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  1. So is there an island of misfit weapons? Will Rudolf the Rednosed Arms Merchant someday swoop in and get them all delivered to all the good little military boys and girls someday?
  2. Ya we're working on it. You'd just harass us anyway... pttttt!
  3. Send to offtopic please has no use in War Stories.
  4. Why haven't you joined?
  5. Ah, so much difference a year makes. We have ballooned up in numbers, dropped in numbers and now done the unthinkable- play Axis!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really should drop by the website, we have spiffy stats and all sorts of personality. Loads of the stuff. Oh ya, and a squad award- And two Allied CinCs. But really, when you get down to it we're here for the fun.
  6. Did you get Madurai's stuff yet?
  7. .... IN the War Stories video thread..... Ah well.
  8. This is an appropriate forum for talking about the historical tanks and their operations. If you want to talk about how they operate ingame, Motor Pool is more appropriate.
  9. As for this part, true on the electronics, but this is true of any of their ships, surface or sub. They'll have to partner up with someone for that, and if I were them I would choose the Israelis, but insist on exclusivity vis-a-vis naval programs for the Chinese.
  10. Indian carriers are only worth it if they are going to play forward at either the the AIM gap, or the Persian Gulf. The key question in either area is the political relations with the locals, which if you care carriers could be more of a surgeon's knife, but if you don't land-based air dropped mines are the better way to go.
  11. They would be better served acquiring long-range land based airstrike capabilities, subs for sea denial for any amphib or oil shipping blockade, and seeing carriers as strictly ASW platforms. That would limit the technical demands greatly on a carrier platform. Heck they could use supertankers for it, double hulled they could be tough to take down (well, except for the bulkhead/armor protection of fuel and ammo, that would likely be a challenge design-wise).
  12. That Dinant-Anhee CP fight was a nasty little bugger!
  13. The final list is on for the Minicon DVD. The Best of Volume 5 winners are- Remembering Odd Moments of Campaign 43 Bomber Perspective Final Assault Brothers In Arms (LW wingmen) Brothers In Arms 2007 (1st Jager) Classical Gas Das Tier in Mir Death ...and then some.. Hail the Victorious Dead How Not To Bomb In A Havoc.... Doh!!! Havoc Raid El Hombre y El Barro (which Babelfish tells me is The Man And The Mud) Live In The 30's Roermond Battle (KFS1 raw footage) 3DLM Tanks Operation Toutatis Classical Gas normally wouldn't be on this list as it's a remix, but it's such a good one, I could not resist it. Tatonka, a lot of your stuff is in the humor-community video section. However, since that section alone is 960+ MB of video, it edged out most of the other 'extras', and likely won't be in next year.
  14. Bump for reminder, just a few more days.....
  15. Okay, have a working list, nice group, comes in at something like 1 3/4 hour's worth of video, plus added more to the Inside Humor section, should have a fairly complete humor video/OT pics section. My only regret is not much navy footage generated this year. The bad news is the Inside Humor section has gotten so big that I had to knock out the Inside Beta and the Duel and complete Rescue movie sections I had before. I'll probably alternate those sections in the future. Still, means that any given year's DVD will likely have unique items on so they are one of a kind. Post em if you got em to knock off the top vids.
  16. It's final cut time for the minicon DVD I always make. This DVD will include insider jokes, and 5 volumes of the Best of Video, as defined by me. Each volume is the size of a CD so you can burn off individual ones quite cheaply for promotional and sharing with friends. I also name winners of each volume, the Best of the Best. Each winner is entitled to a guaranteed free DVD anytime they make it to one of the official DFW Cons/Minicons. These DVDs are ONLY available at the Cons and Minicons, as a squad activity to give to 'friends of the squad' and as free giveaways from random drawings to attendees, to support the Rats and promote attendance at the cons. So please do not ask for me to send you one, I won't, it's a Con Thing. You have seen the fruits of this show up on the Internet though, many of the videos you see were uploaded to Youtube by DVD winners. Since these videos end up being a sort of archive of the game and by extension the community, I truly do ask that you arrange for the larger files to be downloadable rather then the Youtube stuff. It's usable, and I probably will cull some in if for the fact they are smaller files then nothing else, but you really do lose quality when you play these on big screens. Deadline is June 1st. Remember I have to select these things, then burn them.
  17. Just do what Lazyboy tells you to do.
  18. The key to getting into CRS HQ is doughnuts. That's pretty much it.
  19. Email bloo at he should be able to give you a yea or nay.
  20. I've checked into that before, has very bad quality compared to the 'true' downloadable files. Please, if you want your babies preserved and cherished forever, give me a chance to capture them at their best.
  21. This one Smoke.
  22. Ummm no not in War Stories, in the War Stories Video thread. This will roll off fast. War Stories Video lasts forever.
  23. Lovely post, yet horribly typical. Very few ever make it to your hallowed post count, and you have done so cruising the past few years. Why no booty boobie post? Why war nerdery?