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  1. Ya, Silky and I did a thread on a whole redo of the system. If I were designing the whole thing, you would earn points which you could then cash in to unlock whatever. Better stuff would still require rank, which would be an unlock point buy just like equipment. I would also extend it to some special ability each persona could have that are not powerups in the classic videogame sense but are useful powers/skills. So your army persona could have translator to understand enemy chat, the ability to swim has to be bought, climb trees, grenade throwing pip showing where your rifle or hand-thrown grenade will go, demolition specialist can double HE damage, camouflage specialist can camo tanks/FMS/gun positions etc. Better to get a constant stream of goodies and have a goal to get to, and still have goals even after your preferred equipment is available. Potentially you could use a similar system for a KOTH/leadership actions as opposed to kills. Provide leadership, people vote you points, KOTH points have to be earned to get into HC and/or open AOs or other game actions, rewards for leadership actions and proof positive that your comrades get value from them.
  2. Originally, the game was set to gain points for rank, if you died your points got wiped out and you had to earn them again. Very hardcore. Very unpopular.
  3. I get what you're saying. But we should never ever confuse ourselves for acting anything like the real things. If the game were structured to be recreationist, we should only be able spawn in small formations with historical percentages, something like the depots, players would be assigned to what they spawned by the guy over the mission leader, and if ML orders weren't followed the player could be banned for a day. Oh, we aren't doing all that? Doing a solve tactical problems by spawnlist toolkit which doesn't have half the tools of the trade and always going into the teeth of an urban defense? Hmmmmmm. Game.
  4. The numbers I picked were for a squad-sized operation to carry out an attack or defense successfully, incentivize manual resupply/overstock, fast resolution, careful use of supply and thorough punishment for spawning into camps. The problem with 4-6 hour timers is you have the 'one try at X' town per typical 'play shift'', which is more oriented towards 'daily orders' speed of decision- I want a more unstable game that can 'depart controlled advance' and people can go on unholy 3-6 hour tears, but then the other side can too. The 1 hour timer also means that an AO that stays on because of no HC will get refreshed for another try. The strat bombing is why I specced double effects. So right now say we were on 1 hour timers and factories are at 50%. That would be 1 hour 30m for tickets now, giving 30m advantage for the RDP successful side. My proposal would make 50% factory damage be double time, so 2 hour resupply tickets. Given the smaller spawnlists, depleted towns go down fast. Probably would need double factory repair rates too. Big reason for the 1 hour thing is RDP- lets a TZ that practices RDP reap the benefits during their 2-5 hour window, rather then drop attack and then maybe 12-15 hours later the resupply refresh kicks in and maybe you get an advantage. There would be no maybe with this set of numbers.
  5. I was thinking square flag for garrisons only, current flag for brigade plus.
  6. Speak for yourself. I'm in it for humiliating my enemy and making them weep and gnash their teeth.
  7. Your choice. I see where this might be attractive and definitely good move to still force the ground finish, but a lot of those FBs are empty and not manned with guards much less AA. The net result most of the time is going to be more easily killed off attacks. Without a Proximty AO off mechanism (or my preferred solution, more coded Reserve/KOTH HC tools), going to be easier to blow FBs and therefore more attacks killed off and therefore more empty AOs during no-HC times. Hope it gets more air into the game.
  8. I went into a more in-depth proposal along these lines a few years ago, got chewed up for the trouble. Operating a fire team or ultimately a platoon that is 3/4 AI would help with the density issue, teach overall unit tactics inherently, reduce action delay as you are right there, and allow for some serious blazing battles even if it's just two players. But another benefit would be allowing other players to 'agent smith' into one of the other AI units. Ta-da! Instant action and unit joining with your friends/squaddies.
  9. I think if I were live streaming I'd want audio and talk about what I THINK is happening and why I'm doing what I'm doing. Might make my stranger missions more understandable.
