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  1. My thought is this is ridiculous pandering, just another way to say no SD while trying to shut up the SD crowd. While delaying say a Tiger or S76 spawning will help underpop town/FB attackers a little, the main effect overpop has is all those infantry streaming in and shutting down any movement and overwhelming any point they get organized enough to do. The proportional cap timers has done wonders for making underpop competitive, but they need that extra few seconds to slow down overpop density. Overpop should not be coded against to the point of not being able to attack or defend, but it needs to be a fair playing field 24/7 and no SD/longer cap times ain't it. Slightly faster cap timer base for all, SD cutting in only with serious overpop/underpop ratios and only to a maximum of 30s, and we should be good to go.
  2. Given typical FMS driving behavior, that would have the effect of killing attacks dead that aren't primetime or being run by a vet squad, and make FB defense near impossible.
  3. I question whether any existing engine can accommodate WWIIOL's peculiar workload. Star Citizen is trying to do something similar with mixing very fast ships, slower ground vehicles and spacer/shooter movement, and they have had to dump a LOT of money to try and achieve the same thing- arguably without success.
  4. Put SD in, but the real killer is the Nodal Spawn Capture Castle.
  5. 1. Integrated voice comms so we can talk these people through, and more attention paid to that all important first 30 minutes of the game. 2. Coded Commanders- Map Commander that all AO/DO commanders report to and has access to overall supply screens whether town or brigade- AO/DO COs sees all missions on a special screen they have including FMS locations and marks for their battle and can direct/shape the fight. 3. Revamp of the whole system to get away from Nodal Supply Spawn Fort to units in the field seizing road/rail nets for logistics but operating and spawning in a range of the field, so we are fighting unit on unit and not capture the castle.
  6. Right, the fix will be worse then the problem, as it would either bar entry to a battle area, create barriers that break illusion, and/or put the game on rails moreso then the spawn castle node capture paradigm already does.
  7. The key to overpop's power is in the freedom to maneuver into an advantageous firing position over and above a straight 1:1 kill ratio, and the underpop without mitigation generally can't, tied to running in an undying series of desperate Alamo defenses until overwhelmed. The point of variable cap timing is to create a similar population capture player-time so once the play gets to cases inside town the underpop can frustrate or deliver threatening attacks without having the manpower to do it with superior firepower in superior position- or to multiply any firepower's effect. The point of spawn delay is to slow down the overpop so they are not collectively as fast streaming back in for an FB/spawn defense, spawning armor/air, and give underpop a little bit more time to get that ATG/tank out on attack/defense without being autosmothered. You have to use both together to get the right mix. My current recommended numbers? Base 60 seconds cap time, every 10% pop discrepancy adds 6 seconds to overpop cap time and removes 6 seconds underpop time. So a 200% overpop advantage would be 3 minutes, but the usual capturing pop cuts down time so it's not so bad, just soaks up overpop side players. The underpop in similar conditions can almost instantly cap things. SD start at 50% pop and adds 3 seconds per 10% overpop advantage, 30s maximum. Note this means you lose a depot battle, likely the underpop will cap/recap because you can't spawn in fast enough to kill him before the cap. Another mechanism could be to back off some of these harsh numbers and have pop minimums to cap- so an overpop might have to have 2 3 or 4 in the depot for the clock to even start. Probably add an extra for every 100% advantage.
  8. Most used symbol I've seen is ships for friendly FMS.
  9. Inappropriate to discuss here I think, and in any event as you know you and I think differently from each other, you may have no problem with where the Allies are going. HG, I and some of the others are kinda old school salty as the internet would say.
  10. Yak, I missed this! We're friends in the same DFW area IRL, I'm going over to his house this Wednesday to watch the S3 opener for The Expanse. He's stated he's not coming back and I believe, during a dogsitting weekend I fired up his machine to play on my account and it had not patched for months. I explained why I' m not playing Allied anymore- he totally gets that too, and my reasons would have caused him to quit Allied too.
