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  1. The rest of it is reasonable, but I'm pretty sure the line stops at new hats. I think the game engine has a hat budget and naval ones will break it.
  2. They were given ladders to get in, but they didn't get ladders to get out safely, that's why our tankers don't leave and take risks rather then certain death touching the poison. Very consistent.
  3. Historically tanks and ATGs were coated in contact poison and so this is accurately modeled.
  4. Several equivalences, above all unearned movement of supply to avoid fighting except at point blank urban fights. One player operates both so other players don't have to, and take less manpower to defend/attack. Puts emphasis on the individual instead of the team.
  5. That is NOT what makes it gamey, it's the tactical equivalent of JWBS.
  6. Armor numbers got nothing to do with the six years and everything to do with a combo of 'give em what they want' with having a tank on tap, iconics, and those historical lists, where the efficiencies achieved in historical production means everything but the newest chassis will get cheaper to make and so more are available for the same budget. Historically there were many more tanks made later on in the war, but they were getting destroyed AND forces not concentrating them as much as the blitzkrieg 10 panzer divisions. A firepower/game role budget is more the ticket, for a game.
  7. I'm in favor of player solutions ingame rather then go straight to jacking up major elements. So I'm thinking, alter the tank trap deployment to two at a time.
  8. Try the hospital you went to. There is a series of stories they are posting about older people's second careers in healthcare at my healthcare org. Can you please drop in on my thread on the cancer topic in OT? I was hoping you would comment.
  9. I don't think they give a damn about having separate navy lists, if for no other reason then the incredible effort of loading separate lists into that tier populator entry point. Seriously, other then 'naval identity' what play value does a separate naval infantry force gain us play value way?
  10. My hotas x is several years old, I literally got it before it went on sale in general early bird buy, don't have a problem but don't have separate pedals. You're defining Joystick 1 for the hotas/replacement and joystick 2 for the pedals?
  11. Sorella's post is an accurate example of thread hijacking. Well done, and with two sterling subject changes. Now then Gav, Zeb's question is not rhetoric but the crux of the problem for CRS- how to maximize the content so that the most people have fun with it, while maintaining a competitive game with rewards for superior play but not punishment for either too few or too many on a side. It's all well and good to post 'this is what I want' yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa type postings, and they are valid expressions of what you want I'm sure, but it isn't actionable for CRS without looking at and addressing the fact that your lone sub or even all the others that think as you will pay the bills, they need ALL of the subs. As such they HAVE to answer the question, literally. You want to get what you want, you have to persuade by helping to solve EVERYONE'S content issues, or at least the largest number possible.
  12. Cheap California sexploitation film of 50s, so that's most likely Southern Pacific.
  13. Semantics. Unworthy argument.
  14. He means he wants 2 AOs minimum because many people feel the game's action level drags too much at 1 AO. Problem is very low pop is stretched beyond the breaking point and pop neutrality settings would have to be ultra high to allow low pop to not be blown out of the game and all the bad stuff of TZ3 rolls rears its ugly head, worse then before. See, we can talk about this stuff, if we aren't whiny and beechy about it.
  15. None of these are ever separate issues. They may be separately definable elements, but the rules of the entire combat biome impinge on the chances tactics and required player count to achieve putative success in a battle. On the FB thing, YES whenever I had a chance to get people to do that I would, called them Victory FB teams as they sealed off potential supply rescue. Heck, worth doing even if no supply depot link issues, just to stop rescue DFMS. Whether we have the spare people to send off on such missions is another matter, unfortunately scaling down to low levels of pop has to be a consideration on anything we propose.