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  1. I've always suspected that, but wouldn't it be a hoot if it isn't?
  2. I have two accounts, and I'll be damned if someone is going to tell me I can't play with them.
  3. Cono is the best in the game.
  4. Ya, that's what I thought, a Kbar posting. Anything Kbar posted was from WWIIOL movie collection CDs I would burn and distribute at cons and minicons, he got a copy and decided to move the ones he liked to Youtube.
  5. Actually, we had that, a long long time ago. Antler's War Room. It worked. Mostly. By the time we were done we had squad icons, brigade icons, arrows, timing, web links, saved plans that could be opened altered and saved as separate new plans, click on a city and it called the city map up so you could integrate a specific city plan into your Big Op, etc. etc. It ended ugly.
  6. Search in harbour forum, been gone over for at least 10 years. That should give you a clue on resource priority for this feature.
  7. I didn't exactly write it this way, this is version 2 of a set of quick guidelines for new players to learn I wrote in something like 2003-2004, and enlisted WillyTee to illustrate them. Don't know if they are hosted anywhere anymore otherwise I would link them. Xoom's links was the last place I knew about. Willy I think wanted to play with his new animation toys and resurrected the old lessons to learn. Originally the idea was to do stayin alive like the disco song, but too many licensing problems, so he went with the Private Bieber meme. The originals WERE pithy and short B2K, as they were designed for new guys needing to orient to our complex and lethal environment.
  8. Hey Cos, I don't think you've seen my latest standing proposals, pop neutrality and NAO. I'll bump them for your perusal and commentary.
  9. Since American inf models have been added, in computer troubleshooting you always look to the last change and that would be it. Write it up in the bugs forum, although I would assume there is already entries on it. Since you have that live play option, might be useful to record it if you can. Would give them potentially a look at results as seen from your client rather then what they see in their logs.
  10. The database? No, I think they have memory issues, thats more in line with the kind of issues we see. That and workload issues, where updates are not getting to or updating your machines as part of the whole 1.34 attempt to reengineer the backend. Its always in specific highly populated battles, not the game as a whole, which eliminates most ISP issues and the game host as a whole, which leaves us overloaded local clusters or host services.
  11. Same here Mr. Blue, I'm on AT&T broadband and getting this stuff. I'm out of time for this. GL.
  12. I finally got a version down, got it loading, but it took forever, I figured I must have a corrupted version, reloaded it AGAIN, reran with the playgate client patch, still get Login Complete GETTING HOST DATA And I don't get into the menus until 5 minutes later. I eventually got in but got no brigade flags. Tried again, got Map Host 40110. I'm giving up for the holidays. GL.
  13. Ummm Tiger? You picked a helluva suck time to come back.
  14. Agreed on one HE, one HEAT.
  15. Dammit, you ruined the next Allied Tactical Studies thread. Now I gotta actually think through stuff to get material.
  16. I don't think they have ever put combat values on the infantry. I did an infantry point system once upon a time, I think it would work with their armor and air valuations.
  17. Holy mama of gawd, I knew it was this way but its a whole nuther matter to see it fully represented.
  18. This. Think of HEAT as a temporary fist of superheated penetration (which it is, the mechanic is kinetic and not 'burn through'), it has only a narrow cone of a foot or two of punch before it dissipates. So if you have something that say penetrates 160mm, if you are 90 degrees you are golden against most anything in game, but if not you may be just putting scorch marks on the paint job. Also keep in mind that the warhead effect is likely different, you're dealing more with superheated spall and whatever is in range of the plasma jet, not an APHE round exploding inside the tank and not a solid shot passing through in its flight path with whatever joules are left.
  19. In a close urban firefight with moving infantry that don't necessarily render 'in time' sometimes dispersion will give you that shotgun blast cover all your bets help. I would be much more concerned if there was a discrepancy between where the shots are modeled hitting, and what they actually are doing, or I'm hitting my target but the visual representation doesn't match what is actually there codewise. That's the stuff of nightmares.
  20. My guess is that they monkeyed with HE effects in general, I'm finding bombs and grenades are more lethal, but HE bursts from tanks and guns less so.
  21. Nada, total AF count is same number of brigades, 4 fighter and 8 bomber and 1 HQ per type, and RAF and FAF are 50/50 of the Allied count, so 2 fighter/1HQ and 4 bomber/1HQ per each. One thing to look at is the HQs, there could be some extra stashed in there, and you have to look at the WHOLE spawnlist so compare bomber brigades too, could be some extra makeup in there. Finally, Rats look at spawnlists in their entirety, so could be there is a smidgen less for French air and more in the tanks for instance.
  22. I dunno, to me it's a feature, you're literally shell shocked and plumb out of your mind. At least, that reasoning makes me feel better for a few seconds before I despawn from that perfect position I spent 10 minutes getting to.
  23. Oh, hot diggity, WillyTee is hosting that cartoon I asked him to do, maybe this can help with your post.