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  1. Got to reading about the whole issue of F2P and 'not getting the whole game experience', and I am wondering if the Rats should target intermission as a 'try everything' promotion. Advantage- they can try everything, mission lead and do all that good stuff. Disadvantage- they might get the wrong idea about normal gameplay and learn to blow through supply as though attrition does not matter, possibly even less motivation to get with a team and learn the game, and a shock when normal campaigns resumes and the Tigers/Shermans are not instantly available. Opinions?
  2. Are you supporting kamikaze bombing?
  3. So Rats, you want my commentary here in the open relatively, or behind closed doors? Are you even watching this thread?
  4. Welcome back! The HC designed spawnlist/RDP delay feature was discontinued. There were a lot of issues that arose. Sometimes one side or the other's HC out did the others with spawnlist choices and an entire side was disadvantaged, causing them to be outraged at 'their' HC. HCs also would seek to optimize spawnlists for premium units and the Rats found they needed a guaranteed level of the earlier tier items for lower ranking players to spawn. Bombing caused so much disaffection with 'too few people affect too many people' that tier intro effects were eliminated, now bombing does affect the game but instead affects resupply tickets. In larger resupply tickets and timer sometimes you can get to hours which can advantage a division or a whole front. As part of the package that went in for RDP 'happiness', Rats put in AWS, an air radar that has a map grid superimposed over the whole map. Sectors turn yellow for a few enemy aircraft, and red with many, but the grid sectors are too large to say they are over a specific town, you have to still patrol and find them. The alerts are also a few minutes behind so fast aircraft may have actually moved past the alert sector. No they cannot, but the rescue rules are a lot more liberal the originally so if you can avoid an MIA and make a RES without fatal damage, the tank can come back into the spawnlist in 15m if you are out of range of a spawn point.
  5. I could level the same about Axis and LMGs.
  6. Propa is a treasure!
  7. It's what I call the Cycle of Suck. The game can't afford to not break it.
  8. Nevah! You know what awaits OT invaders.....
  9. Sometime before ToEs the Allies were pulling closer to even wins, ToEs the Allies got ahead a bit in campaign wins, then it's gone back and forth. What's different is there tends to be more 3-4-5 wins in a row by a side.
  10. Oh well then, let's get rid of those trucks. TERRIBLE K/D.
  11. I have an extensive pop neutrality thread, would you want the link here to that or for me to reproduce it here?
  12. Define the goal of balance, and then define how players are to win within that balancing mechanism. You can design a game that can never be won, and that would be just as frustrating if not moreso then games that have equipment/gameplay/numbers imbalances. The perfectly balanced game must fly like an F-16- fly smoothly, by electronically moderated flight control, but be inherently unstable and prepared to depart from controlled flight in order to have the violent maneuvering and meaningful actions people are here to experience.
  13. Pop neutrality would mean each side has a chance to engage in meaningful combat, every day, and would break the cycle of suck, thus putting more players in play and superior consistent play wins rather then counting on a mechanic of morale defeat to settle campaigns.
  14. Beats the unending nightmare that would have been Nutsy Europe.
  15. We don't smell of sauerkraut and sweaty oompah bands. If the Allies win, rock and roll and bikinis are born. We HAVE to win.
  16. Who says it's just conceptual?
  17. I am an ally who will say that the Axis tank park has issues as a game, but most of the nerfing was done in 1941 and 2001, not 2011. The game's design ends up rewarding Allied assault oriented tank designs, as opposed to Germany's more anti-tank/expert user orientation. Both terrain and spawn castle choices make this happen. The other part are limitations of the universal vehicle paradigm chosen, the joule-to-effective-armor-by-angle-penetration, to model complexities of FHA and shattergap that would end up making the Axis tanks, especially the early ones, more survivable (although in the case of FHA they would be more vulnerable to later tier guns). I greatly dispute the idea that the Axis tanks were nerfed to somehow balance out the game. I do think that they require more care to operate successfully and need a majority at a specific attack to maintain their flanks. In those conditions they can crush Allies just fine. I also dispute that there was some nerfing involved re: England invasion, for many years now we have had a ruleset that allowed mission leaders to create FRUs by riding as infantry and glider attacking and so Axis have often won invading UK first, with the national factory victory change Axis could win with just that, an advantage that allows for a win with as little as 75% of the towns. The truck FRU change will definitely make the UK invasion harder, but will also make the cross-channel return invasion harder as well, securing flanks better for a French factory finish (and again fewer towns required total of the map for victory, but to be fair Axis have more towns to take so that aspect balances out for the most part). I suggest any reader here consider a broader perspective then either side to assess such questions.
  18. While I am no fan of david01, he does have a point, different eras of major WWIIOL rules changes play differently. I think the truck only FRU merits an Era-level change effect designation.
  19. I don't really care whether you or anyone else does, I never sought the affection of anyone in the game besides my squad members and esteemed colleagues. What I do want is a recognition that we need each other, that this is a valuable game and community, and for the game to give everyone equal opportunity to win (but not equal red vs. blue), only the quality of their play affects the outcome. You can hate me all you like, if I have the above that's all I would want out of these exchanges or your emotional reaction to me.
  20. I am really getting pissed off at both sides' craptastic insult posting here, and may I remind the posters that this goes out to the whole internet as opposed to the premium private stuff? Check your attitude and your privilege. Free accounts shouldn't be a ticket to insult. Neither should a premium account as we need to attract people who are sitting on the fence about subbing. People have concerns. Some can be ridiculous. Others can be legit. Sometimes it takes a clash in a forum to get closer to the truth of which it is, but we don't need to get nasty while hashing this out. Name calling is so 9 year old. Leave it back at the elementary school with your childhood, and try and act like the adults you theoretically are.
  21. Again, I'd be good with a review of the MP40, might as well since that's the only 'vehicle/weapon' changes happening anyway. Just as long as the same modelling criteria is applied to all SMGs in that class.