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  1. You can effectively do this with changing ownership of the ABs and spawnables of an AO town to the attacker, and make sure the defender has their spawnables. Do one like that for each side, or in sequence, for an armor event and you should have meeting engagements all over, and neither side should be able to get a lot of town FMS out before they are fiercely fighting, giving time for armor columns on both sides to form and roll.
  2. Greatest spawned in tank battle in WWIIOL history- a few months before the Stuart release, Axis held Flavion and Allies had linking towns. We set up an operation and had overstocking going to Flavion links. Unbeknownst to us, Axis loaded up Flavion. So we had op day, there are something like 130 tanks set up, I'm assuming something similar on the other side. All relased, all burned up in 2 hours of an orgy of tank on tank battle in just a few square miles of game map. Drove me a little crazy because the idea was to drive a wedge right up to Ciney. Fell short, but major reports that everyone really liked the massive fight.
  3. That's because we have several orders lower density then a real battlefield, a round that's more of a gussied up grenade with our light mortars, and just ten rounds per mortarman. FA is a different beastie. This is the kill ratio of infantry in the open from a typical WWII UK 25-lber HE shell. A lot of variables that could increase or decrease this, but it gives you an idea of how suppressing this could be with fixed spawn positions. Of course air bombs do this too, but big difference between a few planes dropping and a constant barrage against a fixed position with readily adjustable artillery. During the early years, an aircamp could have 20+ planes cycling in and doing something like a barrage. It was hell, especially since early on you could only spawn at the AB. Let's get a little more open spawning before we go there, hmmm?
  4. Well the problem here is that apparently the mechanic is using relative alt to determine whether the bomb is armed rather then distance traveled after release. It's a spin arm thing. Probably requires STO to do properly. Historical planes did fly at treetop, nothing is stopping you here. Just not releasing at point blank range, enabling kamikaze attack.
  5. Easy there cowboy. Dropped packets alone could change outcomes. Doc, I know you wouldn't know whatever audits would have done, but before, did the satchels have variable joules at any point, either with the plasma jet or related spall? Did they generate spall?
  6. It's all that walking to school for miles going uphill both ways in the freezing cold and liking it that way.
  7. Most 30 year olds would die on my working schedule.
  8. I'd settle for MPs that haul him off to Leavenworth.
  9. My experience is many HC air guys don't want to touch the ground game at all. Some of the best CinCs I ever served under were air guys so I'm not denigrating the breed, just that a lot of them are not savvy about the ground game, know they aren't, and often have a 'I'll be HC if I just have to deal with air issues' attitude.
  10. The problem is not with HC or not. The problem is player count dropping too low to have a lot of player leaders, which was always a function of how many people were on, and the difficulty now compounded of a lot of new players not communicating or hooking with either squads OR HC comms. The same player count cutting down the number of people willing to brave the frustration of laying FMS in this environment, and if anything a higher percentage of slacker/non-org players that won't show for anything but a close quarter arenafest. Why am I not in HC? My friends won't touch this dumbed down HC version with a 10 foot pole which reduces my interest, and I have no confidence I can reach a lot of players that will respond in an organized manner. And I have a recognizable 'brand name', for better or worse, a lot of HC just off the boat won't and the few vets playing at my time don't have a lot of patience with Really Bad Decision Learning. That, and the one enticement for HC service that almost got me in, the HC LMS, was just too deadly for whichever side had a committed HC to keep one up and take the UK (so I understand why it had to go, but I also knew it's awesome power and how I could shape the battle like in FRU days). I did a little tactical direction the other day, attack on a town. Guys got enemy spawns, then our spawns, then AB. In the meantime the enemy let us have the AB while they took linking depots, smart. A high initiative player got out there and killed one of the two FBs, leaving us just one spawn to take. I could not get across to these guys how fast we had to act to avoid a bunch of EFMS rescue and/or losing control, particularly since the enemy AO was going to be taken and more coming to defend. It was just one depot, ONE depot, and we could not maintain cutters for control of just a small space for one spawn left (plus EFMS that had already arrived of course). Even the HC on, a very experienced name, didn't seem to be grasping we just had one spawn to contend with. I submit that the game ALWAYS had a lack of conceptual art with not deciding on player experience or creating player organization organically, which got smoothed over when you have a high enough player count so those tactical AND organizational leaders, HC or otherwise, were in sufficient numbers to keep it up and you had an audience who had the patience to drive 20m to instadeath. I further submit that proximity AOs won't get you player leaders that start AOs, just the few ones driving out FMS. More players, more action, more voice comms so we retain more people, more org tools, top to bottom redo of player experience so they never get the Home Alone feeling of no action and abandonment. Zeb's steam doc? Should have been done and kept up from the first year to now, and accessible from the game the whole time. You do that because it's a damn business and not some psych experiment in self-organizing groups. Now just on Mos's suggestion, I don't see why this is a problem to do, should have been some of the FIRST things done rather then 1.36. You already have an AO selector that has been in play for at least a decade, this is the part that should have been there all along to complement it. I don't think you destroy the HC just for adding in what should have been there all along for a no one home babysitting AO. And if you do decide to go Proximity AO, well at least 1/3 of it is done.
