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  1. I'd like to know too, I'm making a batch of my infamous game video DVDs, plus this year I chunked ALL the pictures I could find on my hard drive that isn't pure training or AHC related, 1 gig of game history, mockery, and terrifying OT material. You have been warned.....
  2. Well the thing is that Ratworld is properly speaking in the MidCities, so where you hotel depends on what you are wanting to do. If you are wanting to just get drunk with the Rats and toddle off to your room, there are a few hotels around, nothing Hilton but decent (and likely not so decent in some cases). If you are wanting to do the Dallas or Fort Worth thing (hitting stockyards, rodeos, museums, Sixth Floor, clubbing, tour Cowboys Stadium, Six Flags, etc.) you will definitely want to rent a car and may want to be closer to whatever it is you are doing. There is mass transit but it is wired more for commuting then visiting. I'll be there at least in the evening and be bearing giveaways of Volume 6 of the squad/game project, the game video DVDs!
  3. Banned? BANNED? WTH?
  5. Bloo near as I know is it for account management. As in the only guy doing it. I count on about a one day turnaround for weekdays, but weekend 24 hour service is probably expecting a bit much.
  6. Some intel on who was kicking our *** last night in the squad forum, let's sign in and discuss.
  7. Just a quick question, is there a 5th Fallschirmjaeger squad?
  8. Eh? That Australian?
  9. I would too.
  10. 4RCA- not just another pretty ATG squad.
  11. 1.31 is coming, play with a premier Year 1 squad!!!
  12. Ahem.
  13. You CAN be a Chasseurs! Fight for France! Inquire within!
  14. Akkk, sorry meant the videos thread. One thread to rule ALL videodom. Doesn't roll off so easy, people find it better because that thread is eternal.
  15. Ballew, one of the great Allied CinCs, is back and playing with us, and Freeride recruited in Smpower, one of the great old time players. Plus our intrepid leader Madurai was recently gloriously photoshopped into piracy! Drop by the website and say hi-
  16. THIS, the epic video thread archived for your love and pleasure.
  17. Er, no, I'll bring it up for you.
  18. Hmmm, Dunnigan did time in Korea with an army nuke rocket- ahh here it is, a Sergeant.
  19. Website is back up, come visit us!!!!!
  20. Already had VLC, it lasted longer into the video, but not much longer. I'll have to download a newer version I guess. I hate the codec world, there are old videos in my library that I can no longer play.
  21. 4RCA- less whining, more shooting.
  22. Panda, I tried watching your stuff, I get a codec error about 30-45 seconds into playing it, what codec did you use and how can I play it?
  23. We got ahold of Breed, the website should be back up after the holidays. Oddly enough, we seem to be morphing into an air squad. Strange doings...