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  1. I suspect this won't happen due to the expectation that current full subscribers would drop to $5 or $10 accounts since most people are not interested in all three branches. That would gut income, not increase it.
  2. Been suggesting AOs set by the opposite population for some time. Other option is AO count by lowest side's pop.
  3. <shrug> I'm good with that. I have been highly uncomfortable with some of these infantry spawnlists anyway.
  4. Destroyable state of sandbags that change them to scattered on the ground after sufficient collider/vehicle impact?
  5. In one sense I agree that the population disparity/effect issues both make this worse and are the more serious problem, but in another suck butt play is suck butt play and needs to be coded out. Not 400m like spawns, definitely closer as the fight wins territory closer, but definitely 50-100m distance, not in it. If one takes the AB and loads it up with PPOs that render it unusable after ownership has changed, that's different.
  6. There you have it Rats- more important for many people to have big squads sign on and hit the IWin button then have a game. Which by the way I am not against big squads in terms of winning through superior play or organization, that should always be rewarded, just against the pernicious aspects of overpop autowin. I agree that social groups are a major game content plus and retention factor, I disagree that the whole game should be structured to reward them and punish others, or that a laissez-faire too bad so sad attitude towards mismatches retains player hour generation better. Map state sure as hell DOES affect squads showing up. Sorry Victarus, I know you want coding solution options, but you can't extricate or isolate that problem set from the nature or goals of players with differing play agendas and styles. It has to ALL be looked at, especially since you are IMO really talking about emotional appeal feeding content creation.
  7. Bmw is describing what it was like in the first iteration of the game. My understanding is that a town may be given a small medium or large spawnlist based on it's size, but it won't be AB or AB count driven spawnlists, hence the term Town Based Supply.
  8. The problem is that if you are down to just 5-6 people, just detailing one to anti-PPO work gives up 2-3 facilities automatically and eliminates being able to react with the whole of the spawnlist, even worse and more surely then a full on camp. It's another example of advantage overpop especially in low density times. Pitiful.
  9. Well Victarus, it's really tough to contribute in the direction you describe because we players keep getting told option A/B/C that we come up with is not feasible, even though many 'neat ideas' have been floated over the years to address this sort of thing. A lot of that sort of 'black box no' business was before your time, but still an issue for these sort of conversations. Would help knowing what the range of coding options are. As to the point of making lowpop play like highpop or 2:1 play like 1:1- you can't, not without imposing obnoxious powerups/limits/disables. The firepower/maneuver question alone means a higher pop crew can always afford to drive more tanks/planes/guns into the battlespace independent of any spawning/cap mechanics may be coded- not to mention differentiating combat potentials imposed by F2P/limited/premier account equipment access. My point with PN is to let 1:2 be able to attack and defend fast and light and force the same hard manpower time resource decisions on the overpop as the underpop naturally has. Not equal style battles, but equal opportunity for a win. Now your example discussion does spark an additional thought. For capping a town, underpop could have a victory condition capping facilities to whatever percentage the underpop is compared to the overpop. So if there were 40 overpop and 20 underpop on, the 40 have to capture a whole town, the underpop just has to cap 50% of a town to capture it. Don't think settling for a consolation prize for underpop is going to cut it.
  10. Technically they can, realistically they cannot as overpop has enough to quickly roll any town they are attacking, defend against the underpop attack AND blow the underpop FBs since the underpop does not have anyone left to watch them and the threshold to kill them quickly again favors overpop people- particularly the high FB destruct settings AND the engineer/rifle supply mechanism. The current fast cap settings for underpop are too low IMO, and have some other weaknesses in the approach. Good initial coded feature, not doing enough IMO.
  11. It's not theorycrafting, the Axis LMG absolutely is like a tank in terms of suppression and the only stat that really counts, capping facilities. If a tank is knocked out, in most cases the tanker will have to take at least 10 minutes to get in position again. Meanwhile with FRUs the LMG is back in no time at all to provide suppressing or capturing superiority. Doubly so with FMS if tanks can't suppress/cut. What is not true is that I ever advocated that Axis LMGs be lowered. Maybe some other Allied did, but I think the Axis should have non-red vs. blue advantages. Vive la difference. But I do want the Axis LMG recognized as the firepower monster it is and be firmly marked in the advantage column and not neuter the Allied spawnlist without the LMGs taken into consideration.
  12. Im completely on board with LMGs doing what they were designed to do, this mission. It's the Terminator depot sweeper stuff that sets me off.
  13. He didn't say it directly, but certainly indirectly. By allowing 'attack anywhere' which let's face it is code for eliminating AOs, that puts the overpop so infinitely in the driver's seat it would make the first two years look like patty cake. You have a habit of assuming what my or any of the HC motivations are, and I ask you to stop mischaracterizing my motivations or any of my comrades. I am not scared of large groups out of HC control in this context, I am when the game does not balance population effects. Which is the topic of conversation of this thread and HIGHLY relevant. I AM concerned that we will go straight back to Tribal Raiders of France, and once again we will devolve back to who can put the biggest squads on the longest to overrun relatively underpop people, or more of the same TZ3 shenanigans. I want to play in a war, not a squad egofest. If there was a large squad on lowpop- wait there was, the ANZACS and associated squads. But they aren't there anymore, and in large measure because of the lack of development for command tools or even variability in lowpop play for several years. I daresay Allies won a lot of campaigns on their backs, same as Axis do more often nowadays. So this isn't a side issue per se, it's a deep design issue, and will still apply even if all vestiges of HC and AOs were swept away- even more so then now or 1.36.
  14. Exactly the wrong approach. Underpop should not be denied the ability to attack by game mechanics of pop spawning and capture. Period.
  15. FMS is eating supply like crazy. I'm not sure how you can say that.
  16. I certainly did read it, particularly the line about how people just have to suck it up if they are underpopped and play defense. It's an arrogant attitude and it sucks, its about the IWin button when large groups log in, and damn straight I will speak against it.
  17. That was a logic rule problem which could have been fixed with one simple damn .fallback command being coded, and we could not get it. Some of the 'bad' or 'hardcore' or imagineering or UI problems made the thing 10x as worse to manage and control. That's why the constant drumbeat for game tool improvement that never came, along with a very hard push on the Allied side at least for squad liaisons and coded reserve officers.
  18. Hope that mischaracterization of HC guys doesn't include me.
  19. This is something I've been for for a long time, or even having to 'rank up' to become HC through dedicated experience and support. Alas, as I understand it CRS is looking to junk the whole system because of the drastic things that happen with HC mismatches or more likely no HC on. Any system we do come up, town based or other, has to consider the man-hours and motivations of people to want to do it.
  20. I don't think you are thinking this through.
  21. Pop neutrality or bust.
  22. And exactly the sort of thing that contributes to the cycle of suck.
  23. Completely, utterly disagree. Months or years of having to be the defense TZ drives off players, contributes to the cycle of suck, and really is cheating the people of a particular TZ out of half the game, offense for the underpop and defense for the overpop.
  24. My answer to this is simple and consistent. 24x7, either side can successfully defend and attack, no matter the pop imbalance. That's what I mean when I use the phrase pop neutrality.
  25. Thread in Premium Discussions, they wanna know whatup.