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  1. Not an option, I only have 6. Doesn't look like any kind of decently formed option either, looks very much like something that is out of field or supposed to be in the code but is coming through warts and all.
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled entirely. I have upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers and accepted the ActiveX drivers off the CRS install. Plenty of reboots between. None are working. Two clues B2K- 1) the mouse is clearly an active controller, and able to manipulate tiled windows and even click on buttons and tabs successfully if I luck out and run across them. But the UI is just dead without a working mouse. The arrow is invisible when the game takes over display control but is otherwise fully functional for other apps. 2) the video display on WWIIOL settings.exe looks VERY odd, Instead of my card displaying its showing \\. \DISPLAY6. My card is a GTX960.
  3. It does not.
  4. I have Windows 10 Pro, so that option is worded a bit differently. In any event it was unclicked, and running through the options does no good. Neither does run as administrator.
  5. I'd go ahead with the buy if it's not a hardship. The i7 is going to do somewhat better then the Athlon overclock, but likely won't translate into a big FPS win, marginal, maybe 5%. Should see better FPS against what you have with either approach. The main reason to do it is get on Win10 Pro and plenty of RAM and future proof your machine for other things you run.
  6. Attrition matters in this game, so the only currency in the game, rank and equipment, is only achieved when earned rather then bought. Your subscription gives you the opportunity to earn the rank and access the equipment, and even then the equipment might not be there at the battle you want because it was destroyed an hour before. Player bought equipment like other WWII games would be ruinous to the attrition/earned victory ethos. I don't want to play in a pay 2 win environment. A front-end pay $60 and play forever doesn't work either because it's a continuous dev process and not a version we pay for every other year, and they would have to shut down the 'older' versions anyway to repurpose computing power to the main game.
  7. 4 CPU makes sure the OS, antivirus and what not are out of the way. But WWIIOL is not a true multithreading game, so more then 4 is a waste. It's all about the fast cycles, get that Ghz up. Intel provides value for its dollar with it's architecture, CPU keeps fed with that cache. AMD should work fine though, just don't settle for 2 Ghz blah.
  8. I don't like equalizers, everything should be different and a combined arms team. Rifles can be key, just stake out a street and none shall pass cut of enemy infantry. You don't have to fight it out in the depots. I also disagree that 75 SMGs and 75 rifles would end up being even use, it would still be 0 SMGs and 50 rifles. There is another factor you gents are not considering, the sub factor. If rifles were the everything weapon, what benefit would subscribing bring for inf only guys? A lot of the newer weapons are subscription candy- put rifles on an even basis and you eliminate incentive.
  9. I just always take rifles and not worry about it. Big wins to take out SMGs and LMGs with rifles too. Being able to surge MGs when it's town saving or taking time is key too.
  10. I like it. Bit more Axis advantage then you let on, specifically paras to help take back Axis naval bases, but pretty minor in the scheme of things, and would make things more interesting for Allied pilots usually locked out of Southern operations when the usual three South fields get overrun early on.
  11. Game started design work in 1999 and first published in 2001. The interaction between ground air and sea units was in from the first year on, imagine how slow and weak the PCs of 2001 were compared to now, yet it worked. There was no engine that could do this, so yes very custom. There are some engines that are getting close in the modern era, Star Citizen's highly custom refit comes to mind, but that is with tens of millions invested into that engine and still not published as a complete environment. WWIIOL ain't pretty, but it does things others can't do even yet.
  12. On HC business, there are times, rare but very needed, where we need to contact the other side to resolve issues. Probably about 1/4 of those go away with ToEs, but most issues have to do with AOs, such as surrenders that should take place due to bugged circumstances or other questions/problems with AO placement. I'm not sure a hard-coded 'dedicated side' administration serves the game best for HCs faced with these sort of issues, or for players especially new ones that may be bouncing back and forth before they decide on a 'home'. Am I reading something into the above statements?
  13. A few, in numbers comparable to Matty IIs.ütz_III#Variants
  14. The one battle that was a stand up fight for S35s vs. Panzer divisions was the world's first battle between armor corps- Technically the French were in the process of breaking the German armored corps even against German air supremacy, but lack of flanking support/preparation by Belgian engineers and the breakthrough at Sedan forced them back leaving disabled units on the field, while the Germans could repair and reconstitute their forces. In addition, Corps Cav with two of the three 'real' armored divisions was only one armored corps, the Germans had gone all in with that sort of formation and in the long term the French Corps would likely have been overwhelmed anyway. DeGaulle's proposed organization, if heeded, likely would have yielded better results. Corps Cav fighting was instrumental in buying time for the 'miracle of Dunkirk'. The CRS order of battle for the French Army in the game had 1st Army as THE army group and all French divisions were under it.
  15. That's a lot of the game in a nutshell, learning lessons and taking a shot at solving a problem. The other responses have gone into all sorts of pertinent detail so I won't rehash other then to say you did 'win' in a sense, losing the commander really makes an armor vehicle closer to blind and impotent. The FMS can spawn light anti tank guns, I don't know if you can, but if you could you could have spawned a gun and had a chance to destroy him outright. Or, you might have pointed him in the direction of your FMS- always wheels within wheels for how this game plays out. Different Panny drivers would behave differently in that situation- for instance I would never drive TO the smoke, maybe through it to run over someone that may be hiding there, but making me blind when my advantage is to use gunner optics to spot and kill you isn't helped by smoke. This is a very personal human game, and there are always surprises. The most dangerous hunt is against that animal called man- I expect you have been finding that out.
