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  1. Alright guys, learning in long long interactions with Rats 1.0 and 2.0, you don't get what you want done until you help them solve their problem that caused them to act in X way. In this case, getting a veritable cornucopia of toys pouring into the lists and needing to be able to incorporate them quickly into functional spawnlists, in this case both TBS and the hybrid brigades, and do it faster and more 'accurately' to provide a differentiated variable battle experience that is always dynamic, but is deemed by both Rats and players as 'fair opportunity' for each side overall with varying TZs and 'side strength'. I would posit an extra bit in there, that the more organized side wins any given 6-hour TZ regardless of relative pop and that a side can recover from a disastrous 3 days and come back to win a campaign, but that's my focus. So post solutions, not just 'I wants' and 'this is problems', and you are more likely to persuade the Rats of a course of action.
  2. Capco, I've done a LOT of study on this topic, but not for WWIIOL- rather for Traveller, a game where you could get wounds ranging from fists and lowtech blades to muskets to modern arms to future rifles like the Aliens Colonial Marines to lasers to the roleplaying game prototype for the BFG9000, the PGMP/FGMPs (think plasma stream like from an antitank HEAT round only fired like a blaster with a close range of 450 meters and an effective range by US Army standards of 900 meters and has infinite 'rounds'). The system I use, Striker, integrates vehicle design, weapons and damage for every era, so you can literally design anything from a WWI truck and biplane and arty piece to future antigrav tanks. The vehicle build example is a WWII Panther and the system would allow a fight between the Panther and the FGMP inf (broad result, the inf wins most cases). Core of the system is a penetration/damage definition, with armor reducing or eliminating damage. I was unhappy with the overall either/or lethality, particularly the 'you hit/you dead' aspect, especially when I and other RPGers peruse police combat stats and battlefield stats so we can model a closer version of what happens into our games. I was particularly unhappy with the high-end energy weapon results, pretty much you are hit and die, while pistols or knives weren't lethal at all except with multiple hits. The key for resolving this was to break out a hit location result and tie damage to what was hit, and then have another table handle the armor/penetration aspect. So if you are hit in the arms/legs, it could be bad, but a single hit is likely not lethal. If you are hit in the chest, fair chance of dying particularly if you have untreated post-wound trauma like I do, and hit in the head even with a low velocity fist can lay you out and even pistols/knives can kill, rifles probably will. Also, the 'quality' of the damage/penetration part matters. The results of that Chicago crime site bears this approach out. Always look for datapoint result matching in the RW. Anyway, bottom line, location hits should matter (and seems like they do, most of the time when lag/packet/randomized bullet/tiredness sway isn't interfering), and multiple hits ensure death because it either adds up or hits the head (which is what makes shotguns and artillery and controllable SMGs/assault rifles so lethal). A lot of people still freak out about the Gauss Rifle's lethality- not so much penetration as a LOT of controllable rifle rounds coming out of that thing, generating multiple rifle hits reliably.
  3. Wiki says 22 mph. Only one saw combat, the other 100 chassis were made into Ferdinands then Elefants.
  4. One of the things working against WWIIOL is that huge map and spawning anywhere, you could be on the original 'good ol days' of 1500/3000 person nights and still spawn in the middle of nowhere, because the map is so vast and there is no explanation as to what is going on. I think that's lost a lot of people over the years, even with much greater online numbers. Can't be Darwinian lizard with new customers, gotta be mammal and nurture. Oh and to your bandwidth point- this is ONE server, or properly speaking server cluster, not 1000s of individual clones, and with 10km plus views if you are flying. It's a different thing then a bunch of small arena 100 player servers x X#. A lot of what you want might be solved by 64-bit 16GB minimum machines, but we ain't there yet.