  10. Yes there were backline caps, most notoriously the 'rocket Opel' grabs, where a small team would drive around in their trucks and with no EWS and very few facilities they would just go in, touch tables, it would be done in 3 minutes, That prompted the no-linky-no-cappy coding, which then meant that Opel teams would drive ahead of time to three towns in a row, cap the first one, second team would go in and cap the second, and maybe by then defenders would show up and kill the third team, maybe not. For all the screechy people who cry about the 'notify enemy of intention to attack' and limiting aspects of AOs, there are reasons WHY for AOs, timed difference between depots and base facility caps, EWS, and no-linky-no-cappy.
  11. That's a far cry from say having 'tile capture' or defining unique capture areas the same way current facilities are defined, but entire blocks/ridges. That's object coding, and X capture areas x Y town/junction/river crossing translates into something like I think 5000 objects. Not counting FB-like objects. T'ain't casual.
  12. Your technical points are all valid, in fact at one point I had a great big argument with Zeroace over a 'front line generator' series of what we would now call FMS rules (FRUs were much more porous and 360 surrounding towns). In point of fact the Americans DID surround a lot of Germans in towns then reduce them, but that was as much the Big H ordering no inch given rather then what the generals would have preferred, local withdrawals to form a solid line and preserve manpower. Happened against the French, who were immobilized as much by their poor logistics as doctrine, in both cases the surrounding party had operational speed advantage, which is not modeled with ToEs (although they could be) and certainly won't with garrisons beyond literal driving down the road. But my critique of both game tendencies and your assumption is that no people are NOT wired to have a jolly shootout, they work very hard to maneuver to firepower dominance, which involves avoidance of combat and damage up to the point of camping spawns. And I don't blame them- the game design requires either ninja capping or burning through the enemy's supply while not losing your own. BOTH require combat avoidance up to the point of decision. We enforce by endless diatribes and demands about a 'fair' spawnlist and opportunity, while the town castle as objective funnels action and generates lethal density, even if only for a few blocks. IMO it requires WWIIOL 2.0 and a significant reorientation to destroying the enemy in a variety of settings while generating that density and retaining logistical capture/reward elements to get your shooter the way you want it.
  13. You wanna go into that, the terrain coloration and game design favors one side for tanking just as much as any of the CQB buildings, and with the spawnlists set to burn through MGs very quickly guess where the tank advantage goes? It continues to amaze me that both sides refuse to acknowledge their opponents' weakness, their own strengths, and work to a workable game for both. It really disheartens me and makes me wonder if I want to play with a bunch of people that just want THEIR advantage.
  14. That's the shooter viewpoint, and I think the whole nodal mesh setup is certainly designed to create differing player-genned 'scenarios'. However, my experience of what people do does not actually jibe with your shooter perspective. Player orgs from the Golden Era to today do their damnedest to avoid the enemy until the last, to win that all important critical firepower position that gets them the town, the objective most players orient themselves to.
  15. I'm getting no option here clicking on it. But Ohm's here anyway. Ohm, got an overview of map battle times and 'needs' re: how game goes with cap rates, earlier in the thread.
