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  1. Very nice Froggie, I could quibble with a couple minor points, but overall a very good concise explanation that could help retain new subs. If only people read it.
  2. This is in Pop Neutrality, so I'm for it.
  3. I believe Dinker came up with this years ago, and maybe people proceeding him Zeb, it's been circulating for years. I think it can have many of the salutatory effects David notes, but it can also mean the same old battles over and over since the trigger point would mean X density and ninja caps would be virtually impossible. It also means AOs dropping like a stone if an FB is blown, rather then giving it a chance to be taken back, and not having AOs that split defense even if there aren't enough on to attack or interested in attack. If a side generally does not want to attack but a few do, those few won't be able to do so unless they can get a threshold set of people to do it. It really helps turtle tactics. It's not a bad option and the sort of thing you want for larger squads to have options for the biggest problem in the game for them, the speed of squads problem where AOs come on and off on it's schedule not the squad's, but I don't think it would be good for every AO to go that way.
  4. This is why we have to have balance for both sides 24/7 and end the Cycle of Suck.
  5. I'll throw out another oldie but goodie- AO tied to opposing side pop. So if the trigger for 2 AOs is say 50 total, and one side is 35 and the other 15, then the 15 get clobbered, or at least will spend their entire time defending if they want to achieve anything since any attack can be easily batted away. If instead the trigger was 15 per AO of the opposing side, then the overpop 35 would get 1 AO, and the underpop 15 would get 2 AOs. Coupled with the cap timer differential, the underpop side can cycle through threatening or even taking towns while going back to the defense as needed, and the overpop has to now worry about losing towns at a 2:1 rate so they are split up. Full disclosure- in the thread where the Rats finally read the proposal, Doc was intrigued, but KFS1 was against it, in his view it increased the power of the overpop side by channeling them into fewer concentrated AOs. My logic is that the frontage of exposed towns is directly proportional to the population actually on, and equal opportunity 24/7.
  6. For those with Barracks access and Rat Review- Principles of WWIIOL Design- Pop Neutrality- NAO (Regional Fighting)-
  7. I think you are right about this, and a good reason to eliminate SD too, as that automatically gives the overpop side an automatic feel for how much they overpop the other side. Hahahhahahahahaha! Don't forget second accounts, probably more serious since that would be a vet player with extra goodies. This is scary, you can't be agreeing with me. Have you read my pop neutrality thread? Wolfboy, Delems and I have gone round and round on this one, you can read up on it in the Barracks, the general term used for it is Spawn Queue. I am utterly against it, people want to play with their guys, the game is selling 24/7 single arena battle access, we need to find another way.
  8. If we have true pop neutrality, I would make the offense easier. Any one of a number of ways to do that.
  9. TZ3 is not the only TZ getting beatings, Axis have been beat on in primetime and Euro Allies were historically beat on (although not so consistently and sometimes Allied advantaged lately). The issue is to allow for attack 24/7 and not be forced into 100% D except by superior play. Double the content, halve the sub losses, Axis has ability to attack at disadvantaged as much as any Allies.
  10. Remember, Town Brigades only, so your suggestion would have to be adjusted for that design goal.
  11. Lizards bring up babies by laying eggs and waddling off. Mammals raise, nurture, wean, protect and train their young. The game needs to move from a lizard to mammal system and not leave retention to chance encounters with good samaritans.
  12. Oh didn't read this. Ya. Exactly.
  13. Half of the fixing done is the where the brigade falls back to reset business. A simple command setting brigades' fallback positions would cut out a lot of HC workload for movement.
  14. This. The spy thing happens less then people think, a good scout is an absolute threat, and map marks are lethal.
  15. Good news to Axis forces, and to those of us on the Allied side that respect what the Iron Wolves stand for. S!
  16. Isn't the same thing done in the air? Seek to change the terms of engagement?
  17. Coping mechanism, like running off to the training server when things get tough or doing truck races? No, I'm talking about the essence of war, bending the enemy to your will and controlling the terms of the engagement. That's not coping. That IS the game. Dumbing it down? Making it mostly a shooter? What does design for a large audience mean? You're not thinking I'm a Rat are you? Let's hear it then. Easy to make demands from the back seat, not so much make the roadmap, much less the roads. The game is not designed for moneymaking and is likely never going to have the numbers fantasy games pull. But this is a game where morale matters, a lot. That certainly is brutal, and has a lot to do IMO with the OP's issue.