  11. Campaigns SHOULD be able to be fast and short or long, based on player play. Make those timers go faster and I think you will see a lot more happy on both sides of whatever underpop/overpop.
  12. Nope.
  13. Boredom absolutely is the ultimate enemy in WWIIOL.
  14. If we are talking the Great Mouzon Campfest, that's what overpop sides should be able to do, use their superior numbers for firepower/maneuver advantage, and underpop can recap fast and threaten an entire town with just a few fast cappers and one gun/tank where it hurts.
  15. I think we are far closer to being fair then ever before. Just need to tweak this thing so offense is easier while still remaining balanced.
  16. Ive been attacked as Axis by underpop Allies- its a real threat, particularly if ignored.
  17. I'll play ball because I actually worked out something similar to this, basically a no-man's land system without supply in ANY frontline town within the current brigade paradigm making every battle a meeting/drive in battle and minimal camping. Of course town supply was not involved. So what happens to the Paal KG1 if Diest is taken? Does it sit there not giving supply advantage until its moved manually out, or does it automatically fallback out of range of the enemy frontline? Interested in reading the no-man proposal if I can find it?
  18. The problem is when someone rolls up to an enemy FB and encases their spawn/rollout area then sits back and preps a camp for forces that cant get out of the FB area. These walls are out in the play area, are destroyable, the larger they are the easier an undefended point will allow blowing/ bombing, and breaching and flanking defenders then using their wall against them is all fair play.
  19. You're on the wrong side of this one Ce. The timer numbers are too high, but this is making underpop attack possible. That literally DOUBLES the action.
  20. Disagree. Part of the effect IS to give underpop a chance to clear the target building, leaving multiple player speed capping in place as is would just give overpop advantage.
  21. Was there, no question the man's action won the battle. To paraphrase General Schwarzkopf, amateurs spawn Tigers, professionals spawn trucks.
  22. One hour is too long. The thing that everyone keeps forgetting is that the defender has to have skin in the game. Another thing to remember is that units that move out or are bounced out will have the same effect. So if we go with the 15m one the depot link for the bounced brigade if still friendly will populate but 15m is plenty of time to finish it- an hour and you'll never get one of those no-man-land battles except for preset supporting brigades. Which i'm in favor of, a lot of the purpose of things like this trickle timer and NAO is about spreading the action and supply around and reward having flags spread around instead of stacked. Keep in mind your 1 hour deal would also horribly punish ANY moves, simply moving a division down a line could leave a whole front without supply for an hour. And a sweeping set of naval or air units being shuffled could cut off access to all the units at once. Oh, that's a question- Rats, will town supply drop when the AB is taken, and will depots open up to use linking town supply?
  23. Delems, this can be fixed with the trickle settings of no supply first 15 minutes, then the rest of the supply arriving over 2 hours, and not on the 'heaviest stuff arrives ASAP' setting but the spread out setting where if there was one Tiger/Matty they would show up at the one hour mark. That's more like an entire brigade strung out on a road and arriving in ones and twos. And if it is moved again well the tickets reset all over and it's like the brigade is on a hasty road movement. Best part- could be done next campaign, just trickle settings, no coding required.
  24. Another question that comes to mind- assuming all pop-triggered AOs, will it be possible for an entirely defensive/underpop/no FB side to not have an AO? Will AOs automatically drop when local pop drops below the trigger point? Will AO counts drop with overall pop, or just by local trigger? Can a side have more AOs with more people on the attack then an equally popped side more on defense? Can a side have more AOs period because they are overpop and therefore can trigger more AOs?
  25. My question- how does Allied Air/Naval supply work? Totally up to AHC? Limits? Tied to who owns the town? The last is likely to create scenarios where a town may be BEF in a sea of French or American towns and unable to be overstocked. Secondary question- is making comments on the answers desired here, or in separate threads?