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  1. I like current timeout and persistence with AO/DO. AO/DO comes off, timer starts on timeout/autoremove as though they had just been placed. That way the AO can come back in an hour and everyone's handiwork is still there.
  2. Good thing he's not that Bronco guy, Bronco got the Iron Croissant award for demoralizing his side. Completely different approach here.
  3. The stress point is not 2:1, it's at 30% overpop. At 30% pretty much the overpop side can attack a town with impunity AND kill off any attacks because they have extra people. 2:1 with no timer or other mitigation is still an Iwin button. I want other TZs to cap stuff too, the attack part of the equation needs to be goosed up as it IS too easy to defend if everyone can populate the defenses and not get local superiority on the attack. Since we can't generate 2:1/3:1 supply/firepower advantage with brigades in most cases, or have to do exorbitant overstock runs, it's either a flashy fast getting foothold in town and a solid unbreakable grind, or move off and hope a fast switch allows for another fast try. The game always has to be jiggered to allow for multiple ways to win, and for a long time it's been who owns TZ3. At least Rats 2.0 is doing something about it, even if it's not there yet, and your plan doesn't solve it, it makes it worse and frankly I don't entirely trust your motivation if you don't see that neutral timers of whatever variety and 2:1 is an absolute crapshow then and all the other TZs that are affected. Are you ready to have a 1.3:1 spawn queue? Don't think so. Then you won't really help with this system. <Shrug> spawnlist in general needs to be smaller, that's one goose. However, I'd say 'all the tanks' is to ensure people get a shot at driving one, be able to get to town as tanks are the scissors in scissors/rock/paper that allows infantry to close to assault across terrain, and to survive all those sappers and ATGs sprouting out from everywhere much less enemy tanks. If the tanks are to be reduced, so does all of that AT equipment, then with the resupply timers as is towns would be readily hashed out fast, either the attackers lose their ability to close or the defenders are crushed and playing for alamo time for rescue forces or backline supply timers. Lower it too much and not enough time for rescue FMS or armor columns. Spawn queue at 2:1, that's exactly what's going to happen. Remember, the underpop side is desperately trying to do anything to win, including FBs and sometimes distract attacks/FB blows, so the ratio in town defense is often far worse then 2:1, or it is 2:1 and meanwhile the overpop is blowing FBs at a 2:1 or higher rate then the underpop. But the relevant point to the 'someone dies' queue system is that you are likely going to have few defenders successfully killing off attackers, as they aren't even there in town or don't survive long enough to get kills or are spending time desperately recapping the now time-neutral depots. So YES the overpop WILL be sitting on their spawn screens for far longer then any SD you have ever seen. And exactly how much fun is it to basically tell the underpop, 'hahaha don't even THINK about spawning a plane or attacking', that's what no timer mitigation does.
  4. Great attitude and you more then anyone are getting the TZ3 Axis to success, I'm sure. BUT. What about your opponents on TZ3, who don't have a Potthead? Or other TZs where you wouldn't have the time to organize and push like you do cause they are under stress the whole time? I would like underpop Axis to be able to push as much as underpop Allies on TZ3, but the game inherently does tilt towards numbers winning, and it takes heroic leadership to turn it around. When you run out of heroic leadership, then what?
  5. Ahh, you mean like CinC wolf's Spawn Queue. Eh, great, the whole overpop team gets 10-20 minute timeouts. I'm sure that will work out JUST great, as unmitigated team cap timing blows out town after town, fast. Even just flat time capture is guaranteed when the overpop team has time to kill off the underpop cappers and the underpop doesn't have time to clear the depot with more packing OTW from no delay. I could see where that's attractive to you. Too bad about the underpop, huh. But hey, gotta have baby seals else no fun being a clubber.
  6. Both sides have people that are convinced exactly that is happening. I can't prove or disprove it, only you guys can.
  7. I agree that I don't trust the timer coding, but you got this backwards, the point is to get to pop neutrality THEN you make attack easier. But it's just not fair and counterproductive to open up attack before then and make TZ3 worse.
  8. Not at all. Potthead is a major leader for the TZ3 forces of whichever side he's on, it hurts content for him to be locked out. Only one account is gonna be HC. More to the point, a disconnect of anyone and then finding out Delems' rule kicks in and locks them out for hours will contribute more to unsubs. Couldn't wait to see it happen to him TBH for pushing that thing, as much as he complains about timers having the ultimate 3-hour pop 'timer' would be something else.
  9. So what happens to Potthead if he can't get in, or a player who lost connection and is locked out? That seems good to you?
  10. I'd say it depends on how serious you are about the joystick or no. I'm casual flight- more serious gunner/tanker, so I use the Thrustmaster cheaper HOTAS. My version is old, looks like they have one now for Windows/PS4 and another for Windows/Xbox- It's a little squirrely now after some abuse in the rudder twist but I'm keymapping to compensate. I'd hit the hangar for higher end gear advice.
  11. Drk's got medical issues, not nice or cool.
  12. From one Kil to another.... What would be most helpful in your first hours.... 1. Guaranteed text comms response 2. Built-in voice comms 3. More involved play through tutorial 4. In-game help/tutorial menus 5. Direct link to help forums to ask questions Each one involves a different set of dev requirements and likely skills so prioritizing which direction for retention is important.
  13. Did you switch to a displayport cable?
  14. Oh sure, or Delems' Spawn Gate solution. That just makes sure we have total less people in general. I'm looking for ways to make underpop/lowpop guys do more, without the driving people away part. Thing is, this situation spills over into the other TZs so it ends up driving off other people who fight well and take towns and it doesn't matter and a sense of the whole side didn't have a chance. That's why I want to get to Pop Neutrality, and more importantly avoid the Cycle of Suck, which happens because of this and also because of spawnlist/equipment issues. It's a neverending thing inherent to the nature of the game.
