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  1. One hour is too long. The thing that everyone keeps forgetting is that the defender has to have skin in the game. Another thing to remember is that units that move out or are bounced out will have the same effect. So if we go with the 15m one the depot link for the bounced brigade if still friendly will populate but 15m is plenty of time to finish it- an hour and you'll never get one of those no-man-land battles except for preset supporting brigades. Which i'm in favor of, a lot of the purpose of things like this trickle timer and NAO is about spreading the action and supply around and reward having flags spread around instead of stacked. Keep in mind your 1 hour deal would also horribly punish ANY moves, simply moving a division down a line could leave a whole front without supply for an hour. And a sweeping set of naval or air units being shuffled could cut off access to all the units at once. Oh, that's a question- Rats, will town supply drop when the AB is taken, and will depots open up to use linking town supply?
  2. Delems, this can be fixed with the trickle settings of no supply first 15 minutes, then the rest of the supply arriving over 2 hours, and not on the 'heaviest stuff arrives ASAP' setting but the spread out setting where if there was one Tiger/Matty they would show up at the one hour mark. That's more like an entire brigade strung out on a road and arriving in ones and twos. And if it is moved again well the tickets reset all over and it's like the brigade is on a hasty road movement. Best part- could be done next campaign, just trickle settings, no coding required.
  3. Another question that comes to mind- assuming all pop-triggered AOs, will it be possible for an entirely defensive/underpop/no FB side to not have an AO? Will AOs automatically drop when local pop drops below the trigger point? Will AO counts drop with overall pop, or just by local trigger? Can a side have more AOs with more people on the attack then an equally popped side more on defense? Can a side have more AOs period because they are overpop and therefore can trigger more AOs?
  4. My question- how does Allied Air/Naval supply work? Totally up to AHC? Limits? Tied to who owns the town? The last is likely to create scenarios where a town may be BEF in a sea of French or American towns and unable to be overstocked. Secondary question- is making comments on the answers desired here, or in separate threads?
  5. Systems guys are not modelling guys. AOs and flags and supply are systems. They will have to redo the spawnlists in totality, both flags and towns, but I doubt very much that they are linked that much, other then they likely won't want to alter the models at the start of 1. 36 if they aren't ready.
  6. I'm not going to argue most of your points in your screed, some of which I agree with, but I have to take exception to this statement. It might be accurate to say 'brigades have the effect intended or not to allow an HC officer to counter teamwork', but I talked to the Rats quite a bit about what became ToEs before during and after, and at no point did they express your statement as an intended feature/effect. I think they had a lot of other agendas they were working, and I don't think you KNOW what was in their heads when they implemented it. The other part is that mobile spawning as in the original version, the truck MSP, predated ToEs by years. The layering on of features may have the effects you describe, but they didn't create ToEs and FMS to crush teamwork. As I have said before, IMO the real problem is the spawn castle paradigm vs. the historical nature of the Axis tank park that is oriented more towards fieldwork/force destruction and not fixed target assault.
  7. Playtime try installing that Visual Studio 2015 scking posted earlier. The mouse trick with the visible trail turned off did it. Thanks!
  8. Which version?
  9. Had already done both, no go.
  10. Done, no go. Done, no go.
  11. 1920x1080, both match. The DPI scaling options were turned off, I went through each variable and tried each one on.
  12. Scking already has one, but ill forward.
  13. Normal browser is Firefox. I've brought up Edge, no problems there, and tried WWIIOL with all browsers down. WWIIOL is the only thing that has the disappearing mouse cursor.
  14. Tried the ctrl and alt keys already, didn't go through the F keys, will do.
  15. Tried it, no go.