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  1. I have completed the selection process and have burned 25 DVDs for the con. They are lightscribe DVDs and so I am burning the labels now. If I have time I will do more, but that may be the limit. The selections for Volume 4 are 060805-psycodad-killer.wmv Any given day_640x480.avi bamsparty.wmv battlev2.wmv Czackcom2.wmv funeral2.wmv hardcore coalition.wmv jap1.avi JG2-1.avi MainJagerPromoJan07.WMV Never_Stop_v1_-_a_BE_movie_by_bat242.wmv overthebay.wmv Realism-event3b.WMV TheSacrifice.wmv TT_Escort.wmv woohoo.mpg WWIIOL.mpg Congratulations to all who made it! I will announce the Best of the Best winner for this volume at the Con or immediately afterwards (depending on whether the FPO or the paintball gets me). In addition since the switch to DVD has given me plenty of room, there are the following additional volumes- Volume 1-3 (the previous years' con CDs) Utilities (Divx, BeView, The HC Game) Inside Beta-Game (Beta films, damage films, etc.) Inside Community (pics, humor, con videos) Inside Humor (game videos that non-players won't get but make us laugh anyway) And two items I may not include in the future as they are honking big- Rescue The Full Movie (previously I just had part 3 on volume 3 where it was Best of the Best) The Duel (two movies, two points of view, same dogfight- for 10 minutes of intense maneuvering) Altogether 4.26 gigabytes and literally hours (I didn't add it up but estimate something like 6 hours) of WWIIOL video love.
  2. Hmmm well that's a toughie Svedala. One of the big ideas behind the CD/DVDs at the con was to be an incentive to attend. If everyone can suck down the volumes then there is no uniqueness to getting one at the con. That is not the only reason- one is to disseminate these videos far and wide and existing outside of any online/bandwidth/hardware failure player pitch fit type thing that can destroy collections. For instance Volume 3 was totally lost to me when my PC's hard drive bought the farm a few weeks after the con. Having given some to my squaddies meant I had a backup. Some of those videos can no longer be downloaded and are ONLY available via my DVD. Not to be ugly about it, but Newfive got a set last year explicitly so he could host them. He is done with the game now, and any hosting he did or would have done is lost. I do not put any conditions on the use of the DVDs, so if someone were to choose to host them I would not object unless a maker of one of the videos objected. A lot of folks jumped on the youtube bandwagon and literally posted them from the CDs. So in a sense they are out there on the net but to get the full bodied rich aroma you really need the full files.
  3. We'll be at the con. Definitely Madurai, Haikugod and me, you too Breed?
  4. This weekend I'm doing the final selections and starting the burning process.
  5. Blownup, I'm more likely to find these things in the video thread, these oneshot threads tend to submerge in the sands. Also, I just don't have the time to do the conversion process off Youtube. Takes time I don't have for the con.
  6. Snellman, yes I would like a DL version. I have a Inside Game volume I'm adding that these would be perfect for.
  7. Killban, can you point me to some highlights? That is a freakin big list and I am short on time.
  8. I'm doing the DVD build. Looking good, have all three previous volumes plus the new fourth volume, plus The Rescue in it's entirety, and about 1 GB worth of miscellaneous humor/community/beta-game stuff. Finishing off in the next few days, hurry up with the links! Not going to have time to do a thorough youtube search!!!!
  9. Downloading all your stuff now for the DVD build. Again, if it's at filefront or your squad website it's more likely to make it, saved youtube films are less then optimal.
  10. It is that time again- time for the Best of WWIIONLINE video contest! The idea is to promote the making of quality videos that are fun to watch and can interest people in playing the game by highlighting the better ones, reward participation in the annual Convention, and make the spreading of these videos not dependent on a given individual or website staying active. As before, this is a contest run by me, selected by me, according to my tastes, so don't complain about my choices, run your own darn contest. The winning videos are collected in a CD, which I burn multiple copies of and give them to the Rats, squaddies and friends of the squad at the Con. I then give away sets of all the CDs to randomly selected players who are attending the Con. Many of the Youtube entries you see were uploaded directly from video contest CDs. I also select a Best of the Best video from each collection- each winner is eligible to automatically get a complete set at any Con they attend. This year will be the fourth year I have done this (started doing it at the Dallas minicons that preceded the official Con). It will be different for two reasons- this year I will be switching to DVD format, and I will be downloading Youtube videos and making them into files. The latter is not my preference, we will always get better results from original files rather then conversions, but too many quality videos are only available there and should not be excluded merely because they are in an inconvenient format. So if you have a video you would especially like to be considered for this contest and it is on Youtube, please get your file hosted at FileFront or some other service, so I can skip the conversion and deliver a better archival version of your masterpiece. Also, if there are squad-based videos you are aware of, get them posted to this thread, Post your ww2online movies in War Stories. I look forward to more quality videos to share!
