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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but is this a netbook/laptop? That's a modern but likely underpowered/cache starved CPU in the i3 range and worse the graphics card is likely not going to help as most budget laptops do not have gaming graphics, may even be using integrated graphics which uses main memory. Can you get us the graphics stats please?
  2. No wai! Which side you working this time around?
  3. I think giving and getting feedback is utterly critical and has a lot to do with why I have never signed an NDA. I've said things here that likely would have got me banned from most game forums, but since I say them in the context of making a better game and with all due respect to what the game is even right now, I don't get hammered and hopefully they listen to at least some of it. One thing you cannot do though is post nastily. That gets you a fast trip to the trash vault and mod action. The OP didn't do that per se, just a little mean and got a response, just saying that in general the Rats have always accepted a lot more then most game publishers, but they do have a limit which can be avoided with just a little self control. Another is demanding this or that feature and expecting it to happen. I can go into the resources vs. incredible scope and courage of the game features, even 15 years later, and that's valid. But a bigger issue is even if CRS had a $10 mil annual new content budget, the game will NEVER be exactly what any specific person wants. Including any given Rat. Because of competing agendas, WWIIOL has to get into features of what the game NEEDS rather then what Johnny Wants and Sue's Must Haves. The risk is not strongly appealing to just tankers or just air guys or just inf. The reward is a combined arms mix that no one is going to touch for another 10-20 years, until game PCs are powerful enough to just crunch through an insanely complex engine.
  4. And as what you are doing, the main thing you can do that you can't as non-HC is managing brigade moves, AOs, etc. You can lead attacks and defenses either in HC or out, but sometimes you can be more effective if you are 'in the loop' or develop map vision and know where the hot spots are, or are going to be. As MOIC or the comms/XO officer you are prioritizing where effort should be, attack or defense, which one, asking for teams to blow specific FBs or prep for an upcoming attack, etc. etc. I also think it is very important to be talking to the players in general so they know what you are thinking, that there is method to the madness and someone at the helm that knows what they are doing. VERY key to getting people to stick around that extra hour or three, as opposed to feeling their time is wasted and logging. Maybe even crack a few jokes, or respond promptly to supply concerns. I call this aspect of the job being 'party hosts to war'- making sure everybody has drinks, snacks, weapons and a place to use them, while keeping a relaxed and/or serious business of winning attitude going so an otherwise frustrating game can stay fun. Many effective multitasking HC can run an AO/DO or blow an FB while MOIC, hopefully in most cases there will be others running the map and you can concentrate on some major ingame tasks.
  5. This was a key component of the program we hoped would be acted upon shortly after successful testing. That was years ago. Another part of the original impetus for this was the squad liaison program, the idea being that we should have squad members and/or leaders in HC act as liaisons for their squads, for closer relations comms and operations. I would greatly like that sort of identifier to show up in the .hclist and the game name, maybe L for liaison and RO for reserve officer in the rank slot.
  6. Bonus points for where "operations" fits into that spectrum.
  7. Annnnnnnd...... How do you stop someone from the opposite side using a second account to take that position, move brigades to make a win easier? Or someone who is not a griefer but ignores everyone else because as you say they never signed up for the Articles of Conduct and makes crazy moves that damages their side worse then no one there? HAS to be a vetting/failsafe component, one way or another.
  8. I fail to see how this is any sort of serious solution to pop imbalance. Very few side switch. Most effects are the 'demoralized' side stops playing. The target should be to get people to play even if their side is down, either map or population, and reduce the effect of population as content decider. You shouldn't be punished for signing onto a side that is underpop, and likely will be for months or years. Pop neutrality is the second biggest retention tool the Rats could put in (the first is addressing the 'lone soldier' effect of being thrown into the shark tank with no readily looked up info, no knowledge of channels, no voice comms, and no idea of squads or how to find battles).
  9. It was a dark age of bananaphones, and people posted that cause of Badger over and over and over and over and over and over..........