  15. Abe Lincoln would know what to do.
  16. I agree absolutely that it's comms HC and team play issues. What you guys NEVER get is that it's the wearing play of horrid pop imbalances that BREAKS the vet officers and players, one by one, and most of them don't come back. Nor apparently ever give a crap about.
  17. Ya neat- too bad Allies sleep when the Axis vampires strike.
  18. You know, I was going to have fun with this line, but.... I can't because it likely leads to not having this general conversation. Message received in the Other Place. And I agree with you, there continues to be something weird about how that timer calc works. It's better then it was IMO, but not quite there. Hopefully what I'm proposing gets laid onto a stable accurate regimen.
  19. In a recent thread there was raging and not surprisingly it was closed. That's fine, we have to expect that even without the 'promised' forum cleanup coming. What I didn't like about it was the dismissive 'well sometimes highpop one way, sometimes the other way, that's how baseball go' end response. That's NOT an acceptable game design goal IMO. The principle should be that any number of players can get on and win even if they are lowpop. Some very good pertinent issues were also discussed, which of course got lost in the backwash of the thread closing that directly relate to this principle. Spawnlists matter, lowpop needs to be able to fight back and not just serially bleed to death from highpop superior firepower maneuvered to positional advantage without contest- so historical this or that can step hard depending Highpop with close FMS can swamp towns giving the impression of 'enemy everywhere' Increased AOs means favorably advantaged prior FMS placement means fast switching from one AO to another, the fastest TTB movement possible Unlike previous situations I don't feel a need to call for drastic change. A steady hand here suffices. But tweaks are needed IMO. Relating to the current situation, I think we are seeing the effects of having more players and more AOs, which is generally a good thing, but is not really tuned to maintain the pop neutrality balance, which is not a good thing. The AOs are allowing the no-EWS truck placement to occur and then spring two full battles on 2-3 AO times. This is good, content generation and all, but not so good when the lowpop side isn't good about doing the same or doesn't get a serious cap time advantage and having to struggle just to hold onto those towns, a huge unearned time advantage past a certain point. That's NOT good content generation, what you want in multi-AO times is 2 AOs AND DOs going, a real barn-burner edge of seat thing where you can pick your content and just a few players' excellent action tips the balance. The other would appear to be that in single AO times the underpop doesn't get enough cap time to make up for their situation. I wouldn't increase highpop timers that much nor undercut the multiple player cap bonus. I think what is needed here is faster recap times for the underpop- possibly use the same slider/calc as now but say add 1-3 people value capping to 1 underpop capper especially in TZ3 outnumbered multiples times. The other thing is the historical spawnlist paradigm vs. happiness. I think both sides need to allow for the other to have some advantage tier in certain categories related to individual equipment capability, asking for exactly the same firepower in all categoreis all the time is counterproductive to accurate modelling and historical feel intro. But it IS up to CRS to maintain total force viability in spawnlist building and while I see some of that going on, I don't think it's there and seems to me like there is a tin ear towards allowing for effective fighting every tier. Finally, any of this balancing does not mean guaranteeing lowpop success. That should NEVER be a goal. The goal should be to allow lowpop to function to build up player interest and hours such that they aren't so lowpop anymore and not drag down other TZs. I think the Axis is largely earning their town wins, but taking smart advantage of the missed tweaks above with very much the RDP bombing in mind for revenge, and that the Allies most TZs are matching them for effectiveness and ferocity. The Allies seem to be losing towns more to squad org/leadership mismatch in late prime TZ/early TZ3 where I play and the lowpop TZs where there often are very few Allies playing, the usual comments apply. The other part is the Allied airforces seem to be absent, that would appear to be an equipment/spawnlist gripe. I expect the reverse was true during WBS, the Axis was likely getting pummeled with exactly this sort of highpop PLUS superior HC and leader org doing the multi-AO/fast switch plus the RDP bombing, Just as much a problem that way going east as west. Pop neutrality should not be a substitute for lack of organization and play, and earned advantage should always be rewarded, just not higher pop as the autowin. We're getting closer, but with more AOs in play PN just needs some adjustment. The spawnlist thing is more troublesome, the community needs to grow up and let people have their toy time while allowing for the other side to have equal chance, and CRS needs to design/enforce it through the spawnlists. But just writing this off to highpop and 'oh well' is not going to reduce the cycle of suck, it will make it worse.
  20. Large group timers, coupled with a lot less spawn delay. Problem when you've got single digit defenders is its easy for groups to get in there without being reduced down much less cleared and cap. Affects attack and defense.
  21. Bumping up. It's fine that you guys bring up your other issues, but I'm trying to get underpop competitive and part of how that happens is making underpop attack cap/defense recap move.
  22. AHC is a mess, Allied squads are a mess. Balance mechanisms got relaxed cause Axis guys will [censored] and moan if it's set hard. I have a simple less-pain solution to help, I'll bump it again. I think it's an issue and won't hurt the no-pop egos too badly, but making TZ3 competitive for whatever side is way underpop is only half the story, the other half is the Allied side doesn't want to do what it takes to win. Until that happens, all the Rats can do is give equal opportunity- which they are close, but not quite there. I'll bump it again so you can comment.
  23. This sort of thing is gold, I hope the Rats pay close attention to your perspective.
  24. I personally think there is, seems to be when driving the old Beddy it would practically shudder to death on what I think was farmland/rough ground.