  11. They have automated programs that detect speedhack and other cheats, you may have an unusual situation on your PC that makes the programs think that.
  12. Cedd I was in the same boat and bought then, but I'm still ingame and doing well with the current rig. Out of curiosity what did you get? For comparison I got AMD 3800 SC BFG 7900 GTOC Abit 570 chipset SLI-capable (not that I will use SLI) Corsair 2 x1GB 6400C4
  13. Massaman Memorial....
  14. Hey Indo, just because it was end of map and I was bored I upped my machine to 2.6+ GhZ on air. I'm getting 35-45 in Amiens with approximately 50 players on both sides high player resolution and medium settings (including wavy water but no updates). If I lower the performance I can get better). 85-100 country, 100+ flying except in combat and very very few laggy air seconds. I'm telling you, the 3800SC is just a great tidemeover CPU for the AM2 slot.
  15. Ready my reply in the other forum.
  16. My squad is named after an historical regiment from North Africa (the idea was that we would be ready to go to a North African environment, and meantime RCAs historically came back to France to fight including WWII). We could not find out what had happened historically, we knew the regiment had it's one big battle as part of the early going, got beat on, then paraded for De Gaulle and became the Free French armor training unit. That is, until now. From the France 1940 forum- From the France 1940 group- what happened at Medjez...
  17. Babelfish translation-
  18. A posting the redoubtable David Lehmann made on the Axis History forums on all the Vichy RCAs- And the whole regimental history-
  19. I started playing the AM2 game from the getgo Indo, I'm able to fly just fine into all but the laggiest bombing mission just fine, on a 3800 SC, 2 GB and a BFG 7900GTOC. The SC gets me real nice performance for a bargain, but is vulnerable to poorly performing anti-virus interrupting my game. The 3800 x2 will likely handle that scenario better but not play the game as well, but if you OC you may make it up nicely.
  20. I'm pretty convinced that lag is the internet and sometimes server/client code, and otherwise beyond a certain point what you run on your machine re: drivers, antivirus, etc. has far more to do with your FPS then anything else.
  21. My playing with overclocking had made me think the 800 was a bottleneck but I haven't had enough performance concerns to go that direction. Thanks for the tip. I'm not so certain about this, I'm definitely seeing the greater load speed (due to the dual channel if nothing else). That's meh baybee, except I have a BFG 7900 GTOC and not as good Antec case. That price/performance 3800 SC was what made the machine for me, get to AM2, max out on other components, then bring the CPU along later. Yeah, backwards compatability was a big thing for me given the strategy, another reason I went ahead with this configuration rather then wait the extra month for Core Duo, and I trust AMD to do it far moreso then Intel. AMD better get cracking, Intel is riding hard and not taking prisoners.
  22. I got these, would have liked to get the 6400C3s or 8500s but they were just too outrageous pricewise at the time- So like I said I got overhead to play with.
  23. On the current patch my $1000 7 month old AM2 is getting 35-80 fps in town and 60-100+ at FBs with Medium settings and maxed visual players. This on the 3800 SC with NO overclocking. So I have overhead to go with just a cooling improvement and overclock room to spare, and an upgrade plan that will only likely cost me $200 two years from now, which is what I designed for. The NT compatability setting that I missed changing on the last few patches is a big part of that, care with drivers is another- if I didn't take care of those I would likely get half that. A bad virus security package upgrade took it down half again before I went back to the earlier version. So watching your software usage is a Big Deal and can easily double your performance. Keep that in mind when figuring out your system. A machine-hungry Vista is another factor to consider. Bottom line, a lot of the planning of your machine should be based on how long it will have to last you with the machine you are buying, and an upgrade path if you going for anything less then the best. I have a squaddie who is still in game with a PC from 4 years ago. He hasn't been able to fly for years, but he got the best he could get then and the RAMDAC memory that was on that box is likely what kept him from being completely gone from the game. His outrageously expensive machine for the time ended up being a good investment given his finances has not allowed for a replacement.
  24. There were several African units in BoF 1940- in particular there was a Senegalese-based unit that there was controversial executions of. The Tunisian force was the first of the Vichy units to turn, of which the unit my squad is named after was the armored spearhead, and immediately went into action (actually they were 'camping' the Bizerte airfield but were ordered off, thus allowing the large air reinforcement to flow in).