  5. Variability, plus counterpoint to overpop overstocking.
  6. That would be Colsmith's crew Ian77. He's one of the minor reasons I no longer play Allied- absolutely no concept of time pressure of effective player action, just attrition- which means nothing if you aren't taking towns with it. One of a stew of poisons in the player leadership I tired of fighting. Why struggle with a side that has decided to lose? The major poison dispenser appears to not be playing. Pity, he was such a genius- just ask him. But his poison continues to do it's work.
  7. I suspected that was what was going on. Are either of the armor/inf brigades going to be models for the TBS lists, or are they going to be mixed all-purpose spawnlists?
  8. What price do you think the 'skin' market would bear? And how many months and skins are you talking about, and do you understand what kind of a graphics load you are asking for? Badges, I think they can do all day long, but skins are a whole object, and 1000s of objects to have smoothly load in on demand is NOT casual.
  9. I might bear some responsibility towards that impression, as I often commented how it felt weird looking at the average spawnlist and it's 'wrong'. But my comment was always suffixed with 'but there are reasons it's not that way', and never in my wildest imaginings did I think they would ever take it this far. I always looked for 'feel while maintaining gameplay', not 'actual and entire missing sim components' peg slammed into a mismatching spawn castle hole. I still think that's doable, just not with the current principles in the decisionmaking process.
  10. <Shrug> I have less then most, but I don't particularly need a lot to see trends as due to my former role in AHC I pretty much can assess where things are going quickly and what spawn patterns people are using. People often wonder why I wander out in a general direction of the enemy without good fieldcraft, but a lot of times I'm determining where the enemy is by 'taking point' and given the audio, skull locations and where I am at by what I am shot by, I can get a VERY fast read on enemy numbers, locations and intentions. If I had had the programmer time with my squad's resident database genius, we would have put together a 'shot pattern' chart and cross-indexed with squads, so we would get a complete picture of the different behavioral patterns of what squads spawned what when in what sequence. Battlefield forensics and the resulting intel ain't just about K/D.
  11. My statement doesn't preclude that the cap timers are out of whack, I'm referring more to those campaigns when the Rats back off cap timers or SD entirely, which has happened in several campaigns, with you among others leading the charge. What can I say, I want a Goldilocks Zone of 'just right' pop neutrality, but we seem to only get extremes. 2 AOs minimum WILL increase game flow, no question, but it will also utterly quash any PN system if it's not set firmly, also threatening the lowpop with absolutely no chance of offense, a MAJOR PN goal. In fact, what I would prefer if I can't get the area NAO concept is AO count by total side pop and ratio. So if we are in say nopop TZ and it's 30 vs 15, the side with 30 gets 1 AO and the side with 15 gets 2 AOs.
  12. Yes. Making it worse and easier to happen over a wider range of hours is the wrong direction to go.
  13. Bleh on 2 AOs without firm Pop Neutrality that isn't whined away.
  14. Hmm, can't speak for most as I'm coming at this from a different direction where literally everything I do at my job is a multi-disciplinary affair but we interact with people all over our enterprise only less then the server/storage/network, and I have wide-ranging interactions of differing apps/client/database/OS enviornments. So, I get it, at least the it that the database people aren't going to be working internet connection issues (except insofar as any timeouts/transaction recoveries they may have). Now of course this doesn't mean I have it all 'right', can easily mean I am confused at a higher level. But at least I'm going to understand the principle of specialization and disparate resource availability. The above critiques and suggestions I have stem from literally a decade plus of realizing the way we comm greatly impacts gameplay. So completely independent of alternate voicecomms I'm coming at this from recognizing this element as a top 5 pay attention/get it right design musts. I don't think this is going to be an improvement, at least from what I can glean the objectives are, so that stands apart from the alternative resources bit. I brought up the voice comms because it achieves the business goal much more broadly, avoids going down a rabbit hole I see problems with, and integral deployment should largely be resource independent of 1.36. Mostly it should be the game package guy, the Discord admins coming up with a package, and the internal game GUI, which last I knew was supposed to be 'easy' to update, being HTML-like. Game package guy is probably busy putting together each release candidate for 1.36 for the beta testers so I get not sidetracking or putting in extra complications for that distribution, but the Discord and GUI guys could be working this, when they are done should be relatively simple to plug into the installer/package for a post-1.36.01 patch. Pardon my saying so, but I expect your part of the current channel work is the GUI, which is supposed to be the 'weblike ease' part. Well then, you could probably be working the voice install/GUI or even a 'right now' instruction tab selection, and getting to a better solution with minimal impact to the core people on 1.36. Now I can have all this wrong because of things I don't know about the behind-the-scenes operations, but at least when I suggest these things with time urgency I am attempting to consider what is being done and who is busy on higher priorities. Best I can do on the outside looking in. As to your larger issue with resource/skill set employment, I don't know to what extent the effort to explain is worth it. I think a lot of people's eyes would glaze over if you gave them Gantt charts or other professional project/resource management expressions, I guess I would go more for metaphors like you can't task the plumber to fix your house wiring, best he stick to pipes and the electrician to power/control.
