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  1. Hes trying to climb a sheer wet wall I think he slipped and broke his neck. Superior modeling fidelity!
  2. I prefer this WWIIOL Downfall version. Cause bunnies.
  3. Well then start with an argument like 'we need less planes in so they attrit like LMGs do', not specious highly flawed arguments based on unit cost.
  4. That's a really crazy argument. Game, game game. No really. Now if you INSIST on modeling, well then US industrial war equipment production was something like 50% shipping and warships 35% planes 15% army. That's right, all that army and lend-lease trucks/tanks and arty and everything ground was just 15% of our war builds. UK air force output was 40-50%, Germany 40%. So, ya, go on and argue a futile historical argument. Better to focus on game effect and happiness. Keep in mind most air brigades are moved up at the first of the campaign, typical starting deployment has wings starting together at factory defense then most moved up to forward AFs. Supply will degrade as AFs get contested towns next to them and have brigades bounced.
  5. Rest of the world- here kid, have a beer, and don't drink too much and be stupid like your uncle. US- OMG don't let kid ever touch lips to alcohol, therefore kid beelines to drinking parties and learns alcoholic behavior from their equally stupid friends. Ya, our way is sooo good.
  6. Kind of pointing out how absurd it is to treat loot boxes as gambling.
  7. So what's next, Kinder eggs are an entry drug to gambling?
  8. What makes two accounts far less pay 2 win is that the two accounts count against the whole side for spawning the entire time both are in, so even though the one account is active and the other is immediately accessible/active on switching, they counted as two and slowed down spawning by x fraction. The Pay 2 Win option does not, you could even have an overpop with deeper pockets even beating on an underpop even more.
  9. What you need is to convey the story of a whole battle in the context of a whole war. Otherwise people are going to get the impression it's just another WWII fighty game, when it's not.
  10. I dismiss your dismissal.
  11. Too pay 2 win.
  12. AI does not timer rebuild, it is only rebuilt with engineer fixit kit.
  13. Unlike arena games people can join our game and use intel gathered via livestream. There would need to be a delay. And preferably sound so viewers get both the game sounds and hopefully a helpful commentator on mic explaining what is going on.
  14. Whew that's a power machine, probably better then what 90+% of us are running. 3.7 Ghz is the number of cycles per second each of your CPUs are doing, pretty much overkill for this game especially since you have memory buffers out the wazoo from your 32GB. What's your video card?
  15. Consider me suitably spanked. Generally speaking most English second language people write better then we do, hats off.
  16. Having two machines for two accounts doesn't help that in the slightest, upload speed and local ISP performance will affect that. Meanwhile, I shall enjoy putting in both accounts now. I usually don't, play one or the other, but knowing it annoys makes it awfully attractive. Heck we have a forever squad account, maybe I should get that third one going!
  17. My first baby was an NCR Criterion, 640K assignable RAM, 384K OS. All cards from system bootup to loading programs (which resided on disk once loaded, whooo advanced!) and control strings, somewhat similar but more primitive to JCL. It DID have a floppy, an 8" one, but it was for what we would today call BIOS loading, we in the mainframe fraternity still call that firmware. That floppy could make the Criterion run and execute IBM, among others. Suck it VMware, IBM was running VM and NCR doing virtual across platforms before all you 'I'm so virtual clever' punks were eggs in your grandma. The app we were running was MEDICS. The referenced Century was the older model. MEDICS software&f=false
  18. <Shudder>
  19. I have no idea whether it does or does not. The accounts are either in towing mode in which case I am in vulnerable trucks/halftracks and the ATG and extremely vulnerable so it doesn't matter much anyway, or they are driving trucks and again vulnerable without effective counter, or both in an attack and defense and they are both in depots and I'm only active in one so the other is usually killed with no issues for the killer. I also don't see advantaged killing if I am running two accounts. If local multi-accounts are having an effect on upload updating, I would expect that having multiple PCs won't matter as the upload bottleneck is the connection to the local ISP. A secondary one could be an overloaded machine that doesn't update 'you are dead' in a timely manner thus allowing postkill lag shots to be taken, but that would happen with single accounts too. Based in order of probability for lag it would be 1) Lag player's ISP and intervening connection to CRS 2) Overloaded CRS server not getting updates done in a timely or complete manner 3) Lag player's PC overloaded workload slowing down incoming 'you are dead' updates which a second account may make more possible So 250 for instance are notorious lag killers, but it is unlikely they are running cheat software, more likely they just have a slow/packet dropping ISP. My experience is likely atypical, being in the same metroplex as the servers. But that also eliminates a lot of the 'internet lag' out there.
  20. You mean procrastinator right? Prognosticator would mean you KNEW you would have to deinstall, without being told. Which COULD happen, I just didn't see it in your message.
  21. A fellow Hollerith man? We gotta talk!
  22. I'm taking this REAL PERSONAL, and the only reason I am not going total roto-rooter on you is I feel that confident it won't be done. So flap away, won't happen.
  23. In general, yes you can, but if the other app eats up memory the game won't allow you to spawn in, and will despawn you if you don't have free memory- I had this happen just today when I left my very large browser tab count open. The typical thing to do is keep headphones or speakers on, you hear something you switch back to the game. How many GB RAM, what CPU, what other app are you talking about?
  24. Makes FBs more vulnerable since the VEH center poles are exposed.