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  1. Windows or Macintosh, there is no Linux version.
  2. I have a 7900 GT OC. It is sweet indeed. However I am convinced that beyond a certain point for WWIIOL video card money is wasted and you are better off getting a quality motherboard, best CPU you can buy and memory fast enough to feed it but no more.
  3. Can you add those links to this thread? It gets bumped constantly and will keep your links fresh and available.
  4. Good luck with that Buggsy, I like where you are going with that. Except for the part where you are shooting me.
  5. Bump darnit!
  6. I'd wait on dual core until a year from now when the middle-line processors beat the high-end single cores now, then never go back.
  7. Ah heck, I bought a GTOC only 2 months ago. Foo. The deal is that in general the way most computers work you can only run one program on a CPU at a time. But with cycles in the billions (the Ghz) and millions of instructions per second (the complex instructions the billions of cycles are performing) it just goes through a lot of stuff quickly which is how your computer is keeping all the balls juggled up in the air. So if you have a dual core that has 2.4 Ghz then one cpu is doing the game and the other is sitting around running your OS chores related to the game running and anti-virus, etc. So a lot of that processor juice is wasted. Since Windows XP is an OS derived from DEC's VAX, it uses threads, which allows some of the workload to be shifted to that second CPU (the hyperthreading term you'll see bandied about) if the program will support it. In general a good thing, except for realtime time critical processes like oh say, WWIIOL. However if you have a single core on AMD in general the CPU is cycling faster and so has an extra few hundred million cycles per second to blow on rendering your death. That's great up to the point that your anti-virus program decides it's time to phone home and get the latest updates, then lag city because it's running on the same core you are trying to fly on. I went 3800 AM2 SC because I was intentionally blowing my cash on DDR2 and the video card. I fully intend to upgrade to a dual core CPU two years from now when AMD is trying to dump an AM2 dual core 6000 for $200 or something like that. 4800 would be my price point too for your choice, I just would have obviously gone PC-8500/AM2 if price be no object.
  8. Have to disagree on the DDR2 memory, the key is to get the right combination of CL x memory speed, your memory subsystem can actually can go faster on them and feed your CPU more effeciently. Example, classic PC-3200 going at CL2 works out to 5ns per clock for a total of 10ns. My DDR2 PC-6400 going at CL4 works out to 2.5ns per clock for exactly the same speed 10ns, but at CL5 for 1.75ns works out to 8.75 ns. Plus the bandwidth coming off the chip is larger. So the question is, is your CPU high-end enough to take advantage of it? In my case, presently no, I intentionally bought AM2 and cheap, looking to pop in another cheap CPU-only upgrade two years from now. A good example of the highest end stuff the PC-8500, which I just couldn't quite justify, and the outrageous memory feed it provides.
  9. I think it always moved slower then the other forums, and so thanks to the very stringent filters none of the cool threads stay up for long.
  10. You know Im yours Lex! Looks darn good doesnt it?
  11. Go AM2, the memory subsystem and slot gives you an actual upgrade path. Don't cheap out on the memory though, go CL4 PC6400, you then have the option to overclock the board and hit the 'actually faster' CL5 with a bus overclock.
  12. I went AM2 with a 'cheap' 3800+. Went that way despite Duo because I believe that AMD will strike back and design something awesome for that socket. I am getting up to 164 fps, 70 in most ground battles. Machine cost approximately $1000 not counting monitor.
  13. KEF, this is a very brutal game, and it is very tough. But the infantry rule this game. The tanks do indeed mow down the infantry, but only if the infantry step in front of the tank. What you have to do as a new guy is recognize your squishy nature and get into situations that will allow you to rank up. Being outside an AB during an attack in ambush can be good, you can pop a few then RTB. You can also run a truck out and become an MSP, you get points for people spawning from you. The point rank system is on a near logarithimic curve so you will rank up quickly just doing these two sort of missions.
  14. There is speed and there is latency. They are two components of what you want in quality memory. What you want to look at is the total nanoseconds it takes to do memory functions. For instance my 4-4-4-12 memory actually functions better at 5-5-5-18 because it can go to 533MhZ, yielding a 1.75 ns per clock cycle rate instead of 2.5 at 400Mhz for the 4 settings (only 5% improvement but I didn't spend premium money to get the really high end stuff). It is also more overclockable as there is more 'give' and quality in general in this memory level. The main thing you'll get with DDR2 is memory bandwidth with the second channel, likely more then your CPU can handle. The real dual core gains won't start until AMD ups what the onboard memory controller can handle in conjunction with the processors themselves, then you'll see this architecture take off. Of course the memory may not be seated, bad, or you may have a bad slot. Tried moving them around, done Memtest?
