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  1. Or, a defender absolutely camping the living heck out of a spawnable or warp depot. This works both ways.
  2. They already have one, and will have one in 5 minutes. It's a good exciting tactic and neither side seems to have it together to do it properly on a regular basis, IMO just not worth the coding to ensure that whole 'won town cooldown woohoo'.
  3. Anyone spawning on the defending side setting it up is POC gameplay and I'd like to see such people publically outed and able to be banned by side vote. Won't happen, but I don't think much of such scum. At least enemies that sneak into town doing that earned their way in with risking engineers on that tomfoolery. Course, the real problem is some people sincerely may do the same thing cause they think it helps.
  4. There are spots where the FMS just won't let you lay it on. I take it as a requirement to risk being shot by being in front of the firing slits or in the spawn area.
  5. Best I not talk about batter, frosting, and kneading the dough then either.
  6. I love it, you have to fight and EARN that whole town, and gives defenders time to roll up rescue FMS or armor columns like the old days. But it does soak down more player time, so offense needs some goosing after PN gets fixed right.
  7. It's almost as though..... ToEs had upsides? Naw, can't be that. Well, independent of spilt milk, there are fixes readily done for this. Cut supply to 1/3. Set resupply tickets to 1 hour. Double the factory effects per damage. There. You'll see some serious stuff happen. That's the rough raw fix. The RIGHT fix is to get PN nailed down (which it isn't, too many strange results that seem capricious and not oriented to game pop reality), and make offense easier.
  8. So where is all this money gonna come from?
  9. I won't argue the opinion on squads, but you utterly have this wrong, I was there and all of it affected operations intensely. It was manned truck spawns originally, then UMS a little later, but AO predated the trucks by only a few months. Attacks came to a standstill with AOs, the concentration was too great and it was too easy to gun down poor trucks trying to physically drive in infantry, and armor battles were short and sharp. When I say stopped I mean stopped- virtually NO towns got taken in a 2 month period, which is different from 'it's tough' to 'it didn't happen'. Only when the truck spawns came at Christmas was offense restored, and the Axis went to town with it- which I predicted to the AHC commanders, because Allied players and squads were clearly a step behind on average to the 'best practices' Axis command and squads took especially to capture matters. It's very important, at least to me, to get this sort of detail correct so we can derive the right conclusions about what happened and what is likely to happen with other changes. Some things are surprises, but most things that are readily done have been tried, have to sort out the strings though as each change happens in a matrice of rules, numbers, modeling, culture, spawning, capturing and supply. Do you mean 2005 and 2006 instead of 2015 and 2016?
  10. You're probably gonna hate this, but I largely agree with you. My perspective is that where the game design went wrong was revolving the gameplay around logistical nodal spawn castles. Every battle devolves into an urban fight, where Axis infantry weaponry has superiority and Allied all-purpose infantry assault tanks are well suited whereas Axis tanks are largely about the experten countryside fight to smash rear logistics. A lot of the squawking about this infantry rule/count and that tank list revolves around these needs to cross territory then close with the nodal facilities to cap. Different mixes of the rules and lists will favor one side or the other based on equipment and learned preferences. If I were in charge of speccing WWIIOL 2.0, one primary design goal would be to orient the game more towards destroying enemy forces rather then node capture. The roads and rails and harbors and AFs and rail stations and factories would still count, in fact I would have them be more meaningful then just node cap or node link definition, but they would serve to deliver resupply tickets to the forces, not towns or town-locked brigades. To the last man town fights would still occur, but only if the defender is willing to risk force annihilation from tactical encirclement. I also suggested a style of ToEs for exactly this purpose with a simple rule (at least conceptually)- no brigade can be on the front line. The default would be a meeting battle, with defender FBs going up the instant the AO went on. Of course, that ship has sailed.
  11. My perspective is that the bolded part was exactly what Rats 1.0 were shooting for, a great big continuous shooter scenario generator that required minimal reffing/GMing- set it in motion and let the players create the weird. ToEs only could really replicate that smash and encircle thing when one side's HC was incompetent or not there, hence TZ3 cutoffs and squawking and here we are with town-based supply. No, we were never gonna have the 1000s required to literally have it all be tactical maneuver warfare. So AOs and nolinky-no cappy, to force battles instead of Opelkriegs in areas more sparsely populated then Wyoming.
