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  1. I think that sort of thing happens all the time, and that the game would have a lot more players if care had been taken from the beginning to get every bit of training to new players as possible. Built-in voice is utterly critical to get to such people.
  2. Is this my old boss?
  3. I've always suspected that, but wouldn't it be a hoot if it isn't?
  4. I have two accounts, and I'll be damned if someone is going to tell me I can't play with them.
  5. Cono is the best in the game.
  6. Ya, that's what I thought, a Kbar posting. Anything Kbar posted was from WWIIOL movie collection CDs I would burn and distribute at cons and minicons, he got a copy and decided to move the ones he liked to Youtube.
  7. Actually, we had that, a long long time ago. Antler's War Room. It worked. Mostly. By the time we were done we had squad icons, brigade icons, arrows, timing, web links, saved plans that could be opened altered and saved as separate new plans, click on a city and it called the city map up so you could integrate a specific city plan into your Big Op, etc. etc. It ended ugly.
  8. Search in harbour forum, been gone over for at least 10 years. That should give you a clue on resource priority for this feature.
  9. I didn't exactly write it this way, this is version 2 of a set of quick guidelines for new players to learn I wrote in something like 2003-2004, and enlisted WillyTee to illustrate them. Don't know if they are hosted anywhere anymore otherwise I would link them. Xoom's links was the last place I knew about. Willy I think wanted to play with his new animation toys and resurrected the old lessons to learn. Originally the idea was to do stayin alive like the disco song, but too many licensing problems, so he went with the Private Bieber meme. The originals WERE pithy and short B2K, as they were designed for new guys needing to orient to our complex and lethal environment.
  10. Hey Cos, I don't think you've seen my latest standing proposals, pop neutrality and NAO. I'll bump them for your perusal and commentary.
  11. Chasseurs will train you up right, you'll be sploding panzers in no time!
  12. Well, 4RCA has seen better days, but we are still in. Catch me ingame if you want to join.
  13. Pffft! AF AI. Duh.
  14. HG is back and we are doing the full bore Allied thing. Get some!
  15. Bad move. The one thing the West didn't need was a Stalin who concluded we were going to play just that kind of game, and he makes a separate peace deal.
  16. The right target WAS selected- then deselected. Reading through that USSBS thing, it was even worse. Just 3 plants, keeping three highly explodey plants offline, would have taken ALL high octane gasoline synthetic or otherwise away from the Luftwaffe. Imagine a bombing campaign where the German interceptors are performing 20 knots plus slower....
  17. Hmm, although certainly many who have pushed the Mosquito are talking precision intruder bombing, Im not. Im talking about the USSBS and the finding that the power system could have been collapsed with 10% of the bombs dropped against other targets. So that figure has nothing to do with increased accuracy. The dirty little secret spelled out in hard numbers- How the mistake came to happen, even though in the initial targeting plan it was #1. War by committee- sometimes it sucks. I come by the 50% of 10% yielding 5% of the effort cost figure with using Mosquitos because they required half as many engines and far less crew which is less training and less blood, used wooden construction which yielded weight and resource benefits, and counted on speed rather then armament for survival. 4.95 times cheaper then the Lancaster. Mosquitos had on average cruising and max speeds in excess of 70mph over B-17s, and max speeds in excess of 400mph, comparable with FW190s. This also means less fuel used per ton- a B17 was something like 11-13 tons of fuel at takeoff. Of course, this is little comfort to crews getting hit by 20s in a wooden plane. The Achilles heel to the scheme is the Mosquito range, but many of the relevant targets were in Western Germany and so possible.
  18. Germans built 10,000 aircraft hulls without the engines to fly them. That has to be up there. But something comes to mind that might be a bit off the beaten track. The entire IJN, when they were not allowed to cut off war supplies going from the US to Russia. Unconscionable. Unthinkable. Amazing waste of forces that were not allowed to control critical sea supplies. Another waste was the strat bombing campaign. Ultimately not a waste to do it, but it could have been done with Mosquito type bombers with 10% of the bombload so something like 5% of the cost in blood and treasure we spent on that.
  19. SO young. SO helpless. I dont have the heart to do what must be done.
  20. Well on my Win7 box its Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features And there it all is, begging me to uninstall it.
  21. 4RCA forever!