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  1. Here tis, have not bumped it in years, feel free to comment there though as it would be nice for newer people to get the original with new thoughts on it. Not that I claim originality for all or most mechanisms, just more the 'branding' and defining the need for PN.
  2. You are subbed and have access to Barracks, right? My original Pop Neutrality proposal had most of these and more, I'll pop it up if you want to look it over. I believe we need 3-4 PN type measures, all interlocking and designed to achieve the end without killing off the Adrenalin rush this game does so much to build up only to undercut with either ubercamping or delays. Crutch on one too much and you get bad results. They also need to ramp up to at least 90% effect range, and the actual calc needs to be VERY smart as to what it's based on- see too many situations where the underpopped side gets SD for x minutes, suggesting the calc captured an anomalous state or has some weird averaging over 10-60 minutes.
  3. Don't be whiny, back in the day we drove to battle until we either died or pitched into the bunker table, through 2 feet of snow going uphill both ways, and we liked it that way!
  4. This..... didn't go where I expected.
  5. That's an epic amount of databasing you are asking for, infinitely more likely you get throttled spawning like depots.
  6. I was and continue to be lucky to be able to play this, warts and frustration and all. No one else is crazy enough to let players run around with this much maneuver freedom. One follow-on to my 88 pull time comment, the town-based capture does allow for defenses to continue effectively past AB capture thus allowing FB opening to get outside forces in quickly even if overrun and possible ahead of time with a long haul, so there is more margin to do that with 1.36.
  7. Easy there cowboy, you didn't have these lists with 4 88s in 1 AB, 6 88s in 2 AB and 8 88s in 3 AB. Pretty sparse Tier 0 for primary response to Mattys and fewer people free to go pull and EWS disabled for trucks until they get REALLY close.
  8. I fail to see how facility based spawnlists would be the slightest bit superior. We had what I call Base Spawnlists in the original part of the game, and this Town Based Spawnlist is utterly superior, breaking down to facilities seems to me to be big steps backwards and not buy anything other then feelgood for you.
  9. Well, this comes out in equipment philosophy where the Allied stuff is relatively easy to use and designed for medium/assault work, whereas the Axis stuff has more inherent capability/long-range/maneuver, but can be more fragile or hard to use. The Axis equipment often requires an expert with disciplined use and teamwork to employ, and if you don't have both of those they can be frustrating to attempt to use. This has direct implications in any manner of spawnlist building, as you need to valuate for the potential of Axis equipment, but not shortchange the vulnerability aspect so much as the average player is not likely using the equipment to the higher standard of handling they require. I think that's what has gone wrong with the 88 valuation among other issues for the new spawnlist costs.
  10. I have been part of the fast early defense fraternity, a number that is very small on both sides, and I'm horrified at the idea of 'x facility being capped' messages. Mostly cause it will kill offense dead. And will make the skull feature look like realism incarnate. Only way out if you went this direction is to reduce the cap timers by 2x minimum, you get one chance to clear them if you aren't there otherwise boom it's gone, Underpop would need lightning fast caps.
  11. Umm, you are assuming that again this game is going to actually go historical recreationist. It won't, it can't, not without slitting it's throat. Recreating early tier actual force mixes where the FAF is largely absent and Spitfires not allowed on mainland bases and woefull amount of Bofors against larger mobile armor brigades simulating more concentrated tank formations wouldn't be a fun game for Allies, nor would later tier for the Axis against mountains of Shermans and a lot more bombing. So. Game. No. Really. You can and should shoot for a proper feel, but it's never going to be a full sim. Including HC-driven RDP. The system had a point value for all the major units (but not infantry), intro tiers, and you could intro major units in different sequences. The system was structured to create organizational and player stresses as hard choices had to be made- would you advance your army forces or air forces, would you try to make up for technical inferiority with numbers of already intro'd units? HCs would as you expect min/max and since RDP was treating the entire force as one big 'buy', you could 'save' money on one branch and pump up another. The standard move for Tier 1 for instance was to thin out the navy and use that to boost the other two branches. As part of that, older light equipment was phased out fast, but that created more problems as newer players would have NO trainer planes or tanks to spawn. As B2K alluded to, the end result was a LOT of politics and ticked off players and advantages that drove off whole squads to sit out the period