  15. Built new WWIIOL machine, equivalent stuff first Newegged. DVD-ROM, monitor, keyboard, mouse, joystick brought from previous machines. Bottom Line cost, $920 on Newegg. Worked out to something more like $1100 with OEM MS-XP and buying a $60 Fry's 'we'll replace your stuff for 3 years' warranty. Performance- flying in air 100+ average. Heavy battles 30-40 fps on balanced performance/quality settings, with maxed out sound and player visibility. No overclocking yet. Thot you gents might find my choices and thinking interesting in light of the flux of current technology. Get into it later, gotta get home.
  16. Well that is a stand-in case, I couldn't find the specific model in their catalog. Mine is 380W and remember I'm running an AM2 single core no OC so far so my power use is lower then the average bear.
  17. I have a near match to your system Elflord except I went 3800+ AM2 single core (saving bucks for the next level in 1-2 years). I have a thread in which I'll be talking about all sorts of things I found, plus OCing adventures, so you might watch for that as I go into uncharted waters. The key thing I can tell you absolutely firsthand right out of the chute is that you don't want that 5-5-5 memory everyone is pushing, that's like effectively 2.5-2.5-2.5 in DDR400 terms and will hurt your overall speed (clock cycles x #ns per clock cycle). I got my baby set to 4-4-4-12 and it made a really nice difference. I got Corsair 6400C4s, 6400C3s or the 8500s would be even better. The second thing is that I brought my Audigy card over, installed the card and driver, and found out the darn thing was eating literally 30% of my machine. Switched to my mobo sound, absolutely no processing issues. 100-110 fps flying on my own, 20fps on those lags up to 60 or so for air battles, 70+ in open country, 30-40+ fps in heavy ground battles, and this without any tweaking. I'll crank it up and see what I get, preliminary stab at the PCI Express OC was in the range of 10% improvement per 10 Mhz. Huh, didn't see any mention of the AMD driver in any of the material I'd read before, definitely have to try that. I might have even a more uber system with spiffy optimizations.
  18. This site is very very thorough about the whole Dutch part of the war. Of particular note is the intense loss of Ju-52s over Holland.
  19. Just so you know the Fritz-X and other guided goodies were not just a German specialty-
  20. Interesting point about all those, most seemed to be used against the Japanese.
  21. Another goodie.
  22. Hey Massiv, that movie is automatically in the Best of for next year, no contest! I can't tell you how many 'I'm l33t ub3r' movies done to Rammstein or Top Gun I've watched until my eyeballs bled and eardrums exploded. This is the perfect cure!
  23. Got this from the Yahoo France 1940 website- They apparently lifted an entire museum in Belgium's collection and moved it to Indiana. The really interesting stuff is the things people usually don't collect- trucks and motorcycles. They apparently have a very rare 251. It has target kites as well, which I had never heard of before. Two models of battleships liberated from the Winds of War stock. A model of the Graf Spee. Perhaps the most unique thing it has likely the only live rendered painting of Hitler in existence. Anyway Rats, no limit of opportunity to measure and model from what is here, especially those French prime movers.
  24. Er, Xanthus, gotta challenge that point about Japan. The Mongols were stopped in the Vietnamese peninsula area and the Egyptians beat them. The Japanese did not stop them so much as survive them thanks to that thar divine wind stuff (storms that blew up and destroyed the Mongol fleets). I would also attribute the Mongol Empire breakup to comms problems, lack of unifying culture to hold it together, and absorption by the Mongols into more settled cultures and religions ultimately more appealing then their own.
  25. Made 50 CDs in all, gave 2 sets to my squaddies, a squad leader in my old brigade (he put up with enough from me so I owed him), gave a CD to the Rats, gave a 3-volume set to Newfive so he could put them up at The Trainer, and put up the rest for giveaway to the convention goers, so I think that worked out to something like 11 sets given away. So all in all very video successful, except for the part where my PC died and we couldn't transfer my whole vid collection to Newfive.