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  1. Back up you go, 4RCA forever.
  2. I am running an Ibuypower with a 550TI and watercooled CPU and am overclocking, nary a whimper and the game runs smooth as silk. That should work just fine. Too bad about the player playing it, may not be a fix for that problem.
  3. First off, never open in WordPad, that adds in formatting which may have blown that file to hell. Always open and save ini type plain text files like that in notepad if you don't have a professional editor program. I am concerned you have damaged your file beyond repair, you may just need to start with the default one and rejigger- this time AGAIN with notepad only.
  4. Do you think we should be replacing the Perrys?
  5. You weren't trolling, you were dynamite fishing.
  6. Raus, you would confuse a good English person dragging them to OT, much less this guy. Not sure if you are talking about ping or some sort of internet access account limit. A lot of people here feel the same way. Hmm, the word exhibitions translates to us as a convention, a fair, a trade show. Exhibitionist is someone who shows off their body or actions, often of a nude or sexual nature, and that was the joke Raus was making. So maybe you need to find a word closer to your meaning. We would use the word handle for your game name chinaaike. Welcome to the US game!
  7. You know what we need? A model diorama of a Sheridan running over a certain paratrooper's car.
  8. Actually, I would, and for the game, I've always wanted to do a very realistic BOF40 campaign, and I have some ideas using the current mechanics for simulating the differences between the sides.
  9. We are back Allied and ready for some kickazz. Hit one of us up when we are ingame.
  10. Worked great for my 550 TI. Now I'm getting the 100 FPS and even 40 FPS in heavy urban I would expect out of my rig. Thanks!
  11. You know what really pisses me off? We paid for all that tech and it goes to waste, and now if we want a different engine we would have to pay for the dev all over again. Our patent, rights and ownership for stuff we pay for is all screwed up. Ya, this could indirectly kill the F-35 depending on how greedy Pratt gets.
  12. All I gotta say is Rupert needs his cav butt kicked.
  13. You can get that one online as well. That is certainly easier to look at from a presentation perspective, but I would still go with the good doctor's orbats as that involves decades of historical research and what was really happening, not so much the theoretical ToE.
  14. Hmm, wargames on the topic- Tactical in preorder status- I particularly liked the political victory conditions in SD- not easy to replicate in TOAW.
  15. Panzer Divisions Each Panzer Division is done in detail in their own PDF. Motorized Infantry Divisions Infantry Divisions, with proper differences between waves- Machine Gun Battalions By now you should note most anything you want has the prefix 940GE in front of it.
  16. 4RCA is a year one squad, still small but still here, and still kicking up a storm. We are unusual in that a large proportion of our squad has historically been in AHC at any one time. We've had two CinCs in our number and many great officers. This is the historical recruiting thread, you can see some of our changes over the years. Contact me or hg, here or in game, if you want to look into the chasseur life. The historical motto for the real regiment is ‘’ MA VIE EST DANS L’ACTION ‘’ 'Our Life Is The Action', you'll see we play it in the game!
  17. Oh, I can help you. BEYOND help you. Behold, the entire Nafziger collection. Online. For frees. Holy mama of GAWD. This guy organized em for you by year-
  18. Not good enough to whack us, but good enough to whack everyone but Japan in the region and protect their subs from unescorted antisub air. Or third world intervention that threatens their resource flow.
  19. The point is the Spratlys, oil is involved.
  20. PM me or Hg if you want to join up.
  21. I didn't say the F-18 was a SMART buy for the Aussie situation, merely that your nation had fewer choices one of which was not keeping the F-111s like you seemed to insist upon, and the Russian choice is not as reasonable as you portray it. Now, that's just downright ugly.