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  1. You mean procrastinator right? Prognosticator would mean you KNEW you would have to deinstall, without being told. Which COULD happen, I just didn't see it in your message.
  2. A fellow Hollerith man? We gotta talk!
  3. I'm taking this REAL PERSONAL, and the only reason I am not going total roto-rooter on you is I feel that confident it won't be done. So flap away, won't happen.
  4. In general, yes you can, but if the other app eats up memory the game won't allow you to spawn in, and will despawn you if you don't have free memory- I had this happen just today when I left my very large browser tab count open. The typical thing to do is keep headphones or speakers on, you hear something you switch back to the game. How many GB RAM, what CPU, what other app are you talking about?
  5. Makes FBs more vulnerable since the VEH center poles are exposed.
  6. How big of you. The Hero towing account allows other spawning. Ya. NOT happening.
  7. You posit a metaphor/thought experiment that does not fit. It's more like banning trailers because some people wreck in them. I want my trailer, and feel free to ticket the ones who misuse their trailers, but banning trailers does not stop speeding. Trying to sell this as a primary anti-cheat policy, and I say ridiculous and am pointing out all the ways it doesn't, while doing harm to people like me. You're not getting this, not because of me arguing here, but because it cuts out several forms of play in exchange to catch a few abusers that need to be caught other ways, and cuts out revenue for little gain. Save yourself the frustration, drop it.
  8. No thanks. Won't stop cheating as then people would just cheat with their one account and use non-game comms to communicate their cheaty findings, just would stop simultaneous both side cheaters or make it somewhat easier to report cheaters that are stupid. Won't stop coding cheats. Won't stop technically savvy people who would spoof the IP or create virtual IPs. Will stop ATGers like me from towing heavy ATGs, or the occasional drive two trucks at once to really set up an attack, or FB busts where I can set FMS, scout FB, then run in truck and engineer. You did notice Hero accounts have a towing account? People like those.
  9. No. [censored] off. Any other questions?
  10. I think they had a lot of potential. But it's an art form whose rules were ignored.
  11. Hmmm, Axis against Matties 1st tier, or say Allies against max Tigers last tier.
  12. Ok, reviewed the whole thing, and I think Atlantic Wall is out and most of the Belgian stuff. So simplest thing to do is do 5 Allied towns, 5 Axis towns, corresponding mostly to the Maginot Line and the Siegfried Line or Westwall. Allies- Namur Montmedy Longuyon Thionville Verdun Axis- Geilenkirchen Aachen Hurtgenwald Monschau Trier Nice mix of different towns. Given the way this goes, we'll see the Allied towns more often, but at least some of the German towns are necessary on the way to an Allied win and both lines will provide big town/little town variability. Namur gets one cause it's really the last Belgian fortress town and any kind of defense might have made it a lot tougher. In researching this I found the line should go through Boulay. There is no way the Heer punches through there before the Sedan breakout. Does Boulay start French? I forget.
  13. Well since someone brought up the mandatory training, what I had in mind was publishing open training tools. You use the same toolset/mechanic, but players can generate and load their own training scenarios. I had squads in mind to allow them to run their people through their own bootcamps and operating their way, but no reason it couldn't be more open published 'training macros'. The other thing about your scenarios Rebel is of course lack of day one hour one voice comms so they can get clued in right away. Lot of long term redoes needing to be done with the player experience in general, but those are two options that would greatly help retention rate.
  14. I see some weird things in there, but hey it might work.
  16. Why do people not get that the new toy people are volunteers and have different skill sets then the sub retention or gameplay people? I honest to goodness don't understand your point on 'toy resources', it doesn't matter a whit except whatever game management time is involved in getting tiers/spawnlists done. And new toys can be a powerful pull especially for WBS. Fix up the other issues, and you want the toys in hand to get the pull done, or lay them out as a precreated string of 'improvements' to cement game value to new players.
  17. I would want these in Maginot Line and Siegfried Line towns, maybe Atlantic Wall towns, signifying its a fortress town.
  18. Poor Xoom. Rational post, then they went whack.
  19. I agree. This is why the focus for development past two years needed to be all about the initial player experience, ingame integral voice comms out of the box, and/or a lot more thought out mediated experience getting into the game. Cause all the HC and balance issues and all that self-correct with more players in the game.
  20. You understand that's millions for engine, right? Especially if they went for the same criteria of big big world. More likely to use same engine ramped up with graphics and a different vehicle modeling system. The tough thing is to take a HARD HARD look at player experience and change up the game to avoid ruts/spawn castles, use all that terrain we invested in, be revolutionary in generating team cohesion, and get across implicit in the design and PR videos what we KNOW what the game is when done right. 3/4 of the problem with this game has been a really crappy lay the egg of the noob spawning in, defenseless and no idea what they are facing, only to find total isolation on an abandoned mission or an absolute campfest they have no skills to survive in. The retention rate should not surprise anyone.
  21. Well first get your billing house in order and assess where you are financially. Next we need to know what you can do programmatically with said resources at your disposal vs. what is doable at X kickstarter funding. We throw a lot of stuff at the wall that we never know whether it will stick or not.
  22. I'm guessing several thousand, but with the billing change, if they don't reup it will be less.
  23. Hmmm, it's not me and my opinion I'm concerned with, I can speak quite clearly for myself here on the forums. It's the business decisions based on results from odd choices that skew results from X people ingame that concern me.
  24. Nothing personal, but I really hate those polls. Not that they exist, absolutely a good idea to keep that up and no less a figure then Jim Dunnigan and SPI pioneered using that heavily and grew their company. No, the polls drive me crazy cause they have really strange options/solutions and most of them don't have an 'other' or 'something else' option that indicates more exploration of the topic. That and either/or nature of the questions can skew results.