where their country/branch was 'behind'. Players did NOT look at having to 'make do' as a challenge, the challenge instead ended up being all manner of compromises and cajolings to show up, including having to promise advancing another branch in this campaign or the next. RDP bombing which could put your side behind and the fact the enemy was choosing to try and handle their internal politics AND/OR beat you caused issues, and some CinCs would go AWOL for a critical couple days when the RDP sheets were supposed to be turned in, where the Rats would then not do any RDP for that side. Some CinCs were challenged by the whole spreadsheety resource management aspect of it, and were not prepared to do this at all. Most did not care for the incessant politics- which to CRS' credit is pretty much the game equivalent of having to be the top dog deciding strategy and setting industrial output to match and all the Generals and backseat drivers and 'historians' criticizing no matter what you do. But it was too much for many. Keep in mind the Allied CinC also had to do two countries, each with their own 'issues'. I think the death knell though was when CRS started putting in all sorts of rules to make sure the T0 starter equipment was not min/maxed out and other limitations that forced a maximum on changes and how much could be shifted around, and it soon became so much of a strait jacket that no real advantage could be derived from 'playing the RDP game', CRS might as well build the spawnlists. And so it has been for something like the last 13-14 years. There is a lot more to all this and many examples burned into my hide as part of all that, and so I have a Real Hard Time seeing how people who want 'historical let chips fall where they may' have any sort of viable business plan in mind, cause mismatches in basic capabilities of playing the game at whatever level you play, tactical/kill the other guy, operational/take the town, strategic/motivate team and capture territory in sequence that wins the game, will kill it for most players and thus squad OR HC you got only hardcore to lead, and not enough.
  12. This, along with a vetted/point/vote whatever system of reserve officers that aren't line HC but can pick up map moves in a pinch. WORKED GREAT WHEN WE DID THIS IN CONJUNCTION WITH SQUAD LIAISON IN AHC. DIDN'T WORK LONG RUN DURING DOWNTURNS BECAUSE THE RESERVE GUYS WEREN'T CODED SEPARATELY AND GOT HAMMERED BY PLAYERS AS THOUGH THEY WERE HC. Hmmm, didn't try that, and could have avoided a LOT of pain and unsubs and had tighter team org all along.
  13. I know who Lee Marvin is and saw BRO, just trying to grasp why it's insulting to characterize someone as being mockable for being a fan of those movies. Crocs make more sense as an insult point, but how you match that up with watching movies in them, specifically Lee Marvin movies and how that adds up to Actonman, probably says more about Jsilec's head then Acton's.
  14. Already tried, done, and discarded. Therein lies a tale.
  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry, not laughing at you. Just that I've had to endure 130+ months of 'oh its so unrealistic to move brigades in', blah blah blah blah blah, JWBS (Jesus Warping Brigade System), never mind the same fast action fanatics couldn't live without whatever version of the FMS for spawning, they whine it changed, and here you are back and pointing out the obvious. This is what happens when you unsub and aren't around to fight for stuff. It would be disingenuous to argue the JWBS critics were the only or primary reason 1.36 was done, but it was a factor.
  16. I'm not sure what this means, but it SOUNDS insulting.
  17. A nice reexpression of what I call the cycle of suck, losing subs in TZs that are always outnumbered then changes in pop or gameplay or morale or leadership that changes the TZ beating equation and now another set of people are bleeding subs. Pop Neutrality is the set of rules to help underpop be able to attack and have a good play experience 24/7.
  18. Which is why stopping at 50% mitigation isn't going to cut it.
  19. Let's get this drilled into everyon'e wonky noggins. GAME. Using SIM ACCURATE EQUIPMENT. To PLAY A GAME OF WWII EQUIPMENT COMBINED ARMS COMBAT. It's NEVER GONNA BE LIKE THE REAL THING. EVER. Best we can do is use shortcuts and a bit of theatrical misdirection to get a FEEL of WWII combined arms combat, not recreate it.
  20. That's the number that comes to my mind, I wanna hear Rat or Jwilly numbers.
  21. FTFY.
  22. Mocking is always an option. Not effective, but an option. Otherwise, it's a game about getting people to believe in the victory. P.S. probably not productive to get our generals to commit suicide.
  23. This bodes ill for my sex life.
  24. Whoa nelly. I could buy a lot of what you're selling but not this. I would agree that the current nodal spawn castle fight plus AO effectively creates this, but if nothing else the air guys have to fly over that map and arrive at the combat area in one piece, and just cause HCs tend to spread AOs around for supply and FB state purposes doesn't mean the game can't have regional fights or at least armor columns/interdiction going on. Used to happen a lot more, pop is more of a reason for lack of that not game design.