  15. It is if you let the imagined perfect but big project hurt the achievable now, i.e. give option to install a voice client with our stuff predefined or run a subroutine to add it if they already have discord, and a button link to do the same ingame.
  16. <Shrug> IMO you'll end up moderating more heavily anyway to achieve the business goal, while damaging an entertainment aspect especially with the time sink some of this game has always required to win. I'd rather see the effort going into integral voicecomms by default, infinitely more payoff on retention. That, and the AO IS your organizing principle, not origin towns or brigades.
  17. The issue isn't the armored brigades, those look okay so far, but I'll want to look at the full Tier .5 system next campaign. It's the infantry brigades, and gimped ability to assault with either or both short on MGs and/or armor. Now if we had a full set of simplay, the infantry could advance/defend under artillery and having armor to cross and close and finish wouldn't be necessary. But we are in a game with capturable spawn points that otherwise vomit forth armies unless taken, and no meaningful artillery beyond a labor-intensive light mortar and HE of questionable utility. Early ATG can help, but later tiers require the heavier stuff which is almost impossible to maintain in force if there isn't enough ZOC troops. So armor it is when infiltration doesn't work, if nothing else to kill outgoing defensive armor seeking to camp the FMS. Oh and 232s, Vickers and especially CS are not harmless. If the point system treats them that way, that might explain part of the oddities we see in your resulting spawnlists.
  18. Thompson is killer. The others, less so.
  19. Overpop rolls, constant overpop rolls. Pfft.
  20. I like Side channel as a default, it's good for entertainment in-between those boring drives and guard duty. I'd rather the people who are being jerks were handled, and the fact is you will end up doing that anyway when the usual suspects just bloviate on the new channels about their dissatisfaction/issues. Origin is questionable IMO for 'helping' new guys, I see a LOT of opportunity for confusion when they aren't clear 'where' and what context, so that's not going to eliminate that negative aspect of Side.
  21. I would be interested in speccing the 'real blitzkrieg' special campaign/scenario, but it doesn't meet the requirements of 'not complicated'.
  22. Howdee K! Folks, K is effectively the Allied counterpart to Potthead, and along with a part-time acolyte in Z held up the Allied end of TZ3 for years during the post-Anzacs period. He singlehandedly kept the TZ3 lights on and the boogie man away for CRS Rats 1.0, who IMO did not give him proper due for his efforts and value to the community and company for the simple fixes he asked for. Listen carefully to EVERYTHING he says, just like Potthead. When I have been pushing Pop Neutrality, I have been thinking largely of K's quixotic fight against the inevitable. K, Rats 2.0 have actually instituted pop neutrality of a sort, cap timers driven by population mostly. They monkey with it because as you might imagine, crutching on one primary timer tool creates too much frustration for the overpopped. Please look into that and we can take it up in a separate thread, I don't want to taint Potthead's excellent thread with the likely poisonous posts that would follow doing it here.