for vehicles anyway. Then a higher level of buy gets you the squad bar as a capturable. The bar gets the capture treatment, it's on the map, it's just another otherwise no function facility that has to be captured for the town to change hands. Again no new coding other then putting the bar in the map as a facility.
  3. Fireworks going off at the capital or biggest major town on the map after victory is declared would be welcome I think. Only time and place to have civilian NPCs too, it was and continues to be a wise decision to not create opportunities for PR nightmareplayer created war atrocities, incidental to war or intentional. I've always wanted to see squad bars- the logo hangs outside or on the wall, place is a mess most of the time due to building collapse or in a side building in an AB. Heck, if they donate X amount of money they get a capturable bar in 'their' town, and piles of blood and entire regions of wealth spent to conquer or defend it. 1stRCM, an Allied squad that was often in our brigades or divisions, did their WWIIOL Olympics during intermission, which involved tests of skill such as marksmanship or arranged minibattles, and then silly stuff much like Opel races. That sort of thing of course requires no coding.
  4. I don't think that's right, depots with no links have still had supply with the AB gone indicating to me at least that the town brigade supply is not tied to AB state, but to total town ownership. The flags would still work as before.
  5. I haven't seen that much FPS improvement, maybe some, I'll reserve judgement until I'm in a heavy town combat. But the occasional 'shaking screen' has stopped. That's a thing.
  6. Heh, an interesting question comes to mind- how valid will the stats be valid other then 'coup scored' against other players when the variable loadouts can alter the combat value of the equipment? And more seriously, how to build the spawnlists on any kind of valuation, historical or game points, when the ammo used can alter the combat capability or even cost?
  7. Maybe an icon for garrisons that make it clear what is spawnable there? A square flag with a tank, plane or ship for each garrison type?
  8. I have this exact card, I'll be trying them out.
  9. No the sequence was .overrun, which I seem to recall had either a timer for veto or a vote, THEN you could do a .fallback. ABs flipped to enemy, FBs if any to friendly towns opened up, and the race was on. The precision timing control of it is what allowed it to be so devastating, it really did kill off moling for a couple years, which in one sense was nice as people had to REALLY show up to fight, else just one little depot/city take could turn into a free resupply nightmare very quickly. .HAAC, or Hold At All Costs, was the flipside tactical command to .FALLBACK. It opened up all the depots to FULL AB supply. it was too powerful as it made the defense REALLY strong on demand, only limit was 2 HAACs an hour. I feel the command should have come with a risk, like a flag in HAAC mode should bounce to training if the AB is taken. Modern day with garrisons, I guess I would have the bases taken kill off the garrison spawning even if there are depot spawns left.
  10. For about a glorious year or two, primetime Allies did this all the time, but with the help of the .fallback command. It was so powerful a tactic that for a time you couldn't risk moling, because an enemy could trigger fallback when you were just poking at a town, and all of a sudden they are set to get the town back and have fresh supply in your face. Liege was a particular fear, you couldn't afford to give a fresh supply there as the Allied position would be blown off the map, so I often had people poke around to keep Axis attacks manageable but not setoff a logistical disaster. There was even an Allied General who took the mantle of Doctor Fallback as he specialized in these operations. I wanna say Gonzowcs, but I need to do a search. Yep, there it is, circa 2006, I think it was more a 2004-2006 thing when .fallback for base supply was active, and I had the name right- The side that has it's act together best with HC and squads can gain major advantage with this ability.
  11. Mkay, well Xoom was talking like that was a thing, precisely I think to avoid the whole fallback tactic thing, but I suspected it might not be doable, especially in light of the need for Allied country management.
  12. You know, when I was responding to the topic I didn't play this movie. Damn that hurts. It's probably Thndr21 not 12 they are quoting, one of the top ten smartest Allied guys ever. Engine2 made that squad go, and of course Hathcock the guy I could ask to shut down half of an attack and he could just by sniping hell out of everything (think Agave only better), and KC23 my partner in DDOP crime. Miss em a lot.
  13. Ummm. That seems at odds with reality, they absolutely should do a supply check before loading.
  14. Assuming this is all correct, in most cases no question, you want AB last- too much of a chance of the fresh MGs reversing course, retaking AB and then you are facing both local armor AND MGs. This is tied very closely to the 'fresh list' question line I have going in another thread. Flip side, you leave that depot up deliberately and precamp the next town over effectively since you are likely killing all their MGs in a supercamp you already have going on. Unless a mobile division is in the area you can finish one town and prep another with little risk to your remaining attacking forces and will be able to hit the now MG depleted bordering town using both other towns not touched much by supply hits AND the new town supply you just won. EDIT- ya rethought that one, the depot as I understand it is coming from the local garrison not the next one over, so no advantage to intentionally attriting it garrison-only. It's only a thing if there are brigades linked to that depot or I'm wrong and it IS linked depot. Don't think so though given that unlinked depots get supply too, you just lose armor/heavy gun spawning. If a Rat or someone could test that, would be great. Just have to spawn into a friendly AB town with a linked active depot after the DO ABs are gone and see which list is burning supply.
  15. That answers the overstock questions, but does that extend to a fast retake? Do we get a full fresh list? If so, the fallback/recapture tactic to get supply back faster then normal is ON. Now I don't mean the old .fallback, that wouldn't work even if the command flipped ABs as the town would still be not captured, but deliberately allowing an enemy to take a town after depleting both supplies, then immediately counterattacking. If you get a fresh list, that's a major way to get local supply advantage for a night.