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  1. I can define it for you. The appropriate rate is not a hard number, it's psychological. The 'right' number for capture rate is 1 town every 1-3 hours, able to be done no matter the pop, 24/7. At least half the town captures must be full on contested. This is to satisfy the 'team success' need for side/squad bonding and sense of ability to alter the outcome of the game. Epic defenses can do the same, and on average there will likely be more defense success then offense even with tweaks for easier offense, but a good cap is inestimable for morale, 'want to come back tomorrow/play later tonight', and player investment in game and outcome. This is the bedrock of why I am so on about pop neutrality, as the fix for TZ3 is that it is worth the few leaders' time to get on and be able to do something, not just be a punching bag for severely overpopped enemy forces. Also, free uncontested wins, while necessary to do on the principle of 'gotta kill the baby seals before they become SEALs', is not satisfying other then seeing tears on the forum and knowing you are breaking a side. Of course, this is a big element of the Cycle Of Suck, and eventually hurts subs as inevitably one side or another is on the losing end of 'no point playing', either for map win or always ubercamped/can't play. Net capture rate, which is different from towns changing hands, has to be at a rate that decides campaigns for one side or the other. That means either a broad attack with something like 4:1 capture rate advantage, or a 2:1 narrow front that threatens/takes factories for wins. We also need net capture rate advantage from day to day, just to get out of the WWIONLINE rut and not fight over the same towns. Boredom is ALWAYS the ultimate enemy of this game. Before, we had population swings that would decide things, huge local supply advantages with overstock, morale hits through key captures or bombing/tech disadvantage or gritting teeth and just pounding on each other until one gives, or upset at the game/Rat decisions or internal strife. The other side would get advantage and press it. Then we had an additional one with ToEs, HCs outnumbering or being on when the enemy HC wasn't, superior play particularly squads in conjunction with HCs gaining a logistical upper hand and inflicting one of the above or in addition cuts that captured large swaths of towns. Now with the combination of AB cap doesn't bounce all supply, counterattack nets new list hours ahead of the enemy, and PN elements, these captures are coming but a bit slower then the flips before, more importantly the net capture rate is not consistently for one side or another and not fast enough to get us into new towns to fight in very quickly. Going back to a principle of overpop has advantage/too bad so sad is a short path to sub kills, but some of the crazy results we see with CT/SD is counterproductive for subs either for both overpop and underpop, hence my focus on this element. But that's just one part of the larger puzzle as noted above. What's needed is faster rapid 'departures from controlled flight', net capture rates that go faster then a couple towns per 4 hour leadership period. ToEs should have created that, but too many brigades and too much in each of their lists perversely created a lot of WWIONLINE and allowed for a lot of destroyed toys but bad wasteful goober play and frustration with the aforementioned 1-3 hour capture rate often not possible with the JWBS. In addition of course, the powerless cutoffs when no HC on to handle, and sometimes poorly trained or just incompetent ones on. Ok, so we are now in 1.36 with the idea of preventing most of the above, possibly proximity AOs (with their own problems, not looking to hash that out here), largely working but grinding to a WWIONLINE halt. Like I said, need a more unstable offense oriented game that IS a game, so no overpop giveaways but neither underpop frustrates overpop to quit, and the ability to reel off a net capture rate of something like 10 towns for a side in a 24 hour period and at least get into some new game situaitons and avoid the boredom of playing in the same towns over a week. 1/3 supply, 1 hour resupply, strat bombing double the effect. That's my answer to your challenge at least David. @OHM summary of my views about the present situation.
  2. Goldilocks probably prefers to camp with Matties and Tigers.
  3. Still have to have a place the ML spawned from and moves to for placement of LMS and whatever that is can be camped. Also takes away the trucks and light guns from depots, which are important flanking weapons for both attacker and defender, particularly in the current AB down but still can spawn garrison environment we are in now.
  4. We had a method that was population neutral. Now where did that go?
  5. She was trying to cap the bunker but 3 defenders showed up and she is obviously out of ammo. Wise move to maintain stats.
  6. Well, this is why I am so big on PN, Pop Neutrality. It would really really suck to artificially limit people's spawning such that there was absolute equal opportunity in terms of equipment movement and firepower. Powerups are in the same category- this is after all a shooter/sim game, so such mechanisms are anathema. Spawn Gate, limiting sides to equal numbers, is worse and is the fastest sub killer I could conceive of short of extended downtime. That leaves us the capture objectives that are subject to limitations on varying themes of time. So that's what is going on here, theoretically you could kill all those critters and clean up any leftover timer fast, then if possible jump over to an attack and cap those real fast. Not realistic as to what happens once you are done to zeropop numbers due to transit time on the attack, but that's the idea. And better then say having an SD or gate that says nope only 1 defender, you have 4 in and you can't spawn locally here. Are you subbed or still F2P?