  16. I can define it for you. The appropriate rate is not a hard number, it's psychological. The 'right' number for capture rate is 1 town every 1-3 hours, able to be done no matter the pop, 24/7. At least half the town captures must be full on contested. This is to satisfy the 'team success' need for side/squad bonding and sense of ability to alter the outcome of the game. Epic defenses can do the same, and on average there will likely be more defense success then offense even with tweaks for easier offense, but a good cap is inestimable for morale, 'want to come back tomorrow/play later tonight', and player investment in game and outcome. This is the bedrock of why I am so on about pop neutrality, as the fix for TZ3 is that it is worth the few leaders' time to get on and be able to do something, not just be a punching bag for severely overpopped enemy forces. Also, free uncontested wins, while necessary to do on the principle of 'gotta kill the baby seals before they become SEALs', is not satisfying other then seeing tears on the forum and knowing you are breaking a side. Of course, this is a big element of the Cycle Of Suck, and eventually hurts subs as inevitably one side or another is on the losing end of 'no point playing', either for map win or always ubercamped/can't play. Net capture rate, which is different from towns changing hands, has to be at a rate that decides campaigns for one side or the other. That means either a broad attack with something like 4:1 capture rate advantage, or a 2:1 narrow front that threatens/takes factories for wins. We also need net capture rate advantage from day to day, just to get out of the WWIONLINE rut and not fight over the same towns. Boredom is ALWAYS the ultimate enemy of this game. Before, we had population swings that would decide things, huge local supply advantages with overstock, morale hits through key captures or bombing/tech disadvantage or gritting teeth and just pounding on each other until one gives, or upset at the game/Rat decisions or internal strife. The other side would get advantage and press it. Then we had an additional one with ToEs, HCs outnumbering or being on when the enemy HC wasn't, superior play particularly squads in conjunction with HCs gaining a logistical upper hand and inflicting one of the above or in addition cuts that captured large swaths of towns. Now with the combination of AB cap doesn't bounce all supply, counterattack nets new list hours ahead of the enemy, and PN elements, these captures are coming but a bit slower then the flips before, more importantly the net capture rate is not consistently for one side or another and not fast enough to get us into new towns to fight in very quickly. Going back to a principle of overpop has advantage/too bad so sad is a short path to sub kills, but some of the crazy results we see with CT/SD is counterproductive for subs either for both overpop and underpop, hence my focus on this element. But that's just one part of the larger puzzle as noted above. What's needed is faster rapid 'departures from controlled flight', net capture rates that go faster then a couple towns per 4 hour leadership period. ToEs should have created that, but too many brigades and too much in each of their lists perversely created a lot of WWIONLINE and allowed for a lot of destroyed toys but bad wasteful goober play and frustration with the aforementioned 1-3 hour capture rate often not possible with the JWBS. In addition of course, the powerless cutoffs when no HC on to handle, and sometimes poorly trained or just incompetent ones on. Ok, so we are now in 1.36 with the idea of preventing most of the above, possibly proximity AOs (with their own problems, not looking to hash that out here), largely working but grinding to a WWIONLINE halt. Like I said, need a more unstable offense oriented game that IS a game, so no overpop giveaways but neither underpop frustrates overpop to quit, and the ability to reel off a net capture rate of something like 10 towns for a side in a 24 hour period and at least get into some new game situaitons and avoid the boredom of playing in the same towns over a week. 1/3 supply, 1 hour resupply, strat bombing double the effect. That's my answer to your challenge at least David. @OHM summary of my views about the present situation.
  17. Goldilocks probably prefers to camp with Matties and Tigers.
  18. Still have to have a place the ML spawned from and moves to for placement of LMS and whatever that is can be camped. Also takes away the trucks and light guns from depots, which are important flanking weapons for both attacker and defender, particularly in the current AB down but still can spawn garrison environment we are in now.
  19. We had a method that was population neutral. Now where did that go?
  20. She was trying to cap the bunker but 3 defenders showed up and she is obviously out of ammo. Wise move to maintain stats.
  21. Well, this is why I am so big on PN, Pop Neutrality. It would really really suck to artificially limit people's spawning such that there was absolute equal opportunity in terms of equipment movement and firepower. Powerups are in the same category- this is after all a shooter/sim game, so such mechanisms are anathema. Spawn Gate, limiting sides to equal numbers, is worse and is the fastest sub killer I could conceive of short of extended downtime. That leaves us the capture objectives that are subject to limitations on varying themes of time. So that's what is going on here, theoretically you could kill all those critters and clean up any leftover timer fast, then if possible jump over to an attack and cap those real fast. Not realistic as to what happens once you are done to zeropop numbers due to transit time on the attack, but that's the idea. And better then say having an SD or gate that says nope only 1 defender, you have 4 in and you can't spawn locally here. Are you subbed or still F2P?
  22. EWH in a zero sum game.
  23. 3/4 of game management via settings is dealing with Goldilocks and her whining about bear food and beds...... EWH.
  24. What happens with the underpop that can't maintain a continuous presence all over town to defeat an attack?