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  1. It was done, Doc says it nearly broke the game. Probably a never again.
  2. Close in FMS i understand, those will get camped pretty quickly and thoroughly and yes yank that FMS if it can't be rescued. But 1K+ FMS take a LOT longer to camp and if you clear them it can be quite a while before they are back, so I remain sympathetic to the OP's complaint. Now if the OP is away and the FMS is blown, well that's another matter. The lock would help with him not inadvertently creating an attrition trap, or limit the impulse to takelead/delete, but won't protect against enemy action when the attrition isn't happening and they are wasting time watching a stale FMS. THAT, the OP has to live with as a price of his 'style'.
  3. I thought we wanted to encourage him to fight for life and health!
  4. I would hope we would NOT do the squad-only one, the difference to my mind here is that the ML can use this for benefit of squaddies or for everyone, if he turns it loose it's game on without locking off non-squaddies.
  5. I likee. Fits the bill. Could also help those squads that are always complaining about early/badly behaving spawners ruining the secret squirrel mission, lock it until you are ready, bam spawn in, lock it back up.
  6. When I run FMS I often run 'deep' FMS like you do. To my mind it's not relaxed positioning, but as you say a flanking position to control ground for the close approach. They also last a LOT longer, especially with live defenses, and may survive long enough for armor to come up for mutual support. I have gotten a LOT of vicious commentary doing that, instant action guys want instant action and actually get miffed you might not be 300m from a target, heaven forbid they should advance and build situational awareness, catch enemy ATGs/EFMS, sap errant tanks that wander too far out etc.. I've had a few try and takelead, I usually take it back immediately and then I get more invective about how stupid I am. However, this was more in the EFRU days where they would walk an inf up to their preferred range and set closer, at least that sort of made sense. Deleting nowadays doesn't as they are going to have to drive a truck out to set one closer anyway, just make another mission and show us how it is done. This sounds more like petulant 'set it closer' man-children deleting to punish. Can't do anything about those but stay on to takelead em back, but if it's more of a misunderstanding, I usually find it's best to explain what this FMS is doing out in the middle of nowhere via .orders, that way they can look and read before they spawn and perhaps not pitch a delete fit.
  7. Those losses have already been suffered by people who stopped subs, most of whom would have gone F2P/new account. The risk then is people who are protesting equipment or side issues, creating surprise cash flow instability. I'd say this risks more going from X to $0 and disassociated from the game, rather then X to $5 and still has a connection.
  8. Missing Part 0- Voice Comms Everything else about conversion to sub/retention is made infinitely more difficult by lack of comms out of the box.
  9. Balanced lists all the way around, every country, every tier. May be a bridge too far for this crew's philosophy.
  10. No not more true to life. I don't know where you get that idea, other then the surrender, which presumably is not a foregone conclusion in this game. The French Army was several times bigger then the BEF. I suggest you acquaint yourself with the actual ToE.
  11. Everyone has known this for years, drive hard as Brits in early tiers when you can, absorb losses in French sector, then when the French go full Framerican the offense and preference is for French. Later, it's the American brigades that got the love. The new town paradigm without the 33% brigade limit unhinged that equation..
  12. You can blame me directly, I pushed for this. What happened was cheezy azz caps like that to turn countries the 'wrong' way to absolutely screw up any overstocking and this feature was a key element, to make sure it couldn't be done to the Allies again. But it was with the understanding that it wouldn't be abused. Which it is. Because of the unequal spawnlists. Xoom mentioned that if this got abused they WOULD put in some sort of limits, but didn't, I guess with some understanding that this would be handled as gentlemen. Well, we know the history of that. Keep it up Allies, and the rulescoding IMO WILL commence. However, from my perspective, the problem is not the country selection or gaming it, but the fact the BEF spawnlists are more desirable in both firepower AND player 'comfort' in playing Brit (there are a lot of players who just don't want to be in French uniforms, even if the equipment is Framerican). It's why I fought so hard to get Brit ratios back to 33% during the ToE era, when 50% of your playerbase wants to play with 25% of the supply and it's not in most AOs, that causes problems and people fading off. RAF is worse, 85% of Allied pilots want 50% of the supply. Well now the limits are off the BEF count and we can see the obvious preference AND the draw that much BEF play brings the Allies. So that's going to continue as long as we have long term Allied players in game, but the key part is NOT the country selection, which is needed long as overstocking is a thing, but that the BEF T0-2 spawnlists are that much more desirable. So fix the lists and we'll see more balanced town ownerships, or even pockets of 'mixed' countries (like we did to get Stus and Shermans in the north during the pre-ToE days).
  13. 500 more accounts at $5 is $2500 per month or $30000 per year, more then most of the fundraisers. I wouldn't turn it down.
  14. HARD MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Antlers was the guy that did War Room and an automated story of last 24 hours generator. You should get him for content generation.
  16. Honest to goodness I hated the no-cap rifles last time round. You look around the map on a town, assume people are in buildings capping or recapping, don't know which is which, can't allocate people properly to tasks if you don't have a clue which facilities are actually in play. The other bad was that since F2Ps couldn't cap, they wouldn't show up to trigger the capping bar when you are a defender, so if their steps are muffled or drowned out the first indication they are there is you the defender taking a bullet.
  17. That's effectively a commitment of full or zero if you taste of the premium equipment but once. That seems counterproductive, $5 is better then $0, especially if F2P is off the menu. Heh, unbeknownst to you there was a player that was famous or infamous called OJ. He just popped up a bit under his old squad's account SG1. Be interesting to see which of you actually subs first.
  18. Just reviewed the units, only satchel the free accounts can get is one from airborne rifle. Starter account gets all para units, including para sapper. So for $5 a month, if you can reliably get a ride you can blow up Matties.
  19. Well that should be more sexah for both sides.
  20. I thought everybody wanted to goose offense. This is like trying to determine by competing medical reports what causes or cures cancer this week.
  21. QOR is a major strategic factor in wins and losses. Not quite on the same level as say KGW, Dambusters or AEF, but on that Whips/23rd/Lancers level.
  22. I think you underestimate the coding difficulties of some things, independent of any gameplay effects. It's not a simple reversion unless it is DESIGNED to be simple, i.e. a value input for things like FMS distance. I suspect some things have been retrofitted that way, others like the spawnlist entry apparently has not when it should have been at the least database template type loads and not a painful hand process that is practically designed to create errors and paranoia/ill-will. I would say that process is a good example of why the Rats don't do more spawnlist experimentation and the coding IS a thing.
  23. Airfields are that for planes, land and fuel/ammo up, but the difference is the plane is largely useless on the ground. Having tanks instantly reload because they are next to FB tents, depots or ABs? No thanks. Ammo boxes, trucks, inf resup and despawn/respawn covers this just fine. Can't move a truck 10 feet to reach a tank cause you are that ubercamped? I'd say that's a cut supply line, short as it is.
  24. Holy crap.