  7. EWH in a zero sum game.
  8. 3/4 of game management via settings is dealing with Goldilocks and her whining about bear food and beds...... EWH.
  9. What happens with the underpop that can't maintain a continuous presence all over town to defeat an attack?
  10. @XOOM this needs to be looked at. I got some ideas, but the questions I had need to be put out there so at least people understand WHY this happens if it is intentional.
  11. I will agree that it does not always exist, which I again ascribe to game tools and mission spawning, but you better pull back that tongue of yours if you are suggesting squads DON'T play teamplay. The few that are active right now rule the battlefield when they are on, no question when they are playing and the advantage it confers on their players and their side.
  12. Don't know about that. DO know that what appeals to crowdfunders is specific desirable goals and measurable results, which requires transparency. In most cases I think CRS 2.0 has fulfilled their campaigns, so if the cause is good I could see ponying up again. I imagine the problem with crowdfunding in this case is they want to hire a programmer and it will be that much more difficult to do so with a variable crowdfunding result deciding whether the job continues. That and these builder accounts are probably more of a commitment to steady cash flow.
  13. Zactly my point. Why turn our back on excitement, options and superior org outcomes?
  14. I get what you are saying, but I disagree about somehow the alpha killers not determining outcome. Rushing an alpha killer in a bunker and not being able to get it or an alpha killer kills everyone and takes the bunker still determines outcome.
  15. I dunno man, I like having a few things in the forums that people need to pony up to see. I'm already kinda pissed that a lot of the discussion has moved out here, partially due to my 'talk frankly inside the family' preference that isn't necessarily good in open forum, partially because we paying subscribers fund the game and all the critics that don't pay get the benefit of interaction with the devs for free. But in rough terms, it's basically 1 NAO (or New AO) per side, target town and all defender towns linking to it, AND all the attacker towns linking too, become capturable. Towns can be capped back and forth for hours, NAO doesn't come down until either all the towns are captured by one side or the other, all the attackers' towns are taken cutting off the NAO, or the HC for that side pulls it. NAO can't be pulled for a long time, 1-2 hours minimum. Anticipated benefits include steady active fights being found everywhere in both NAOs, ninja caps can occur but aren't 'stealing' because the enemy can ninja back until the NAO is done, meaningful para attacks become a thing, a lot of incentive to win the fight with driven supply and fresh captures, less stress for the HC to be flipping AOs, squads can jump in and find action but it's still not anywhere they like or more AOs then underpop, big number of towns at stake but it's not this 1 town deep shallow thing nor is it cutoff, and a regional feel to battles we only really saw with Doc's 'Bloody Battles' experiment.
  16. My understanding is that you are NOT drawing from other garrisons when the AB goes down, but still from that town's garrison. Had a big battle at Chimay during the beta, and it was clear we didn't start drawing on other garrisons until we drove in FMS. The ABs were capped by Allies, recapped by Axis where the full tank supply was still instantly available, squandered into a camp, lost again, then recovered with infantry counterattacks and better support for the remaining town attacks. The brigades still work the same way as before far as I know.
  17. Heavens that never occurred to me! Golly gee willikers Mr. Silec thanks! Point being, window sniping can be a very effective supply drainer, most of us scream like bloody murder at those guys, but at the same time we call for attrition/attrition/attrition, mixed message especially to new guys and those casual players left that might be persuaded to do some depot control.
  18. Gotcha covered Read up on my NAO proposal, it'll give you chills. NAO is a big part of why I am so hot on PN, get that right and we could really open up a regional battle like we've never had.
  19. Removng the camping by making it more campable? There IS a certain attraction when you put it that way.....
  20. Complaining about window snipers while extolling the virtues of attrition seems at the least inconsistent.
  21. YOu know, I'm not joking about the 1 hour list and the rest.
  22. Definitely a delay corresponding EXACTLY with the 10 minute Allied decision window for country choice. Oh and everybody despawned expecting the usual breather/instasupply, right? That's a CHOICE.
  23. I would argue that the iron rule of 3 AOs had a lot to do with it, couldn't get less, but also couldn't get more, and many regular and squad nights would easily exceed that much crowding. That's when who was friends with who between squads and HC making the call could get political and bitter if you did not have a very skilled fair person in command.
  24. Or, a defender absolutely camping the living heck out of a spawnable or warp depot. This works both ways.