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  1. Heh, Rats didn't have much choice. Players created their own Blue Force Tracker, anyone who signed on with that system got very much like the current marks overlaid, only no limits. Rats IMO HAD to buy it and incorporate it with the current limits else some people would have it, many would not, and there would be no localization to it.
  2. Doc ran a series of scenarios called Bloody Battles, where I think he was trying out new concepts for regional battle, maybe for RA, who knows. In any event that experience really stuck with me in opening up the map, I found myself driving tanks for ambushes three towns over cause I knew they would be doing something out there. That's what got me going on the NAO concept.
  3. Ummm. I've seen your rooftop snipin ways on display recently. You may be retired from heavy ops, but you still go fishing.
  4. You're subbed now Tater, right? ZeroAce, I and I want to say Biggles went round on this in Barracks, you can see it if I unearth those right?
  5. Please do not insult our friends the noble beavers and/or Canadians by comparing them to depot snipers.
  6. The Raid was more of a turning point then just Midway. At the time the Raid occurred the IJN was tearing up the RN in the Indian Ocean. Neither side came to final grips with each other, but given IJN results, if they could have found Somerville's Fleet the results would have likely been disastrous. With Indian manpower and supplies cut off, North Africa would have been far less sustainable. Then, BAD THINGS HAPPEN. I'll let Churchill explain- That's right, Churchill's darkest moment is NOT the Blitz and the Battle of Britain or the Uboat War. The most dangerous moment is the unhinging of the UK supply lines and the loss of the Suez and North Africa, freeing up a LOT of manpower for other anti-UK operations, UK production takes a hit, perhaps the Italian fleet in the Atlantic or getting Spain in on the Axis side for Gibraltar, it just goes on and on. Maybe the Germans get enough manpower and equipment to finish Russia properly at the velocity they needed at that moment in the war. Would the IJN have had the fuel to actually land forces on the Suez? Probably not, and their landing forces weren't equivalent to our opposed amphib capability, but they could neutralize the RN and tear up supply lines, and in general accomplish the grand encirclement without direct invasion. But Doolittle's Raid forces them to abandon following through on their Indian Ocean operations, switch back to protecting the homeland instead of pushing, they steam into Midway, and never come back in force. Intentional results on our part? I'm sure FDR and the USN knew about the Ceylon Raid and what was happening, but wasn't a driver as the Raid was planned ahead of those events. Just goes to show having the spirit of the attack and dictating events by initiative can yield results you cannot imagine or professionally hope for.
  7. What side and equipment type are you interested in? It's a rather extensive list and in some cases with infantry some come and go. Plus a lot got added just in the last 1.5 years. Here is a wiki armor list, but in the past year they have added CS version of the Matty, Sherman Firefly, PzIIIL and PzIIIN, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
  8. I agree, 50% effect on bomb hit, 50% applied if you get the bomber home. That's to generate a FULL set of air activity, including revenge interception that counts.
  9. Wut? This is a game predicated on ruining other people's day. Bombers blow up FBS and FMS. Squishes get on airfields and raidkill planes taking off with LMGs and AA, and ultimately tanks. You can be a rifle cut down in CQB against an enemy that has better MG supply at the moment, or be set to cut any inf trying to cross a field and ultimately camp depots/FMS/ABs. Fun delivery is ending someone else's good day with a better day of your own. My argument is that other then PN mechanisms to allow underpopped the same opportunity to ruin people's day, if your butt can't be bothered to protect the FB/assault the capture point/defend and yes get in a plane and strat bomb or intercept, there will be consequences.
  10. I do, a LOT more linked wiki entries, direct YouTube-equivalent links, etc. Plus an offline trainer build package that squads can create their own boot camps and share the files with their new squaddies that run them through THEIR idea of the basics. Call it Bootcamp Builder. And above all, integrated voice comms that comes with the game package and sets them up to be talking to us first thing.
  11. Completely disagree with the OP. This game is all about scissors/rock/paper, so yes strat bombing should impact resupply tickets. To what extent is arguable, but disconnecting the strat game from affecting ground supply? Nope. I certainly wouldn't argue that it is unrealistic because it affects everything 'immediately', because it doesn't. It only kicks in when the resupply ticket is written, which means the unit is lost in combat or an MIA, and only really affects the game when the side that has normal resupply tickets gets their lost units back and the damaged resupply ticket side won't get them back for hours. Given the long long resupply tickets CRS has been doing lately, the bombers have to drive the resupply ticket number up ahead of battle loss, battle loss is incurred, then cash in at the same locations fought over 15-30 hours later. As presently constituted, it's more then half a day to day+6 hours effect, not immediate, and assumes the area was static in the meantime. Bigger effect would be on the hybrid ToE brigades if you tend to crutch on them. As for historical, absolutely yes bombing affected frontline supply, and in the delayed manner abstractly simulated here. In addition to production, transportation was hit by strat bombers particularly before and right after D-Day, to isolate the NW France battlefield and indeed, 'slow down resupply tickets' in RL. Now then, as to Capco's point, I had suggested 1 hour resup tickets and much much smaller spawnlists. Under those circumstances the effect would be much more immediate and 'gamey' in that sense, but the point would be to give the strat bombers an immediate payoff to bombing in their TZ. I would tend to want to have factories self-repair faster, so the effect both ramps up and cools down fast when strat bombers aren't active. Might also want double effect on timers (so 50% on 1 hour tickets is 1 hour). Intended benefits- * Fast battle on most towns that aren't multi-AB or have ToE brigade reinforcement * Battle supply scaled so a reasonably sized squad can attrit a town and win on their own * Overstocking and thus interdiction becomes more of a thing and has real rewards that pay off in a 2-4 hour play session * Stalingrad battles are exceptional and hard-fought events likely with large scale brigade commitment * It can pay off more if supply is driven in and supports a defense holding out until the 1 hour is up- or more risk if that town becomes exposed * Since towns can be taken fast, the map changes a lot faster and would be sized more towards even a smaller force able to knock off big towns, WWI static lines would likely be largely unknown * Strat bombers see immediate benefits to their activity and don't have to bomb at odd hours for something that happens 24 hours to get useful effect PN has to be absolutely maintained in order to not lock in major overpop advantage.
  12. Not really, Tier 2. THIS is.äger_I
  13. I served under you when you were Allied CinC, gotta say I'm ashamed to see you go this route.
  14. Definitely against the principles of PN I am promoting, forcing UP to be defenders only and against the rack of "I better not leave this depot". That's not going to generate any more fun of fire and movement for the UP much less allow offense for that side. Bleh. OP definitely should get 'reward' for getting their people on target and coordinated, but not to the point that their defended points are virtually impregnable and they are the only ones with extra people to clear depots consistently.