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  1. Ah yes, the glory days. An entirely different picture if you weren't in one of those groups, or the group was not on, or you were on the receiving end of such a group on and none on your side. Those groups also got cohesion based on pushing their local or global pop advantage around, the supremacy sell, rather then earned battle. And a lot of people stuck with being beat on for years past all reason, mostly because this was a unique enough game and the dream was fresh. The OJ crowd never consider the losses of people that unsubbed based on the bully boy play you guys brought. Or likely give a crap, considering the consistent complaints of not having the perfect killing pit on demand anymore.
  2. So, the mechanics should instead be handled by squad leaders that don't give a damn for anyone else's play but that squad rather then HC officers that have a specific responsibility to ALL players? Effectively handing supply AND attack mechanics to whomever has the most people on in a day or that moment? Pearl Harbor attacks the norm? That's still player run, just in the hands of those squads, not anyone else, and only good for the time those leaders are on, screw everyone else.
  3. The missing bit from the German tank park in T0 is the PzjgrI. It's that sweet sweet Czech 47mm you want.äger_I That max 60-70mm penetration is the tungsten rounds, 40-50mm for the regular AP. That is a high speed velocity gun, so flat trajectory for good first round hits at superior ranges to T0 Allied optic/gun combos. Is it going to break Matty camps by itself? Likely no. Can it ruin Allied tank attacks with a one-man crew driving out and TD sniping? Oh my yes.
  4. A Propa poster is always a win. S!
  5. Where would the Rats prefer we post about suggestions on the new forums?
  6. until
    This is a test.
  7. Enfield and BAR.
  8. I have a solution for that, might look up some of the other threads on that very topic.
  9. Intel's architecture favors gaming type workloads, AMD is more about running cooler and cheaper. Used to be the opposite, but AMD outclevered themselves.
  10. It's right in front of your face when the system boots, the part where it says Press X button for BIOS setup before it blips by. Usually it's F1.
  11. Pop neutrality. It MUST be done.
  12. On the old free play dev servers, in 2001, they would operate up to 3 different servers one could sign onto at a time, and displayed the number of players in. There were regularly 1000 players in 1-2, often 1200-1500, and sometimes 3000. Of course, that was with no doubt simpler code and they probably had to slow it down with logic that fixed some of the more exotic bugs, but the map was infinitely smaller then, just a few towns centered on Dinant, and the hardware was circa 2000-1001, roughly equivalent to a cell today. So this thing always had big numbers built into it's DNA, I imagine if they can find and eliminate unnecessary slowdowns, they can get the cell performance up.
  13. It's computer devspeak. He means the servers the game runs on has to have the capacity he would like to be able to handle to service the sort of player numbers that would help the game grow. scaling= handle more players core component= servers, engine code, etc. as opposed to something like say a new model tank
  14. Read up on my pop neutrality thread please, it's all there. I doubt very much though that ninjas will switch sides based on single cap denial.
  15. Nope. Goes against the very thing people are paying for- 24/7 persistent world meaningful battle with the side of their choice.
  16. Very nice Froggie, I could quibble with a couple minor points, but overall a very good concise explanation that could help retain new subs. If only people read it.
  17. This is in Pop Neutrality, so I'm for it.
  18. I believe Dinker came up with this years ago, and maybe people proceeding him Zeb, it's been circulating for years. I think it can have many of the salutatory effects David notes, but it can also mean the same old battles over and over since the trigger point would mean X density and ninja caps would be virtually impossible. It also means AOs dropping like a stone if an FB is blown, rather then giving it a chance to be taken back, and not having AOs that split defense even if there aren't enough on to attack or interested in attack. If a side generally does not want to attack but a few do, those few won't be able to do so unless they can get a threshold set of people to do it. It really helps turtle tactics. It's not a bad option and the sort of thing you want for larger squads to have options for the biggest problem in the game for them, the speed of squads problem where AOs come on and off on it's schedule not the squad's, but I don't think it would be good for every AO to go that way.
  19. This is why we have to have balance for both sides 24/7 and end the Cycle of Suck.
  20. I'll throw out another oldie but goodie- AO tied to opposing side pop. So if the trigger for 2 AOs is say 50 total, and one side is 35 and the other 15, then the 15 get clobbered, or at least will spend their entire time defending if they want to achieve anything since any attack can be easily batted away. If instead the trigger was 15 per AO of the opposing side, then the overpop 35 would get 1 AO, and the underpop 15 would get 2 AOs. Coupled with the cap timer differential, the underpop side can cycle through threatening or even taking towns while going back to the defense as needed, and the overpop has to now worry about losing towns at a 2:1 rate so they are split up. Full disclosure- in the thread where the Rats finally read the proposal, Doc was intrigued, but KFS1 was against it, in his view it increased the power of the overpop side by channeling them into fewer concentrated AOs. My logic is that the frontage of exposed towns is directly proportional to the population actually on, and equal opportunity 24/7.
  21. For those with Barracks access and Rat Review- Principles of WWIIOL Design- Pop Neutrality- NAO (Regional Fighting)-
  22. I think you are right about this, and a good reason to eliminate SD too, as that automatically gives the overpop side an automatic feel for how much they overpop the other side. Hahahhahahahahaha! Don't forget second accounts, probably more serious since that would be a vet player with extra goodies. This is scary, you can't be agreeing with me. Have you read my pop neutrality thread? Wolfboy, Delems and I have gone round and round on this one, you can read up on it in the Barracks, the general term used for it is Spawn Queue. I am utterly against it, people want to play with their guys, the game is selling 24/7 single arena battle access, we need to find another way.
  23. If we have true pop neutrality, I would make the offense easier. Any one of a number of ways to do that.
  24. TZ3 is not the only TZ getting beatings, Axis have been beat on in primetime and Euro Allies were historically beat on (although not so consistently and sometimes Allied advantaged lately). The issue is to allow for attack 24/7 and not be forced into 100% D except by superior play. Double the content, halve the sub losses, Axis has ability to attack at disadvantaged as much as any Allies.
  25. Remember, Town Brigades only, so your suggestion would have to be adjusted for that design goal.