  10. Yello I think still sports the squad label, someone uses the laf1 account, not sure how many others.
  11. Ummm. No. WWIIOL is about combined arms combat, of which maneuver by infantry re: sneaking is just a part. My point is AI greatly encourages showing up with at least a gun if not a tank if you want a clear approach and not have to burn time and maneuver to kill the AI from behind. The AI is simulating defending troops, many of whom are up on a tower and certainly CAN see you. I am utterly unclear as to what point you are driving with on all infantry is killed with one shot being false- most of our weapons certainly can kill with one shot as they do in RL, this is a very lethal game in large measure because you can get one hit one kill. Wondering how much D you have actually run to make these assertions. Certainly an infantry scout is a powerful D tool, but often you are playing for time and AI costs time for attackers to clear. And no the AI is NOT down often during an attack, some of the most important signs of an impending attack are when you spawn in and hear AI going down, that itself is a sign of where they are, and a quick repair job when enemy density is low can catch many attackers that are not practicing combined arms and buy time. True, didn't say they were. But it does teach maneuver, planning, precision in grenade placement, and dealing in fields of fire. Your saying neener neener neener does not make a thing so.
  12. Im good with AI as a trainer for attackers, a driver to have combined arms, and a helpmate to first responders on defense when they are often outnumbered. The disabling of AI autorebuild has really been a good change, especially for particularly odious AI like AF or deepwater bases, while preventing autocamps to these sensitive facilities. If you can't deal with the AI, you're not ready for the humans.
  13. This but with the FMBs.
  14. If you want a nice little easter egg sound, try shooting the church bell.
  15. I'm for this, just common sense.
  16. Not always, but it is the way to bet. One can win on org and sheer stubbornness, particularly catching an enemy when they think the campaign is in the bag. ToEs particularly can do this, when forces get cut off and/or divisiion replacement allows exploitation of thinly held critical ground. Tactics of mistake.
  17. I would go with anything that gets you to 4 Ghz, 8-16 MB, 600-700 W PS with the 80+ rating and best Nvidia within budget. The game is processor intensive first and graphics second, highest cycles since it mostly uses one processor, anything above two cores isn't getting you much given the nature of the workload. The higher PS allows a nice cool graphics run on amperage and room to pop in a newer card as a faster upgrade. For a mere $50 more you can go to a real sweet spot of price performance with the GTX960.
  18. No, but I am stating what I believe the business reason was for having an Open forum in the first place. I have no inside knowledge of that, only posting what makes sense to me. The other reason would be to attract critics here where the Rats can selectively respond. Most of the things I suggest for the game is all about that First Hour people play, that's when you hook em or lose em, for reasons unknown to me the Original Rats intentionally or otherwise didn't focus on that, I'm hoping New Rats really pay attention and is a large component of future dev.
  19. IMO you have an agenda, not an answer to the OP.
  20. The General Discussion is there I think precisely for F2P to talk and perhaps be persuaded to sub, or not, and let their experience/viewpoint be known as to why they are not subbing if that is their decision. As such, crapping on them in forum is likely not helpful in increasing subs.
  21. This is actually normal and predictable, what I call the Strategic Calendar- times of the year where one side or the other is pop advantaged. Allies are typically pop advantaged between Christmas and New Years.
  22. There is no way a squadcentric OR HC resource game or anything else can protect all players' fun. It's not to the detriment of every player though, that's a ridiculous statement. What would be a fair statement is that the kind of skill in an HC and squad leader set that can work together in their respective responsibilities minus org tools is a small percentage of the players involved and at the smaller pop levels we have are often not all in place. Seen it over and over with recent patches and campaigns of interest, the player count goes up and this old girl of a game can still kick up her heels. I think the 'cycle of suck' is a far bigger unsub issue, of which the HC/squad/AO issues are only a part. When my squad joined, we EXPECTED to be common soldiers led by HCs, that was what we signed up for. We only got into HC after we found it lacking on the Allied side. I believe that's the difference to our approach in a nutshell- people showing up expecting to be Patton without any Ike direction and no one wanting to take orders when orders that look stupid are so milsim it hurts when we EXPECTED that experience, and when we found HC lacking we went in and worked on it rather then sniping on the outside. I do agree that there are issues, of which the current HC/squad relation to game tools is one, but going Tribal Raiders of France is not the solution.
  23. England has been invaded successfully, and without FRUs.