  12. I AM for making attack easier- the incoming counterattack.
  13. Maybe you were on hiatus in the period before they instituted F2P, a lot of dead hours a lot worse then what you see even now. So. Ya.
  14. There you go Kgarner, feeling what I've been feeling all these years? Here's the rough question- would you rather have had HC tools like that then 1.36?
  15. Free accounts provide content for paying subs, they are working for their supper. So I don't know that I buy this line of reasoning entirely. No doubt there are losses for guys that would spawn rifle anyway under a sub, but not much else.
  16. The game IS in large measure about defeating other players in meaningful battle, rather then arena fragfest. That other guy that seems to be where you are all the time thinks like you do about what is important in a battle, so it is sort of a weird relationship of competitors, and the message is being outdone at your mutually chosen priority. AAR and stats are the Facebook of those relationships. Hands off.
  17. I would expect it for HQ to brigades at least.
  18. I am saying going to the trouble of an immediate counterattack should get you a chance at things. That force that just took that town has the option of staying spawned or not, the signs of an immediate counterattack will be clear, so they have the option of staying in and likely having more firepower then the enemy will likely develop quickly and that first five minutes of setup will determine who has advantage, or despawn, safely in most cases but with consequences if the enemy IS counterattacking. You leave the attack FMS up and there is virtually no point in setting up the immediate counterattack as it is in the face of a full fresh spawnlist and likely one or more backline towns already used for rescue supply, no advantage in having the organization to prepare for as fast a counterAO as is necessary to get this slim opportunity to get firmly established. Leave it as is.
  19. Basically your setup means the counterattackers don't even have a 5-minute advantage.
  20. I disagree, it should EXACTLY be possible to do a setup immediate counterattack and people have to pay attention to what is happening or suffer being outplayed. Guaranteed win? Hogwash. Counterattack play was some of the most exciting stuff. It should be possible to be a thing if people have their act together. I don't think it's going to happen that often, just 10 minutes +1-2 of free reign, even with an immediate AO slapon which is tough to do if AOs have to be pulled ahead of time, the defending town is getting first trickles right as the first tier of facilities become cappable. Ir's more then fair and hard-earned for a counterattack to go in fast enough to take even the slightest advantage of that situation. And it won't be hard to see it coming. Trucks rolling in, EWS double, AO pulled from other town and a spare available, maybe even tanks on the way- no, screw this breather thing, 98% of the time it won't be seriously done before a good trickle is in and no advantage. Give em a chance.
  21. So would setting the mission to Resupply take care of that?
  22. WWIIOL 2.0 should get away from the nodal spawn castle, do formation spawning, and area capture. Towns and roads and rail and harbor all count as captured functions as resupply ticket flow, but the focus is on destroying enemy formations tactically, operationally by cutting up their logistics, and strategically with key factory towns, resource, rail and shipping capture/destruction.
  23. I think that means different things to different people, some it means cratering, others it means blowing up players on takeoff, still others it means destroying visible supply (parked planes not spawned yet).
  24. Well, have you followed the tutorials and spawned in the game? If not, need to do that. You have to spawn into a mission to enter the game. Someone, either you or another mission leader, needs to have made the mission, which in the case of paras will be from an airfield to a target town, usually either a town being attacked (with an AO or attack order on it) or rarely a town being defended on your side (with a DO or defense order). Problem with paras is that they are at AFs and will require a pilot. So even if you make a mission, that doesn't get you a pilot to fly you there. That sort of complication is why I strongly suggest you not push for a para mission, but listen on Ops channel for someone to make one. That will mean they have a pilot lined up and a battle that paras can help in. Join the mission, and you will be spawning at a control tower building ON the AF (airfield). If the pilot is still there, there will be a C-47 or Ju-52 on the field waiting for people to load in. Get to the side of the plane near the door and press F- that puts you on board the plane. You ride the plane, hope no enemy fighters find you, and when over the target press F again- that will cause you to jump, parachute autodeploys, and you float down until landing. No need to pack away or cut off from your chute. You can steer a little bit, but at WWII levels of maneuver not a lot of fidelity/acrobatics available. Where your pilot flies you matters, take stock of what combat environment you are dropping into and who if any are shooting at you on the way down or moving to kill you. Avoid AI (automated MG towers and pits), and move to your objective/target. Para dropping is flashy but everyone on the battlefield knows where you landed. You have to scramble fast whereever and however you land to get out of there and defend yourself and get in position to do damage.