  11. I've done a couple of depot setups, it IS very important to have a couple lanes from the spawn to the flag building, in fact a big part of the point of building anything there is to provide cover so you can get there even if there is a cutter. I didn't really see a lot of benefit in stopping infantry for depot works, just too many approach angles once they are that close and it takes forever to do more then a 120 degree stop line. That, and if you are doing it during an attack you are basically saying here kill this precious engineer when we need them more for FB busting and AI/bridge repair.
  12. Players need to be able to click a link to get to this. Don't think you can launch a browser from in the game, but I think you CAN from the login window. Assuming I'm right, I would get this in pronto, and lead with a section on how to get to Discord voice comms, even if it's a link to forums with the invite.
  13. Wait until the players get the Maginot Line and Atlantic Wall modules.
  14. Big problem with these things- we have fixed spawnpoints. So every AB and FB can come under constant bombardment.
  15. Simulates the early part of WWII, dontcha think?
  16. Cool idea, overdue, but really I can't think of any Western side WWII hasty trenches that looked like this. That's more prepared positions suitable for earlier eras. Perhaps some of the defensive lines had some of this but I'm under the impression WWII trenches were more hasty and protective of infantry against both arty and direct swept shot while allowing for covered movement and mass fire. That means narrow trenches that involved far less work and protected better against shrapnel coming down forward or reverse of shell detonation. Secondarily, anti-tank trenches and a twin development in prepped armor firing positions they can drive in and out of, and finally prepared bunker works of the small variety already in game plus more concrete pillboxes and gun positions. So I'd say more like PPO berms with supply boxes and possibly an FMS-like spawn anchor placed by the truck, with some firing notches for the ATGs, and camo nets particularly for gun spawn and AA positions. A second type that is more inf-only, narrow trench for cover both sides. Here is a collection of WWII trenchwork pics- IN TRENCHES
  17. Well generally speaking I'm not under the impression bofors were frontline deployed, enemy troops a few miles away they are packing up to go. Camo though, that should be a thing.
  18. Whew, while this could be big fun and a ZOC builder, that doesn't look like any modern trench to me. More like an ersatz minifort, and more for the Civil War/Crimean age. I would expect a more narrow trench for inf and a few spawn points and firing positions behind rear and flank berms for AA/ATG deployment.
  19. One of the negatives of a cheaper siting is likely being more 'off the beaten path', for an international FPS game may hurt more distant players. Hopefully this is a true hardware/local LAN upgrade and better timers between game services internally can help offset some of this.
  20. If people aren't spawning the tanks, who cares how many are in the lists?
  21. Variability, particularly when 'garrison size' is predicated on number of ABs. Been there, done that, sucks. Secondary reason, so a little bit of Brit can play in French territory and vice versa.
  22. This is not an unreasonable assumption for Allied flyers. Remember the Framerican pilots will eat up the French planes and the RAF guys are all Brit all the time, so half of the supply is being hit on by 3/4 of the pilots and overstocking is less valuable and doable then LW supply. Factor that in plus barracks planes are by whoever took the town and the country pilots in play can eat up the supply pretty quick, plus again only half the AFs are that country so there won't be as many close-in. THIS is why the Allies needed movable air brigades, and Halsey's story is totally believable to me, cause I lived Allied air supply issues for years.
  23. Exhibit A, Goof's Flappy C****r thread.
  24. That's why we have General Discussions. Yes, it is an odd concept. I'm very active on a pen paper and dice old school RPG forum. They let you see the first post of a thread, but you have to be signed on, and you don't get autoposting privileges until you prove you aren't a nutcase or a bot, otherwise mods have to release your post. Then there is a yearly subscription which allows you access to the no holds barred OT type forum and they literally vote on forum matters- whether to add new fora, mostly. I'm not a subscriber, but I did make pitches that I think helped put two fora on the site. So that approach is quite appealing to me. Back to this site, I also like the two tier part, sometimes because I am approaching ugly game truths that I would like to keep 'in the family' and not blurted out all over the internet. And I think most OTers would rather their shenanigans didn't get outted/doxed, people get pretty non-PC in there and I would hate to see the mods have to enforce rigid civility rules in keeping with general access. As such, at least this OT senator says nay.
  25. Some of that content was posted with the express understanding it was behind a paywall. I think it would be rude to put it out there, and again another reason to never sub and help pay for all this.