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  1. HG reupped his account, so we are back and doing what we do, with style panache and heroic charges. OhJYFARdv6w
  2. Perhaps think of it as a trainer- if you can't handle AI, likely you are going to have real problems dealing with the humans.
  3. Campaign starts are always a few hours down. Campaigns have been going on since at least 2003. Should not be a surprise by now.
  4. Eh? The game campaign once started is 24x7 single 'server' persistent, with 1-2 maintenance drops during the week.
  5. I think if we are getting into 3 AO times that the numbers are higher then you state, at other times the numbers are lower then that, DEFINITELY during 1 AO low times. A big factor however is the sheer size of the world. It is VERY easy to spawn into a leftover mission, even with the Active Battles Tab, just when the battle is over or it's an odd FB takedown/defense mission. I ended up doing a fairly thorough training of a recruit the other day that showed up at my FB defense, the AOs had just shifted, and if I weren't there to explain what was happening he might have easily concluded the game was empty. This sort of thing happened even in the era of 1000+ per side, and has a lot to do IMO with the necessity of AOs or something like them. Big hint- use the command .obj c on your command line to find out where the current attacks and defenses are, then look in the Active Battles Tab for missions to those towns. Better yet, find out what the text channels are for the side you are playing, you will be hooked straight into other player and high command messages to get where you are needed. Best- join a squad, they will take care of you and get you right into your kind of action. IMO, from the original Rats' perspective, it wasn't something 'to be fixed'. The Rats designed a combined arms game, that includes infantry, tanks, guns, specialized inf and air (sometimes boats), where each provides it's scissors/rock/paper abilities to cover the other weapons types and achieve success. So AI is there to slow down an overpop or ninja attack without stopping it (most AI is oriented N-S-E-W, if you approach the town at an angle normally you can get in without trouble). If you have gun or tank support, they can readily knock the towers down. Air units, particularly with cannon but also bombs, can destroy them. Infantry can take them down with grenades, LMGs, grenadiers have rifle grenades to shoot with a little more precision, mortars can take them down, satchel charges from engineers can do the deed as well. So plenty of inf that can destroy AI. But a sniper, no, a sniper is not a demolitions unit, so you don't get HE. Part of being a team, where you can do precision long range rifle fire but not do say antitank fire or lay down a smoke barrage. The teamwork that you mentioned as a plus for this game is built deeply into the design of the game. AI is just one facet of the philosophy, and so even if at some point it is removed you will run into a lot more 'but I can't do that when and how I want to' mechanisms. The game was not built to allow for the connectivity, accounts, support structure etc. required for being available through Steam. It was started in 1999 and initially released in 2001, so there was nothing like Steam in existence to even consider as a design goal. The new Rats have been working towards being able to work through Steam, and that has meant working on the backend of this very proprietary code. They could have rushed it, but that meant potentially breaking the game and ending the run permanently. But they are getting closer with each new working session on the servers and with the ability to release new material, so I would expect a Steam release sooner rather then later (but that might mean they will be ready in 3 months, maybe a little more then a year, kind of a ready when it's ready thing). You can count on one thing, they KNOW they have to get to Steam to expand the game, so it is a HIGH priority for them.
  6. That's just cause they haven't been to either place. But the realm that counts here is OT, or OOT as some style it. MY realm.
  7. I think the default intermission has all equipment in, so likely your wish would be granted.
  8. Off Topic is very much alive, and all are invited to my coronation.
  9. Post here if you are interested. We specialize in anti-tank work, FB control, special ops and high command, we will train you up to be a force on the field.
  10. Probably more like the machine might get constrained, especially with antivirus and other added products, and my understanding is Windows runs larger caches and buffers with more physical memory available.
  11. Damn you're gonna be a grumpy one when you're old.
  12. Think of it this way. The final validation of OT as a business model is at hand. The game is free. OT requires a subscription. REJOICE!
  13. I see you are undervaluing my train thread.
  14. I think that sort of thing happens all the time, and that the game would have a lot more players if care had been taken from the beginning to get every bit of training to new players as possible. Built-in voice is utterly critical to get to such people.
  15. Is this my old boss?
  16. I've always suspected that, but wouldn't it be a hoot if it isn't?
  17. I have two accounts, and I'll be damned if someone is going to tell me I can't play with them.
  18. Cono is the best in the game.
  19. Ya, that's what I thought, a Kbar posting. Anything Kbar posted was from WWIIOL movie collection CDs I would burn and distribute at cons and minicons, he got a copy and decided to move the ones he liked to Youtube.
  20. Actually, we had that, a long long time ago. Antler's War Room. It worked. Mostly. By the time we were done we had squad icons, brigade icons, arrows, timing, web links, saved plans that could be opened altered and saved as separate new plans, click on a city and it called the city map up so you could integrate a specific city plan into your Big Op, etc. etc. It ended ugly.