  16. Hi, dirty stinking Allied High Command or shining beacon of wholesome Axis-kicking goodness here, depending on your POV. Allied Comms- Side channel- chatty, casual, but often more watched and responded to then others (expect some shooting the breeze off topic conversations though) Ops channel- serious ground 30- Naval channel 33- Squad leader channel, in use part of the day and not others 55- Air channel The most commonly used channel is Target, that picks up all people tuned to Target and on missions pointed to the same target- so for defensive missions that would be the town being defended (typically a DO or 'defensive order/objective', for attacks that would be the target town or AO or 'attack order/objective'. In the case of an AO the spawn or start town can be one of many, but the target channel will allow comms for all missions on the same AO. Several people like using Mission, which only goes to people actually on that mission. Keeps the Target/Side/Ops channels clear of local fight info, sometimes helpful doing things 'quietly'. My typical Allied channel bar is something like Side Ops Target Mission Squad 55 I'll typically drop Mission for 33 if that channel is in play. In addition, High Commanders have a separate text comm system that shows in Blue Text- so if you get ahold of one HC player, he can quickly relay important information to the whole command. There are also SYSTEM messages, those are coming from RATS (the colloquial collective name for the makers of the game), and .ALLIED/.AXIS messages, coming from HC players. Be sure to try out both sides of the game, if not now then later. If you stick with one side, you are only playing half the game, and it is very enlightening to actually operate enemy equipment and see what the game looks/plays like from the other side. And a LOT of fun killing your friends and twice as annoying being killed by them. And you will get a new appreciation for what a lot of players on your 'main side' do that might not be visible to you normally until you are shot by them. Yes, join a squad, get on TS, and then you will see what the game really is.
  17. Technically QR codes ARE barcodes, there are linear barcodes and 2D barcodes. I do this professionally.
  18. Have to agree with the point about the URL, need to shovel people in. Delta would be perfect if you had the people but no stylized rising sun, and a URL. URL should probably be on the front, use the WWIIONLINE yellow block up front with the URL underneath. The WORLD WAR II part will catch their eye, drop down to ONLINE and see the enlisted part, on the front you have the game name and how to get there. If it was 'still cool', a URL barcode that would link straight to the website somewhere in there. Not sure if that would play well.
  19. Agreed on the defense sector issue, but I don't think the modern gamer would sign up for the 10 minute drive/30 second fight paradigm to service that 'solution'. As to overstocking, if your side is short of people, it is likely they are not overstocking, the overpop side is. That helps accelerate overpop campaign victory, not make for underpopped tactical relevance. Which brings up a point- part of this game is somebody needs to win and somebody needs to lose. The traditional overpop/morale method works to achieve this, but I submit that this mechanic is counterproductive as it drives people away from having a chance to win as their chances of victory are predicated on what enough of their side or the other side decides to pony up and put in the hours. Steam will no doubt boost numbers, but it won't solve the Cycle of Suck tearing at subs. We need to do better then that.
  20. Playing near the end of the campaign where vet pilots have their Tier 3 rides is a guaranteed exercise in frustration for people limited to T0 planes. Trick is to play at the beginning of the campaign, where your opposition is limited to slightly better planes then the E-1 because EVERYONE is at Tier 0. First two weeks, Tier 0 and Tier 1, should have a much more level playing field for those starting out. Just to clarify, WWIIOL has tiered equipment levels like WoT (I suspect they lifted the concept from WWIIOL), but they are limited by first how much time has passed in the campaign, and as you already know by rank. So each campaign is like a mini-WWII in that the equipment gets more powerful as the 'years' pass abstractly, roughly corresponding to a week per tier, although that timing is variable. You're flying around in what would constitute a training plane that should not stray out of Germany, facing 1942-1943 planes. You want to face 1940-1941 planes, and that happens at the beginning of every campaign. Oh, and of course join a squad. A wingman especially with a better ride and all sorts of friends to call upon when in trouble will help your K/D and survival.
  21. Different situation. The flags were essentially filters allowing access to the base related supply that the game started with, and the BEF had 2 big divisions (3 brigades 1 HQ) as opposed to 6 ArFr light divisions (2 brigades 1 HQ). Axis had same mix of 2 heavy and 6 light, but had freedom to maneuver them in whatever order they pleased. The north threat therefore was real as there was only 8 brigades available to 'activate' supply and cover a large front. It also took a lot toc ut off the Zees. I still contend the seam was a bigger issue, especially when people showed up and capped a town the 'wrong' country and overstock issues.
  22. I think my NAO idea does largely the same thing, without the superradical reprogramming.
  23. You have a very strange sense of the old map. The Seam running down the river Maubege-Charleroi-Sambreville-Namur was a much bigger issue.
  24. Thought about my response to this assertion. I have no doubt on your description of matters on the Axis side. I understood the faultlines to be more by squad and by service, particularly branches Heer/LW/KG and differing RDP/AO priorities or squad favoritism/punishment, perceived or real, and squads vs. HC in general. However, I'm afraid I cannot believe the statement of no country targeting as factual description of what happened even if it is to you personally. Perhaps that might have been true pre-AO as each Armee attacked as it saw fit. But once AOs were in, there were just too many campaigns where the AOs went in a specific order designed to break one country or the other, geographically if nothing else, so even if that was not your experience or strategy you participated in the side as a whole did practice it.
  25. Your other characterizations are matters of opinion, but this 'designed as crutches' part is a flatout falsehood. It may have had that effect from your POV, but crutches wasn't the design intent behind brigades. Local variability, blitzkrieg breakthrough, fixing the Allied situation re: supply, yes. We Allies ran with it and fixed country targeting and keeping everyone playing with their preferred toys. Far as overstock is concerned, it has never been removed, and was potentially several times more potent when an overstocked brigade could be moved to the point of weakness, hence the built in limits. But, no surprise you celebrate the overstock, more overpop Iwin, worse it's stored overpop oncall when overpop advantage is on during a big squad or division night.