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  1. It's been in game for months now, as HCFMS or LMS, take your pick. Inf only boxes placed by HC unit only, originally rifles and then SMGs. I think the rifle only thing was livable, the SMG was too much. But I play rifle constantly because I am not an SMG ace and those that aren't SMG aces break down and cry if they can't spawn one, so I don't waste them. The other way to go is only underpop can place them.
  2. Having played the suggestion game a LONG time, it's more effective if you pull it together into your own thread and when you catch Rattention, point them to it. They don;'t have time to look through all your stuff.
  3. I don't like the never step down model either, whether this is 'right thinking' or not it feels like it is effectively holding our gamename, stats and rank hostage. Eve sort of does that but has the 'you win skill points by subbing even if you don't play' mechanic that keeps people that want super 'characters' subbed.
  4. Hmm, life long N scale here, course Rapido was the 1960s mothership for that scale and its still tough at times to avoid the German look to buildings, but it done growed up. Z scale is the way to go for big runs through natural settings, but I'm an industry and switching/interchange operations type. Z so far isn't very good for urban/industrial. You can follow a lot of my train posting in OT.
  5. Marklin? What scale?
  6. I think under differing conditions then 'normal' flaws in the system can be revealed, particularly with WBS where more then usual are logging in or out at different times at higher numbers. In particular sampling rates and average mean times can be different for SD vs. cap timers, they seem to ramp up or down at different times, and I'm not sure I trust the counting mechanism in the first place. It was the problem that drove off Karellean when SD was the only mechanism. Also, a high percentage of air guys can skew the results such that you can show overpop and be underpop in all your ground battles.
  7. What should a 1940s Belgian town be laid out like given our current building set?
  8. I appreciate the point of 'it could be missed here' and I suppose it's not a 'good look' to be demanding responses so quickly, so a little more patience I guess, although having a live fund raiser underway made me think the Rats would be watching these threads closely. My apologies for that aspect. However, this is a question that affects the fundraiser itself and given the short amount of time left to it, needs to be addressed here IMO. The point of posting here is so everyone knows the answer and may make informed decisions. It's why 98% of any suggestions and dealings I have are done in forums rather then in personal/support communications. This question in particular is germane to the value proposition of the various campaign support levels, and posted here means effectively a CRS commitment/decision either way.
  9. This was NOT a rhetorical question, I'm expecting an answer.
  10. Well this is where history and military science clashes with entertainment and game.
  11. Question for Rats, I did not use my account starter perks from last campaign and wondering about now- do these accumulate and are usable in the future or do they have an expiration date?
  12. There isn't cohesion cause the game didn't teach cohesion via drop spawn mission and forget, spawn point gets capped/destroyed/flipped and the ML and spawners are separated and players go find another mission to spawn at. 20 years of coded organizational misconception has a toll on learned player behavior.
  13. This is the sort of thing I have been arguing for all along under the rubric game tools. The crying need is for AO/DO Commandeer screens that show the designated commander all the mission leaders pointed at his objective and where their spawns are. AO/DO commander doesn't get Godvision and see everyone on his side on the map, but would know who to contact for each mission and where to direct players to go to get to something fast.
  14. I don't have a precise range in mind, but long enough for patrolling ships or planes to detect and attack and linkup space for incoming protecting DDs. Something like 30m away from the coast at TT speeds. Side benefit is that you would generate a deep water point to fight over, would-be invaders would need to clear the forward buoy space prior to TTs spawning in.
  15. Eh. Reminds me of NFL rookies perfecting their TD dance, while Hall of Fame guys just trot off cause of course they scored. Act like you've been there before.
  16. I'm not touching it until they have a fully working system. If I drop off, so be it.
  17. We don't know, the saucy woman has covered up her elbows. Damn straight, and harms the value proposition of that subforum and the sub in general.
  18. Tier 43?
  19. Well Tater you can say the same about FBs and FMS, even the 'onsides' version you are promoting. But if FMS is acceptable, then consider a similar seagoing version. I would call it an FB for Forward Buoy- a spawn point marked by a buoy out there, that freighters spawn at with whatever trucks and tanks loaded, drawn from the naval brigade. Maybe FMBs too. The destroyers would still spawn back at the ports, they have the speed to get on station, that would be something like the requirement of tanks to drive from ABs/FBs rather then FMS.
  20. I thought of historical constraints as the new spawnlists and voted accordingly. Game balance would appear to be a better descriptive for what you seem to be discussing. If you conflate the two, that the new historical point value lists inherently create balanced lists, I will have to vehemently disagree.
  21. One thing that is NOT straight- is that Pay Now going to need to be done every month?
  22. One of the continuing issues is the idea that subbing is P2W. Which generally speaking is not true, you have to still earn rank to spawn the whatever premium stuff. So maybe you highlight Pay 2 Rank or P2R, it's just an opportunity to power up but you still have to earn your way there.
  23. The rest of it is reasonable, but I'm pretty sure the line stops at new hats. I think the game engine has a hat budget and naval ones will break it.