  18. I get that. Perhaps you were so busy being upset you didn't read my response where we have lost a lot of people to the uncompromising toughness of the game. It will be that way even if they had completely different formation/spawnlists spawning at 1000s of locations. Because players will play mercilessly. The answer is to MAKE the fight happen on your terms. That may involve moving to a different AO and setting it up, but it can absolutely be done. The enemy however is unlikely to cooperate and gift you with the situation you want. You have to try, perhaps things break your way, sometimes not, and accept that is the price for a truly competitive player-run game.
  19. Nothing stops ANYONE from driving from town instead of FBs, two towns back or towns to the side of the one facing the AO. That would allow for light tank formations and armor breakthrough units. More a surprise nowadays since the average is to drive from FB to town. Just do it.
  20. That's because the guns ARE different. The Flak18 L/56 is the 88 ATG, the Kwk36 L/56 is the Tiger I, the L/71 is the Tiger II gun. Axis gets the upgunned 88 ATG, then 17 pounder gets it's HVAP. Oh baybee.
  21. Axis kicked our azz in Rochefort last night, using a combination of panzers, AT killing inf, camping spawns and overrunning buildings one by one. The last spawn was VERY frustrating as Dcoy got his 38T in place, and I HAD an ATG ready for him, but Allied inf didn't protect me or understand where the Axis was going with that tank. Prior to that Rbrewer and Agave had crossfire setup to kill anything and every inf we had, and we DESERVED to go down because we didn't flank and went stupid. It was frustrating going from being 50% on the AB to total loss. And you know what? That's the GAME. It is a brutal brutal game and I cannot count how many Allies have been lost to the game permanently on the point of an Axis camp. Expect the same in return. Plenty of situations where people will go armor- sometimes it's frustration at being cut down (you do know you have an inf advantage especially with LMGs and RGs, yes?), sometimes supply is such that the armor is what is more available, sometimes speed at eliminating FRUs allows a side to get back to attacking elsewhere. Truck FRUs ARE tough to maintain, they require a higher level of teamwork, deception and support to sustain. The ATG support solution is probably best for attack support before it's time to call in armor, perhaps defense would be better for you and your friends at the moment. Signing onto a larger squad is always a good idea especially if you are attack oriented, you are more likely to get the cover you need to advance and take depots. You may also want to learn about warping if you are not familiar with that technique, opens up which depots you can spawn in and makes your FRU placement less predictable. You may also want to take advantage of KGW's return and play on their ASA days, it is highly unlikely Allied armor will be killing FRUs with impunity during that time period.
  22. Charleeto, this game is not like a lot of other games where you keep pouring on hit point damage and eventually the Big Bad Tank blows up. If your weapon does not penetrate the armor of the target, it does no damage. Also, angles distance and what part of the tank you hit matters a lot. Probably best to practice with AT guns before moving up to armor. You are already well on your way if you are already knifing people, relocating after kills and moving around successfully. I have two accounts, and I still spawn rifle 90% of the time. If you can deplete your enemy's machine gun firepower, that will give your team an advantage. Also, you can outrange a lot of the machine guns and deny them the ability to close and get a lot of kills and captures.
  23. Too bad you can't hit them!
  24. I heard about the game from our one and only squad leader Madurai (who long ago bought one of those $1000 accounts). He was prowling the orange boards, pestered us to sign up. I knew I had an underpowered PC and had enough other gaming interests going on, checked in with him on how the launch was going, he said it was a patched mess of hell. I said no thanks, let me know when it's more stable. A month later he said it was better, so I signed on, been here since. Our squad, 4RCA or properly speaking, Quatrieme Chasseurs d'Afrique, was selected due to it's being the first regiment to switch to the Allies, that we would have a home regiment whenever North Africa came out and in the meantime we could pretend we got shipped to France (which the historical unit did in the Prussian and WWI wars). The game name came from a spur of the moment name I came up with for the Battletech arcade team game, and is from this Special Forces saying-